"I want to go back to my alma mater." (Go back to alma mater and talk affectionately)

——A series of international alumni return to school activities on the 81st anniversary of BIT.

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Every time with the smell of osmanthus fragrance, it is another year to celebrate the birthday of BIT. In the golden autumn September of 2021, when BIT ushered in its 81st birthday, global alumni cloud blessings poured in, and online and offline alumni activities were wonderful. On this auspicious occasion, the international student center invites some alumni of international students in Beijing to gather at their alma mater to share the friendship of schoolmates and recall the feelings of BIT.


On the morning of September 25, the Symposium of international students alumni returning to BIT was held in the international student center. At the symposium, on behalf of the school and the international student center, Wang Ying, director of the center, sincerely welcomed all alumni to return to their "home" again, expressed heartfelt thanks to all international student alumni for their care and support to their alma mater, and said that the international student center will always be the home of every "studying in BIT" student in China.

The phrase "often go back to BIT's home" instantly opened the conversation box of alumni. Zavilia, a 2017 doctoral student majoring in computer science and technology, is a second-generation BIT. Her father is a 2009 doctoral student majoring in pattern recognition and intelligent systems. Zavilia said passionately: after graduation, I got married and had children, returned to China for employment, and now returned to Beijing because I feel very close to BIT. This time I came back with my children. I was very excited to see the familiar campus, dormitory, international student center and teachers. I hope my children will also study at BIT and become the third generation of BIT people in the future!

A Waisi, a 2013 master student majoring in vehicle engineering, won the Chinese government's outstanding overseas student scholarship, the highest honor for students in China. He also shared his feelings of BIT at the school opening ceremony as a representative of outstanding students. A Waisi has a vivid memory of the learned professors, promising young teachers and excellent Chinese students he met at school. He said that being able to study at BIT is the greatest luck in his life.

Speaking of her work and life in China, Wang Ying encouraged everyone to persevere and support each other. The BIT Alumni Association and the international student center are willing to help you as much as possible. Norman, a 2021 doctoral student majoring in electronic science and technology who just graduated this summer, expressed his thanks through a video: he was happy but deeply worried about employment when approaching graduation. The international student center provided a lot of employment information for each student. He is one of the beneficiaries. Now he has successfully joined Hunan University of Humanities and Technology as a teacher, realized the life wish of teaching and educating people. Jessica, a master of mechanical engineering and Tianmei, a master of business administration who also graduated this summer, said that they had successfully achieved employment in China through the information of the school's employment platform and the help of their classmates.

Wang Ying expressed heartfelt congratulations to the international alumni on their grand plans in various fields. She said that today's world is experiencing great changes that have not been seen in a century. China is in a critical period of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Standing at the historical intersection of realizing the goals of the "two centenaries", she hopes that alumni can always pay attention to China's development, care about the development of their alma mater, actively build a bridge of friendly exchanges and common development between China and other countries, and actively contribute to the development of the school She made a contribution to the construction of "double first-class". She especially praised Amar, the 2017 master of control science and engineering, for his long-term commitment to non-governmental academic exchanges and cooperation between China and Pakistan after graduation, and expressed heartfelt thanks for his hard work, which has added glory to her alma mater and friendship between China and Pakistan.

Visit the BIT history museum

During the university activities, the alumni also visited the History Museum of BIT. Some alumni exchanged cloud greetings with their tutors through video connection.

One day's activity, the alumni listened to the teachers' warm words, reviewed the friendship among the students, felt the enthusiasm of their alma mater and saw the vigorous development of their alma mater. Everyone expressed that they should do their best to give full play to the strengths of international alumni, wholeheartedly repay their alma mater and contribute to the early establishment of a world-class university by BIT.