Beijing Institute of Technology held 2022 summer "Cloud Lesson" for international students


From June 27 to August 26, the Office of International Students held the 2022 summer "Cloud Lesson" for international students, which attracted more than 250 international students from more than 20 well-known overseas universities in 24 countries including Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and Mexico. This year's "Cloud Lesson" focuses on the integration of smart technology and culture, and sets up three programs, "Big Data Science and Technology", "Green Transportation - Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Chinese Language and Multicultural Practice". Through cloud lesson, cloud seminar, cloud visit and cloud practice, which integrate rich teaching contents and vivid case studies, many outstanding international students can experience the power of science and technology and the beauty of culture in the cloud exchange of "learning, watching and sharing", and broaden their global vision and professional knowledge, as well as appreciate the profound and endless charm of Chinese traditional culture.

The "Big Data Science and Technology" cloud lesson program was organized by the School of Computer Science and Technology, covering the most popular and widely used computer technologies such as virtual reality, deep learning and social network analysis. The "Green Transportation - Smart Manufacturing" cloud lesson program was organized by the School of Mechanical Engineering and introduced cutting-edge technology in the form of lectures and academic reports on unmanned driving, autonomous driving, energy storage technology, energy utilization technology, laser micro and nano manufacturing, atomic reconstruction and other cutting-edge technologies. The "Chinese Language and Multicultural Practice" Cloud Lesson Program was organized by the International Student Center, with the theme of "To learn Practical Chinese, To Enjoy Multiculturalism, To Make Friends Worldwide", covering the course contents of four sections: communicative Chinese, cultural comparison, cultural experience and cultural sharing.

This is the third consecutive year that the university has held the "Study in BIT" summer "Cloud Lesson" program, in which more than 900 outstanding international students have participated in the past three years. Through a series of inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural courses, the " Study in BIT" Cloud Lesson Program strengthens the cultivation of innovative thinking of international students, helps more international students improve their scientific literacy and knowledge structure, promotes the exchange and cooperation between students of different cultural backgrounds, enhances students' understanding and inclusiveness of multiple cultures, and builds up a better understanding of BIT and China. At the same time, it further broadens the international talent cultivation mode of the university and makes a positive contribution to enhancing the international reputation of the university and the resilience of international schooling.