BIT contributes to the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics!

On March 4, 2022, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games arrived as promised. The eyes of the world are once again focused on the Beijing National Stadium. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games was themed “The Blossoming of Life”, with colorful colors conveying warm and moving emotions.

From the beginning to the end, the opening ceremony emphasized the concept of “concentric circles”, which implies unity, friendship and equality.

Whether it is the Winter Olympic Games or the Winter Paralympic Games, there is always “BIT Power” behind the wonderful ceremony. The Digital Performance and Simulation Team of the School of Computer Science of BIT has rehearsed the “virtual opening ceremony” numerous times to ensure the perfect presentation of the opening ceremony. Here, let me take you through four sets of pictures to understand the story behind the opening ceremony.


“Optimal solution” for the entrance ceremony!

Unlike the Winter Olympic Games, the athletes of the Winter Paralympic Games need to take more factors into consideration during the entrance process due to physical reasons. For this key link, the BIT team accurately measured the preparation and exit time of the national flag and the flag entrance, the athletes’ entrance ceremony, the leaders’ speeches, etc. through the simulation system, planned the flow of personnel in the field, and solved the simulation calculation of the most optimal solution for the disabled athletes’ entrance and seating.


A Thousand Refinements, 1000+ Results from 100+ Reasons

With “Let’s Swing” sung by blind children, the opening ceremony was warm, touching, romantic and colorful. 156 creative rehearsals, 1135 creative results, the BIT team assisted the director in mathematical modeling and feasibility verification of creative solutions.


14 iterations of the “virtual opening ceremony”

14 iterations of the system, integrated lighting, props, choreography, video, music, actors, announcements and other elements, completing the entire process from the pre-ceremony performance to the lighting of the Paralympic flame, and achieving the visual simulation of the content. BIT team presented a “virtual opening ceremony” in digital space in advance


“Sub-announcement” behind the opening ceremony


Bai Chongzhi (first from right)  


Sun Maoqi


Zhang Yunru

Lv Jiahui

Unlike the lively scene, in the quiet broadcasting room, two young BIT students assisted the director and announcer to follow up every step and every line in an orderly manner. Sun Maoqi and Bai Chongzhi, graduate students of the Digital Performance and Simulation team, served as the director of the oral broadcast and the announcement of the opening ceremony. In addition, two graduate students, Zhang Yunru and Lv Jiahui, not only took up the technical work of simulation, but also took up the work of Chinese and English announcing during the rehearsal of the opening ceremony respectively. BIT students, who are adept with both the pen and the sword, were fully affirmed by the director team.

The opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games had only 11 days of rehearsal time. In a very short period of time, the “Winter Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony Simulation and Rehearsal System” developed independently by the BIT team intuitively and scientifically discovered the problems of conflicting elements, unreasonable time and potential implementation risks in the synthesis of performance elements, which ensured that the synthesis of the Winter Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony was efficient and realized the optimal plan to ensure the perfect performance of the Opening Ceremony.

In addition to the virtual opening ceremony, BIT also provided technical support for the brilliant fireworks that “blew up” the whole venue.

Splendid fireworks in the Bird’s Nest

The purple snowflakes made of special effects fireworks bloomed beautifully in the night sky. The fireworks team from the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT provided technical support for the brilliant fireworks.

BIT people used the power of science and technology to help create a warm and moving opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics. Kudos to BIT!

The total number of Chinese sports delegation in this year’s Beijing Winter Paralympic Games is 217, including 96 athletes, which is the largest delegation, the largest number of athletes and the most complete participation since China participated in the Winter Paralympic Games. We wish the athletes of the Chinese sports delegation to surpass themselves and create great achievements. The competition schedule is ready, let’s cheer them on!