BIT Academician Wu Feng Awarded for 2021 Energy Storage Outstanding Contribution

News Source: School of Materials Science and Engineering

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translator: News Agency of BIT, Lin Zixin


On April 14th, the award ceremony of the fifth International Energy Storage Innovation Competition, was held at the National Conference Center. The competition was hosted by the International Energy Storage Alliance and co-sponsored by China Energy Storage Alliance. Wu Feng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, won the 2021 Energy Storage Outstanding Contribution.

Academician Wu Feng is one of the pioneers in the field of green secondary batteries and related materials. Over the years, his project team “973” has made important progress in the research of new system construction principles of green secondary batteries, controllable battery reaction principle, field spectroscopy, electrochemical research methods, battery system safety design, and new battery material design method and preparation techniques, which have made significant contributions to the innovation and development of green secondary battery and its industry in China. As carbon neutralization is promoted to achieve green development, new green secondary batteries and its key materials will usher in new historical opportunities for innovative applications of clean energy. Under the circumstance, academician Wu Feng and his peers who work in the field of energy technology will shoulder responsibilities more urgent than ever.

Testimonial speech translated:

Harboring the burning ambition of serving the country with professional skills,

He stands up tall, shouldering the responsibility of developing green energy for the people.

Diligently striving for innovation,

He leaves his trace of assiduous endeavor for the progress of this era.

He explored new energy materials,

And took part in inventing new secondary batteries;

He had been the youngest on the expert group of functional materials,

And the chief scientist of battery research of 973 project for three consecutive years;

He continued designing a new system of multi-electron transfer battery

In two national key research programs.

Serving the needs of the country,

He devoted himself to science over the past three decades,

Pushing back the frontiers, making fruitful progress.

He gave salutary lessons to younger talents, gentle and caressing like a spring breeze,

Leading them out of the clouds and serving as a stepping stone for them to step on and up.

He traveled across countries, promoting communications in energy storage between China and the world;

With in-depth understanding of enterprises, he established collaborative development and innovation mechanism to combine all productive forces.

He is Wu Feng, the winner of 2021 Energy Storage Outstanding Contribution Award.