Guangming Daily publishes letters from students of BIT to bloom their youth where the motherland needs it most!

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A letter from Chen Shiyu, a 2021 master's degree graduate of BIT, to the editorial department was published in the column " Struggle Youth Without Regret ".

In his letter, Chen Shiyu expressed his regretless choice of inheriting the red gene, choosing to take root in remote areas, serving the country with science and technology and dedicating his youth where the motherland needs.

The stage of dreams is not afraid of remoteness

Guangming Daily editorial department:

I am a master's graduate of Beijing University of technology in 2021. I have been paying attention to the column report of Struggle Youth Without Regret in your newspaper. When I saw academician Liu Shouren, the "Son of Tianshan Mountain", write "go to the hardest place and do the hardest work" in the assignment volunteer letter, and resolutely rush to the frontier, I looked back at the test ground covered by yellow sand and on the edge of the Gobi, and I was filled with mixed feelings. Because in front of the multiple-choice questions about light and heavy life, bitter and sweet, individual and country, pay and harvest, I made a choice similar to him.

When I was a first year graduate student, I worked as a supervisor in the school employment guidance center. In the process of serving graduates, I often meet senior students who sign contracts with national key industrial units and take root in remote areas. What impressed us most was a doctor senior brother of our university. His outstanding scientific research achievements made us admire him very much. When he came to the center to hand over the tripartite agreement, I noticed that the unit he signed was actually in a remote town in Guizhou. "You are a professional 'Daniel', why don’t you go to any research institute in Beijing?" I asked in surprise. He replied, "My family is right there. I think it's good to go back and make some contributions to my hometown."

Without heroic words, a simple "very good" is the hot dream and firm belief of BIT students to devote their youth where the motherland needs it most.

In the second year of my master's degree, due to the needs of scientific research, my tutor Professor Zhou Lin and several students spent some time in a pilot area in Gansu Province. The climate in the test area is dry, windy and sandy, and the windowsill needs to be cleaned three times a day; It's far from the city. There are few entertainment facilities and few decent restaurants. It takes several buses to see a movie. "The mutton here is delicious, but I'm getting tired of eating it for a few days." when my classmates and I joked with "little complaints", Professor Zhou taught us: "when we were young, we should not be greedy for enjoyment, but settle down to do scientific research and make some achievements, so as to be worthy of the cultivation of the country." the teacher's words sound like bell chime, which I still remember.

"Safety is the first thing. If anything happens, report it in time. It's windy and dusty here. Drink more water." every time you enter the test field, test assistant Master Wang will carefully remind you. He came to the testing ground when he graduated from technical secondary school at the age of 17 or 18. Twenty or thirty years later, the wind and sand made his skin dry and rough. Long term contact with chemicals left cocoons and clear corrosion marks on his hands. What makes him stick to it day after day? "Used to it", an understatement made me admire it.

In the days of concentrating on scientific research in the experimental area, I do experiments during the day, process data and read literature at night, and occasionally take a walk and play ball, so I feel peaceful and peaceful. Slowly, I fell in love with this plain, regular and full life. The early stage of the experiment did not go well. I didn't know what to eat in those days. I thought about numbers all day. I consulted my graduated senior brother and the master in the factory again and again. I debugged the equipment late at night and lasted for several days. Finally, I found the appropriate parameters and debugging methods. At that moment, I felt that all my efforts were worth it. I also began to understand that it may be difficult to combine my personal ideal with the national and social development, but my spirit is extremely satisfied.

As graduation approached, I found what I wanted at the job fair in key national fields. "This is a very good platform. It is a national key field unit. It pays equal attention to experiment and scientific research, and matches your major. But the unit is in Shaanxi. It often goes to Inner Mongolia on business to do experiments. It takes three months to six months. The conditions are relatively difficult. You should consider it." the recruiter advised me to weigh carefully, but I hardly hesitated: This is the job I want, Although it is located in a remote area, it is a stage where we can contribute to our country, display our aspirations and show our youth.

The convenience and prosperity of big cities are attractive, but in remote places, as long as I can give full play to what I have learned and contribute to the country, I will enjoy it at the same time. Along the way from Yan'an, the red gene is engraved in the blood of every BIT student and teacher. As a BIT student, "serving the country through science and technology" is the loudest slogan. It is our mission to do our best to contribute to the improvement of national scientific and technological strength and make the motherland more confident in the face of changes.

Where the heart is, there is no fear of loneliness; Dream of the stage, not afraid of remote!

In BIT, Chen Shiyu is not "fighting alone". "Go to the grass-roots level and enter the mainstream" and "do earth shaking things and bury celebrities with hidden names" are the common pursuit and value choice of young people of BIT for generations.

Over the years, the university has firmly followed the "Red Education Road" of Higher Education with Chinese Characteristics founded and led by the Party. Focusing on establishing and improving the implementation mechanism of Building Morality and Cultivating People, and improving the ideological and political work system through the high-level talent training system, the university has taken the employment education, entrepreneurship education and graduation education for graduates as an important content of Ideological and Political Education through active training mobilization. We will strengthen employment services and guide young students to combine their own development with the needs of national strategic development and make contributions to the places most needed by the motherland.

Zhao Changlu, Secretary of the Party Committee, took a group photo with the "First Secretaries" at the Symposium on Graduates' grass-roots employment.

President Zhang Jun visited and expressed condolences to the alumni at the Wenchang launch site in Hainan.

In recent years, graduates of BIT have actively engaged in grass-roots units, key industries and fields of Party and national construction, realized the dream of serving the country with youth, and the proportion of employment in key national units and grass-roots units has increased year by year.

In the summer of 2021, another group of graduates bid farewell to their alma mater and went to "the place most needed by the motherland". Let's share the story behind their life choices and cheer for them to take root in the motherland and write their youth!

Li Li: Serving the motherland is a romantic thing.

"I have an idol, academician Peng Shilu, an old alumnus of BIT and the father of China's Nuclear Submarines. During my university, I often heard academician Peng's deeds in various educational activities. I am very excited when I see academician Peng on the screen. It is my honor to follow in the footsteps of my idol and devote myself to the nuclear industry all my life." After receiving the employment notice from a company of CNNC, Li Li, a 2021 Guangxi undergraduate majoring in Applied Chemistry from the College of chemistry and chemical engineering, said excitedly.

Key words: Science and technology serve the country.

"During the four years of learning and growing up in BIT, the belief that 'go where the motherland needs and serve the motherland with science and technology' has gradually formed and become more and more firm in my heart."

From the fiery military training at the time of enrollment, the silent red university history of moistening things, to the strong atmosphere of "serving the country with science and technology", the red gene of BIT is deeply rooted in Li Li's blood.

"In 2020, the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements held on the 80th anniversary of BIT left a deep impression on me. I am proud to be a student of the first science and engineering university founded by the Communist Party of China. I am more eager to serve the motherland with what I have learned. I think it is a very romantic thing."

"On the eve of the university anniversary last year, academician Peng Shilu, who was 95 years old, called his alma mater and wished him a happy 80th birthday. At that time, I was just a senior and was looking for a job. Academician Peng's words made me feel once again the historical responsibility of being a student of BIT in the new era and strengthened my determination to devote myself to key areas of the country."

Soon after, a publicity meeting of a company of China Nuclear Power Group was held in the school, and Li Li took the initiative to submit her resume to the enterprise.

"In the days when I was preparing for the interview, the employment counselor of the college recommended the documentary the Republic Builders in the Mountains to me. I saw the stories of generations who dedicated their youth and lives in the depths of the desert to build China's nuclear industry from scratch in the 1960s and 1970s. The lofty belief of no regrets is deeply imprinted in my mind. How I hope to be a glorious member of them. "

Key words: perseverance

"I was very excited on the day I received the offer letter. Although I could reply within 7 days, I did not hesitate to agree at the moment I received it. At the same time, I declined other units interested in employing me. I feel that I will love it all my life."

The company which Li Li signed is located in a remote area of Gansu Province, and because of the characteristics of the work, it also has certain occupational risks. For Li Li, a southern girl, the challenge is not small. People around her advised her to "think again", and her parents also expressed their hope that Li Li would return to the southern city for employment.

"I don't hesitate to tell everyone that I firmly choose to go to CNNC!" Li Li said. "Over the years, I have developed the habit of exercising in beipolytechnic, which gives me enough confidence to face the strange northwest. The golden iron horse and desert smoke mentioned in the book make me yearn!" Li Li Li's eyes flashed with longing and longing.

Key words: red gene

Knowing that Li Li is going to work in the northwest, the tutor is very pleased, although he is reluctant to let her go. "My tutor told me that it is my mission and honor as a student of BIT to devote myself to national key fields and contribute to a strong motherland.". Li Li said, "the tutor also helped me contact the seniors who worked there a few years ago. They told me that they had a full and happy life there, which strengthened my determination."

"Over the past four years, my hands-on practice in the laboratory and the patient guidance of teachers have cultivated my qualities of being bold and careful, focusing and serious, fearing difficulties and meeting difficulties. These will also accompany my future work and life and make me useful all my life."

"I'm very grateful to BIT for my training in the past four years." Li Li sighed when she recalled the stage of graduation design.

Affected by the epidemic in the second semester of her senior year, it was late March when Li Li returned to school. At that time, Beijing was in spring, but Li Li's graduation project was still in "cold winter".

"The progress of the experiment was very slow and failed repeatedly. I felt that I was almost about to give up." in these difficult days, the tutor cared for and encouraged Li Li and gave her careful guidance. The senior brothers and sisters in the laboratory also actively thought of ways to patiently guide Li Li to complete the experiment and help her complete her graduation project on schedule.

Facing the new working and living environment, Li Li is full of expectations and feels a heavy responsibility at the same time.

"It is my greatest wish to use what I have learned to contribute a little to the development of important and urgently needed fields of the country. Only in this way can I be worthy of the cultivation of me by the university for many years, the title of BIT, the red gene inherited in the blood, so we should live up to our youth !"

Today, Li Li has become a member of China's nuclear industry family. Li Li always keeps in mind the teacher's teachings and the encouragement of her alumni.

"Whenever I introduce myself to my colleagues from BIT, I will have a strong sense of pride. Today, I am proud of being a BITer; in the future, I hope BIT can be proud of me!"

Lin Tianmeng: Integrate personal ideals into the cause of home and country.

In 2013, he came to BIT and started his eight-year career as a student; In 2021, he graduated with a master's degree and became a grass-roots civil servant through the selection of selected and transferred students in Sichuan Province. "Contribute to the people and let more people reap happiness", which is the vision of Lin Tianmeng, a selected and transferred student of Sichuan Province and a 2021 master of Business Administration Major of Beijing Institute of Management and Economics.

Key words: sincerity

"During my undergraduate course, I realized the happiness and value of serving my classmates in my student work. Therefore, when I graduated from my senior year, I chose to retain my postgraduate qualification to stay in BIT and become a 2017 undergraduate counselor of the School of Management and Economics."

The idea of working at the grass-roots level stems from Lin Tianmeng's two years of experience as a counselor at BIT. From students to teachers, from the stage to the stage, time was in a hurry. When Lin Tianmeng's career as a counselor was coming to an end, he was fully moved.

"After working overtime one night, my classmates waited for me in the classroom. The moment I entered the classroom, I was stunned. My mind was blank. My students gathered together and carefully arranged the classroom. On the blackboard, it was written 'Today is 621, Tianmeng we love you'."

Lin Tianmeng won the honorary title of "I love my teacher - the most popular counselor".

With sincerity for sincerity, Lin Tianmeng touched every student with sincere pay. The students' spontaneous farewell also warmed Lin Tianmeng. "Maybe this is what Mencius called 'Being happy alone is not as good as being happy with others'. My students are the pride of my life." Lin Tianmeng said proudly.

Key words: Original aspiration

"In the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, I had the honor to participate in the mass parade phalanx. When I saw the shocking phalanxes passing by and listened to the warm cheers of the teachers and students around me, my heart rose with infinite pride and glory, deeply felt the strength of the motherland, and a desire to devote myself to the construction of the Party and the country spontaneously."

However, what kind of work can bring happiness to more people and create more value for the Party and the country? At the time of graduation, Lin Tianmeng also hesitated in the face of various choices.

During his work as a counselor, Lin Tianmeng was surrounded by a group of excellent teachers and colleagues of BIT. They helped him better understand the content of the work of front-line grass-roots cadres and encouraged him to join in this great cause.

"On the 80th anniversary of BIT, I joined the party working group. During this period, I was lucky to have an in-depth exchange with a teacher with grass-roots work experience in Fangshan County. He told me about his days in Qiaogou village, Fangshan County. The story of grass-roots cadres' promoting front-line construction through their own efforts really moved me."

To help Fangshan County get rid of poverty accurately, we need to coordinate various resources, including schools, governments and villages, which is a great challenge for a grass-roots temporary cadre. "This ability of comprehensive planning can only be exercised in the work of the grass-roots front line, which I need to further experience." up to now, Lin Tianmeng still admires the teacher.

Key word: Determination

"2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of BIT. The moving deeds of the older generation of workers of BIT in the history of the red university, which made me feel that the red gene is surging in my own blood. The growth of BIT has made me more deeply aware of the great value of dedicating myself to the cause of the Party and the country. It is my ideal and pursuit as a communist to bring happiness to more people. I have gradually strengthened my determination to apply for and select transfer students and go deep into the front line of the grass-roots level. "

The grass-roots level is the foundation of the Party's governance and the source of strength. It is also the best "training ground" for young people to realize their personal values.

"Recalling my eight years in BIT, I would like to thank the university for its careful training, which has made me an aspiring young man who bravely challenges the important tasks of the times. BIT is my home. No matter where I am, I will still deeply enjoy the 'grace of BIT'. With this gratitude, I will strive to walk with the new era and add luster to my alma mater and selected students with practical actions."

Integrating the pursuit of personal ideals into the cause of the Party and the state and realizing personal values at the grass-roots level is Lin Tianmeng's regretless choice.

Xing Lina: Think of the source of drinking water and do her best for the development of her hometown.

"My hometown is in Guizhou. When I was young, my family faced the Loess and turned their backs to the sky, and adobe dangerous houses hung on the edge of the cliff. During the 2008 Olympic Games, I saw the gap between my hometown and big cities on TV. It was from then on that I secretly determined to make my own contribution to the construction of my hometown in the future." when we mentioned hometown, Xing Lina, a 2021 master's degree graduate majoring in material science and engineering in BIT, is quite impressed. In order to realize the wish, in 2021, Xing Lina actively prepared, passed the examination of selected and transferred students in Guizhou Province, and will soon be put into the army of hometown construction.

Key word: Responsibility

In 2014, after being admitted to BIT, Xing Lina met students from all over the world, which also made her more aware of the gap between Guizhou and developed provinces. Fortunately, Lina witnessed the university's implementation of the national poverty alleviation policy and counterpart poverty alleviation in Fangshan County, Shanxi Province, and helped the local achieve fruitful results in poverty alleviation in terms of industry, education and medical treatment.

"This makes me have confidence in the future development of my hometown and more strongly realize that in order to change the current situation of poverty and backwardness in my hometown, in addition to the national policy support, we also need our young generation to take over the baton in the hands of our parents and undertake the heavy task of building my hometown."

Xing Lina (middle) takes a group photo with her classmates in her degree dress.

During her seven years of study and life in BIT, Xing Lina was not only proud of being a BIT, but also terrified that she could not afford the loud name of "BITer " after she left school.

"Remember that in late 2020, a good school elder sister was" full of the power of China to witness the satellite Internet measurement "at the" Internet Plus "finals. The scenes at that time often appeared in my mind, which deeply touched me and strengthened my determination to serve the motherland, feed my hometown and build Guizhou.

Key words: Inheritance

"My father is also a grass-roots worker. Since I remember, he has been working in the field for 29 years."

In addition to the red gene injected into BIT, Xing Lina was also inspired and touched by her father who was struggling to build her hometown.

She clearly remembers that when she returned home during the winter vacation in 2019, she and her father visited the poor households she helped. When leaving, an old man insisted on sending Xing Lina's father and daughter far away in spite of dissuasion, and stuffed a cloth package containing hot eggs into his father's arms. "Take it. You have to run outside for a long time today. I don't know when you can have a hot meal."

The old man's words to her father made her see her father's eyes red for the first time. Talking about this story, Xing Lina was very moved. The heavy cloth bag contains the care and reluctance of the elderly to their father, the gratitude of the poor people to the poverty alleviation cadres, and the enthusiastic expectation of the people in poor areas for a happy life.

"My father's 29 years of dedication has not only made me full of respect for grass-roots workers, but also strengthened my desire to become a grass-roots worker and help more poor people."

From the reconstruction of dilapidated buildings to the people's drinking project, from poverty alleviation to epidemic prevention and control, behind the national major strategic deployment is the result of the long-term hard work of many grass-roots workers like Xing Lina's father.

Key words: strength

"At the forum for grass-roots transfer students organized by the university in 2019, I had the honor to listen to the story of a senior doctor from Guangxi. He was a doctor trained by BIT. After graduation, he gave up high salary and resolutely returned to his hometown Guangxi to participate in grass-roots construction. His deeds touched me greatly. I seemed to find a partner with similar aspirations. After careful consideration, I applied for the examination on the occasion of graduation I hope to return to Guizhou and participate in the grass-roots construction of my hometown! "

Xing Lina spoke at the 2021 Graduate Symposium.

In the examination room, Xing Lina saw thousands of candidates like her, felt the strong power of walking with many peers, and the incomparable happiness, and looked forward to the future.

The road is blocked and long, and the line is coming; If you keep going, you can expect the future. "As long as our young generation has ideals and responsibilities, and bloom their youth dreams in grass-roots work posts with practical actions, our hometown will usher in a moment of revitalization and a take-off future!" this is Xing Lina's self encouragement and shared encouragement with thousands of young people who devote themselves to the grass-roots front line.

It is not only a true portrayal of generations of teachers and students advocating morality and behavior and serving the country with science and technology over the past 80 years, but also the direction of the students of BIT in the new era.

We should strengthen our ideals, dare to take responsibility, be down-to-earth and strive to become a pillar of talent who can be used and shoulder heavy responsibilities!