Grown up at BIT

Four years ago during the Entrance Education Week, the Class of 2018  picked up their pens and wrote down their top-of-the-line dreams and bright expectations in a "letter to myself in 2022": proficient in professional knowledge, calm and generous, everlasting friendships, independent and brave, remain true to our original aspiration, etc. Everyone who first entered the campus always has an infinite longing for the future on their faces, and their eyes are full of self-confidence to challenge the world.

During the four years of college, the students followed their own hearts, kept moving forward, and challenged the unknown. There were laughter, sweat, and tears, but it was more about growth. After a lapse of four years, when the classmates personally opened up the letter they wrote to themselves four years ago, how did they talk to themselves four years ago?

It has been a long and arduous journey since 2018. There have been a lot of ups and downs. University life started smoothly, and things were great in the beginning, till Covid-19 impacted the world in 2020, and that is when everything changed. I had to re-evaluate my priorities and my approach to education, career-building and life. It took me quite some time to come to terms with what is now the new normal. During this tumultuous time, our university faculty and the ISC management tried their best to try to accommodate us in every way possible, given that it was not an easy task. I am extremely grateful to all my teachers and peers in Beijing who have helped me reach the end of this fruitful journey.

During my time in BIT, I learned a lot about China, Chinese culture and the economic boom of recent times. I was especially fascinated by the Chinese approach to wide scale infrastructure projects and heavy investment in AI and computing. That is one of the main reasons I chose BIT for pursuing higher education, as I knew that I could research and work on a lot of cutting edge technologies. I have fond memories of my time in the Zhongguancun and Liangxiang campuses. The one thing that I really miss is the variety of Chinese food that was available in the various university canteens. It was truly an experience to behold.

Back in 2018 during orientation time, we were told to write a letter addressing our future selves in 2022. It was to encapsulate our goals for the four years in university and beyond. I am proud to say that I have achieved some of these goals as far as my professional life is concerned, whereas some couldn't be addressed due to the pandemic. I have come a long way in realizing what I want to achieve in life, and it is mostly due to the continuous support I have received from the university, my classmates and my family. I look forward to a new set of experiences and challenges after graduation.




Thank you laoshi for the surprise, did not expect that this letter from 2018 would come in a time when I needed most. But still, I really appreciate laoshi's effort in this segment. It's a regret that i wasnt able to spend my full 4 years study in Beijing. Regardless of the imperfection of my uni life, I'm still grateful that I'm able to meet and experience everything that are exclusively BIT.

Hope for the day where all of the 2018 graduates would be wearing our graduation robe, and having the best smile-crying face when we meet each other fave to face.

Wish all of the 2018 graduates and all the teachers (especially 留办老师) all the best to the great journey ahead!


Looking back at the person I've become since you last wrote to me four years ago, amazing things and bad things have happened, but I'm glad you made it Ultimately, you're about to graduate. You didn't get the grade you wanted, but for the first two years of your adventure, you were absolutely killing it and loving it. For the next two years, COVID-19 happened and almost made you quit, but we both know that's not possible, so we just pushed through, and you're already here. Congratulations.

You met some really great individuals along the way, Latifa, Baslilel, Han, Calvin, Bernard, Algy, Landry, and Don, who really made life amazing and for whom I am grateful.

You had the best adventures skiing in Tianjin, climbing to the top of the Great Wall with Calvin, and performing at Tiananmen Square on Chinese National Day. Those were truly beautiful days.

I eventually got to play a sport, which you might be astonished to learn is basketball. We used to play virtually every week when Han was our roommate. I made several new acquaintances as a result of this, and it was an incredible blast. You probably had one of the best teachers, teaching staff, and admin personnel when you first started learning Chinese.

We did a fantastic job, mate, and we stayed strong.



I am glad that we're graduating on time without any delay. My time in BIT was great; I am satisfied with my current grades. There are plenty of unforgettable memories there. I miss the times I spent with my friends, the atmosphere and interactions in the campus and most importantly, the 食堂. Even though the pandemic has robbed us off our time in BIT, I still hope to keep a strong bond with it throughout the future. I also hope to stay in touch with the ISC members who have been providing assistance and guidance from day one.


Life for the past 4 years has been nothing short of incredible. Through mostly ups and a few downs I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel that is graduating. My journey in BIT has changed my personal as well as academic life on a spectacular level and I very much like the new ME.

I recently read the letter I wrote in 2018 to my future self in 2022 and I was only wowed by what I wrote and what had come to pass. I met different people and especially made lifetime friends as well as a few girlfriends but that’s a different story hahaha. I am convinced that if I had to go back in time, I would choose BIT and China all over again because of how I feel accomplished on both personal and academic levels.

I’ll always remember the cultural days, hours spent playing football or volleyball and meeting new friends, small parties in the dorms, play station hours and many more magical memories since 2018. The teachers and the office of international students made life easy and bearable for us with their understanding and cooperation. My journey didn’t lack hardships, on the contrary I remember days in 2020 under lockdown at the beginning of covid 19 when things were pretty bad, difficult classes, late nights trying to study, cold winters as I don’t like being cold and much much more but that is part of the whole package and I have no regrets.

I thank GOD, family, friends and myself for everything and long may I keep the smile, happiness and positive attitude towards life in general. I am convinced that the future is very much brighter as well as the present.



I write this letter in response to your younger self, to tell you how you have grown so much and how you have developed over the years.

Your perspective of the world has changed from all the experiences you have had. From the new friends from around the world you have made to the new places you have visited. The learning of different cultures and how different groups of people relate to the world broadened your sense of reality. You took advantage of all these experiences and improved yourself as a person. You managed to take your academics seriously and are about to graduate with good grades. The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on you, but you managed to overcome all the negative emotions that came with it and still moved forward. I hope the momentum that you have gathered will be maintained for the rest of your life outside of BIT to live a fruitful life.


Thank You BIT for keeping this memory.

Time really flies so fast, cant believe its about to be 4 years.

It was a great journey for me, but had to come back to my country because of COVID-19 and couldn’t go back to china that’s my biggest regret.

I have many unforgotten memories in BIT, how can I forget!

I remember one day in Calculus class I was sleeping and teacher came near me and told everyone to clap for me. Everyone started clapping loudly and I woke up and saw teacher hundred of eyes looking at me with a smile on their face. I felt to embarrassed that day. Haha.

Thank You  BIT and all my classmates.



It seems like a few days ago that I wrote this letter to myself. Since then, four years have passed, and I have been through many ups and downs.

Covid has taken its toll on the entire world recently. I couldn't experience my college life to the fullest. Half of my Bachelor's degree had to be done online because of the pandemic. Even though learning online was relatively new to me, my university came through and did its best to ensure education went smoothly. I want to thank my university for its support throughout this challenging time.

I have learned a lot in the past four years of college, and it has been a great experience overall. I can't say that I have achieved everything in the letter I wrote to myself when I joined BIT, but I am still a work in progress and aspire to achieve all my dreams in the future.

An unforgettable memory in BIT would be the first time I walked into the ISC (International Student Center). All the staff there were amiable and helpful. They all made me feel like I was home even though I was in a foreign country. I made many new friends that day, my classmates and some seniors who showed me around the campus, which helped me get familiar with many things on the first day itself.