The first! The first! The first! Be the proudest BITer!

Always follow the party and forge ahead on a new journey


"First" is the courage to be the first in the world

"First" is the unremitting struggle for pioneering and enterprising

"First" is to be brave to take responsibility for making swords for the country

"First" is the mission of BIT to

strengthen the country for over 80 years

On the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

The BIT public official wechat account travels with you through the long river of history

Looking for the "first" in the spirit of BIT


"First" is a breakthrough

A creation from nothing

Open the road to "expanding the sky"

At two o'clock in the afternoon on September 9, 1958

At Huangyang Beach, more than 140 kilometers away from Beijing

The Code-named 505

"Dongfang-1" secondary sounding rocket

pierced the sky in the a second

210714(3).jpgNew China’s first two-stage solid sounding rocket developed by BIT

This rocket weighing only 61 kilograms has become the first time a Chinese "question stone" thrown into the vast sky

It is China's first inspirational arrow for space exploration


In the absence of reliable reference materials and technical guidance, BIT obtained financial support from the country, and all teachers and students participating in the "505" project worked hard, kept self-reliant, climbed scientific peaks, and independently completed research tasks.

In four years, BIT has organized

7 rocket launch flight tests

A total of 14 secondary solid fuel rockets and

4 single-stage solid fuel rockets were launched

"505" declares a spirit

It's collaboration, it's struggle

Is not afraid of hardships and dangers, and go forward courageously

And is indifferent to fame and fortune, tenacity and selfless

"We want to occupy a place in the universe!"

In 1958, BITers issued such a majestic aspiration

Breaking through the sky, reaching for the moon, exploring the universe, carrying dreams over the galaxy

The journey to the sea of stars

witnesses the constant "breakthroughs one after another!"

Starry dream journey


BITers assisted China's first automatic spacecraft rendezvous and docking

On November 3, 2011, with the space as the stage and the earth as the background

Shenzhou 8 and Tiangong 1 chased endlessly, deeply "gazing"

Finally, as promised, the rendezvous and docking succeeded

A scene of graceful space waltz

performed in an orbit 343 kilometers from the earth


The first "live broadcast"

The Long March rocket's "flying into the sky"

realized the real-time compilation, compression and processing

of the flight status of the launch vehicle

providing the most "intuitive"

information support for space launch missions

such as the Long March 2 F carrier rocket

used for the launch of the "Shenzhou" spacecraft series


In December 2012, the Chang'e-2 probe

successfully flew over the asteroid Tutatis

following the "BIT trajectory"

China completed the first

close-range detection of small celestial bodies


On November 18, 2017, the space payload of

the "Psychological Soothing Module" developed by BIT

in ten years helped the Chinese astronauts

successfully complete their long-term in-orbit mission

Creating China's first set of VR equipment to land in space


Following the "Dragon" spacecraft to the

International Space Station in the early morning of June 4, 2017

The "Green Box" of BIT became China's first

scientific experiment device to land

on to the International Space Station


On July 25, 2019, the first small satellite

"Beijing Institute of Technology 1" led by BIT

was successfully launched at

China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Successfully completing two innovative

scientific research verification missions of

sailing technology and new space radio technology in space.

Achieving China's first

experimental satellite "Sailing" technology


On December 6, 2020,

the Chang'e-5 ascender and the orbiter and returner combination successfully implemented rendezvous and docking

on a 380,000-kilometer orbit around the moon

BITers helped China

realize the automatic lunar orbit intersection and docking of

spacecraft for the first time

Sixty-three years after the launch of the Rocket 505,

at 7:18 on May 15, 2021

BIT Wisdom Helps China's First Mars Rover "Tianwen 1"

to traverse 55 million kilometers and successfully land on to Mars


The wisdom and courage of BITers

in the “Chinese track”

that traverses the atmosphere of Mars

reaches the vast land of alien stars.


How to successfully land on Mars in a complex and unknown environment is a key task of our BIT deep space exploration team. Aiming at this, we have gone through nearly ten years of research, and foreign institutions refuse to share the core technology of the mission, and it relies entirely on our own innovation.

Generations of BITers continue to struggle

Politically firm and determined to make the country strong

Putting the country's major strategic needs in the first place

Making outstanding contributions to

national development and national rejuvenation

With technical tackling again and again

And technological breakthroughs time after time

BITers interpret the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, pioneering and enterprising with the "first" breakthrough


"First" is to be responsible

And is the determination to fulfill the mission

Forging a sword for the country

Looking back on the "BIT Years"

To build and defend the new China

BITers are not afraid of hardships

With "firsts" one by one

Serving the country's urgent need

Filling in the technical gap

Embarking on the long journey of forging a sword for the country


In 1976, following the successful development

of the first large planetarium prototype in the 1950s

The teachers and students of BIT successfully developed

a new large-scale planetarium

which was installed in the Beijing Planetarium,

filling the gap in this field in China


In 1958, the teachers and students of BIT successfully developed

the first TV transmission system in New China

And applied for China’s

first "TV channel"


The graduation project of our four classmates became China's first TV transmitter and receiver. We are very motivated, and we only have a very simple desire in our hearts-to do something for the country.


In 1978, BIT's teachers and students made

three-meter-focus ground remote cameras and passed the appraisal.

It is named "78-style three-meter focal length remote camera",

and it became the first terrestrial remote camera in China


Teachers and students of BIT have gone through comprehensive experiments with turbine torque converters again and again

Assisting in the production of representative models of

the first generation of hydraulic transmission diesel locomotives in China

Dongfanghong I diesel locomotive "Satellite"


When the spring breeze blows the motherland

The footsteps of the BITers in serving the country

with science and technology are more sonorous and powerful

Writing a wonderful answer sheet of "first" for the party and the country

Guaranteeing the National "Grand Ceremony"


In 1990, the Beijing Asian Games was

the first comprehensive international sports competition held in China.

At this event, China has successfully used computer information system service competition organization for the first time

The system reached the world advanced level at that time

This is the crystallization of the wisdom of BIT


We, BITers in this, dare to fight tough battles, dare to be responsible to the country, and dare to undertake historical missions!


In 2008, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games

The panoramic intelligent simulation orchestration system developed by BIT has become the "core" weapon

for the artistic design and organization of the

opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games

Bringing unparalleled surprises and admiration

to audiences all over the world


In 2018, "Beijing 8 Minutes" at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

The BIT virtual vision team

specially innovated and developed the art performance preview system and training rehearsal and digital verification system

with film and television virtual production technology and digital performance and simulation technology

Which attracted the attention of the world


In 2019, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of

the National Day in Tiananmen Square,

the whole country was excited

The "Computer Intelligent Simulation Arrangement System"

developed by BIT has become the

"Science and Technology Brain" of the National Ceremony

Climbing the technology peak


In the 1990s, BIT and other institutes

successfully developed the first test vehicle

capable of autonomous driving in China

Marking the official start of China's autonomous driving industry


In 1994, the BIT team developed

China’s first pure electric bus "Yuanwang"


In 2008, the pure electric bus developed by BIT

was successfully used in the Beijing Olympic Games

For the first time,

"zero emission" in the Olympic central area was achieved


In 2008, under the national 863 plan "Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles" major special funds, etc.,

BIT successfully developed

the first hydrogen internal combustion engine car in China


In 2017, the optical see-through augmented reality glasses developed by BIT’s Wang Yongtian team put doctors on “perspective mirrors”

The accuracy of surgical navigation with AR technology reaches the millimeter level

Effectively improving the efficiency and reliability of minimally invasive surgery

Becoming China's first augmented reality 3D imaging surgery technology

From service "festival" to dedicated to technological integration

BITers always adhere to the attitude of "seeking truth from facts, not self-righteous"

Strive to explore the frontiers of science, discover and solve new scientific problems

Climb to the top of science

Dare to be first and pursue excellence

BITers interpret the spirit of

fulfilling the mission and forging the sword for the country

with the "first" excellence


"First" is dedication

And is the willingness to work silently

Educate people for the party and the country

Generations of BIT teachers burn themselves as candles

Illuminate the students' pursuit of " virtue to approach truth, knowledge to be profound" and "Dedicated to Serve the Country"

Now I am in you

I became you too

Working silently, moving forward with determination


In 1993, he came to BIT

From the moment he stood on the university podium

28 Years of four alternative seasons

He was never away

He is Mr. Wang Yue, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences

In his old age, he still insisted on teaching undergraduates


He always educates students

Cast your own life into the construction and contribution to the motherland

He is Wu Feng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

He is also the Dean of the Qiushi Academy of BIT

Expert in the field of energy and environmental materials in China

"Beyond oneself, contribute to the motherland and science"

This is Wu Feng’s greatest expectation of students as a teacher


She is the "Mother Xue" of BIT students

With sincere love and warmth, she encourages students to climb to the top of knowledge

She keeps exploring advanced teaching methods

Doing her best

Dedicating the "best" to students

She is "National Model Teacher" Xue Qing

"In my heart, giving students a good lesson is the happiest thing.

Every lesson is important! "


He aimed at major national strategic needs and insisted on independent innovation

He has been deeply involved in the research field for more than 20 years and has set off a revolution in the industry

He taught by his words and deeds to cultivate first-class talents and

inherit the spirit of struggle

He is the winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal and Professor Wang Haifu of School of Mechatronical Engineering, BIT


He is the winner of the "Capital Labor Medal"

He is an expert in the field of intelligent flight in my country

He is Professor Lin Defu

who has put new "wings" in traditional subject areas

He advocates the "double helix" talent training method

He leads the student innovation team "Flying Eagle" team

Twice on the highest podium in the International Drone Competition


From young to old

He used to seek knowledge and grew up on the campus of BIT,

and also became a teacher here.

Deeply involved in the life career of cultivating first-class talents

Accompanied by BIT, it has been 64 years

He is Professor Zhang Zhonglian

Practicing and setting good examples

Passing on the steadfast ambition of BIT people to serve the country from generation to generation

He is the beacon that illuminates the student's path


Generations of BIT teachers have worked silently

Cultivating thousands of students to

become the pillars of the motherland

BITers interpret the dedication spirit of

being indifferent to fame and fortune,

tenacity and selflessness with “firsts”


"First" is perseverance

and is focus on the future

Currently, technology is profoundly changing the world

In the future, technology will determine the world pattern

At the forefront of the times,

Chasing the pulse of technology

BIT seeks to be at the forefront

Create the "first" footsteps

Never stop

Winning the competitions at home and abroad


In 2020, BIT’s "Star Network Test Communication" project won the

overall champion of the 6th China International "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The project broke the strict foreign blockade in the field of high-end technology

and established China's own satellite high-end measurement technology for the first time


There are no shortcuts to scientific research. We seek the road to the truth by ourselves.


In March 2018, on the 4th China "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

"CCIV-Definer of the Future Commercial Unmanned Vehicle Industry" won the championship    

They were determined to be original and produce the best Chinese cars


In 2017 and 2020, the Flying Eagles Team of BIT won the Mohammed Bin Zayed International Robot Challenge twice

BIT students aspire to the domestic and international arenas, show off youthful style with a persistent pursuit of excellence


We got the only full score of 100 in the audience, and we were the team representing China.


In May 2021, BIT won "one gold and three silvers"

in the 45th ICPC

Asian Regional Competition (Yinchuan Station)

BIT students who are in their just freshman year

demonstrated the demeanor of BIT students

in international competitions with a superior level


Our "Dream Chaser" team spent 6 months developing a "multi-robot fully autonomous cooperative confrontation system" for complex tasks in a dynamic environment.


In 2017, 2018, and 2020, the BIT driverless formula team

won the national championship three times

in the Formula SAE China.

BIT became the only university

in China to win the triple championship

in the formula series


This is the first and only solar team in China to compete for the World Solar Challenge

They have a resounding name "Guangshuo"

Since 2013, they have written their persistent pursuit

of future technology with a 3,000-kilometer journey


3,022 kilometers, through the scorching heat and cold, through the sand, dust and cross wind, we will continue to walk forward more steadily and farther.


No matter how steep the road ahead

The "first" in heart is always the inexhaustible power that inspires BITers to chase their dreams, compete for the future, and go beyond.

BITers interpret the scientific spirit of

seeking truth from facts and pursuing excellence with “firsts”


"First" is the source

And is the bright red that never fades in the genes

100 years ago, great careers started

from a red boat

The Communist Party of China leads the torrent

of changing China's destiny

80 years ago, a red source

was written by the party


The predecessor of Beijing Institute of Technology,

the Academy of Natural Sciences, was born in Yan'an,

a holy land in the flames of the Anti-Japanese War


It becomes the first specialized institution in the history of

the party to carry out natural science teaching and research

BIT has also become the first university of

science and technology created

by the Communist Party of China


Since then, this supremely glorious "first"

has injected the red gene of "Yan'an root"

into the blood of generations of BITers, and inspired

us to stride forward on the "red road of education"

pioneered and led by the party



Generations of BITers have interpreted the patriotic spirit of political firmness and determination to strengthen the country with their "first" achievements and the spirit of always striving for "the first".


On the new journey of building

a world-class university with Chinese characteristics

in an all-round way

On the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,

there are countless "firsts" waiting for BITers to create!

The first!

Be the proudest BITer!