BIT PhD Student Wins "Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of CSIG"

News source: School of Optoelectronics  Photographer: School of Optoelectronics

Editor: Sheng Yun

Translator: News Agency of BIT,Wang Haitao


Beijing Institute of Technology, Dec 8th, 2020:the selection results of the "Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of the Chinese Society of Image and Graphics(CSIG)" are announced. The Society selectes 10 outstanding doctoral dissertations of CSIG to award the authors who have achieved important results about the research of basic theories or application or have made significant achievements in key technologies or applied technology innovations in image graphics and related fields. Dr. Li Jianan from School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology wins the prize.

Li Jianan’s doctoral dissertation is aimed at international academic cutting-edge and major national needs. He has conducted in-depth research on theories and methods of photoelectric imaging target detection and intelligent graphics generation. In view of the problems of multi-scale target detection, he designed a scale-adaptive strategy for the target recognition and positioning,which breaks through the key technology of target detection with intra-class differences. The published ESI highly cited papers are included in the top 1% of Computer Science in the same publication year. He proposed a new detection model for small target based on perceptual confrontation generation network to effectively solve the problem that small targets are easy to be misdetected and missed. Cooperating with Adobe and University of Toronto in the United States, the new LayoutGAN generation model was first proposed, breaking through the limitations of traditional image generation models, and successfully applied to the fields of automatic graphics layout. Related papers were published in IEEE TPAMI journals with an impact factor of 17.73.

More about the author:

Dr. Li Jianan studies optical engineering in the School of Optoelectronics and he is instructed by Professor Xu Tingfa. He has won the Wang Daheng University Student Optics Award, the National Scholarship for Doctoral Sudents, the Beijing Institute of Technology High-level Doctoral Dissertation Cultivation Fund, and the Beijing Institute of Technology Excellent Graduate Dissertation and other innovative talent awards. He won the 2017 ImageNet International Large-scale Visual Recognition Challenge Team champion for goal positioning tasks. A total of 17 papers have been published in SCI journals such as IEEE TPAMI, TVCG, TCSVT, TMM, and top international conferences such as CVPR, ICLR, NeurIPS. 9 of them are the first author, and the total number of citations exceeds 1,500. At the same time, he has served as a reviewer for SCI journals such as IEEE TCSVT, TMM and top international conferences such as ICCV 2019, CVPR 2020, and ECCV2020.

More about the teacher:

Xu Tingfa, professor, doctoral supervisor, responsible professor of the national first-level key discipline "Optical Engineering", deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Imaging Technology and Systems of the Ministry of Education; has led his scientific research team to continuously deepen research on the areas of photoelectric imaging detection and recognition, and hyperspectral computational imaging processing in recent years. He presided over more than 30 major scientific research instrument projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 120 academic papers in international and domestic journals, of which more than 80 are included by SCI/EI. As the first inventor, he applied for more than 40 national invention patents and obtained 15 authorizations. He won a second prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award,a second prize of Military Science and Technology Progress Award, and a third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award.