BIT youth voice online speech contest

Stronger Unity under Pandemic

“BIT Youth Voice”

Online English Speech Contest

In recent days, we are all working together for epidemic prevention and control on campus. Amidst this special moment, Office of International Students and Teli College co-organized an Online English Speech Contest. 19 Contestants including international and Chinese students sign up for this event. On May 24 evening, they join online to exchange thoughts, tell stories, and share feelings together.

Mr. XU Jian, Secretary of Department of Student Affairs,Ms. WANG Ying, Director of Office of International Students and Office of International Affairs,Mr. FENG Huihua, Executive Deputy Dean of Xu Teli School/School of Future Technologies and Mr. ZHANG Ji, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xu Teli School attend the contest online. Four BIT teachers are invited to join as honorable judges, including MEI Bingang, YANG Xiaonan, GONG Jun and CHEN Hui. The contest is co-hosted by YU Chunxiao from Lingwen College and ZHANG Zijun from Teli College.






In the beginning, all audience watch a music video named “BRAVE HEART” together. It is an encouraging song recorded and edited by Office of International Students, soothing souls of people under this pandemic and inspiring all to act proactively in this anti-virus battle. 19 Contestants include 10 Chinese students from Teli College and 9 international students from Office of International Students. They deliver their speech individually, sharing their own stories and reflections during the lockdown after they see how the school unite together to guarantee campus life and secure health and safety of all students. 4 international students are invited to perform during the break, including the famous song “heal the world”, “微微” and “孤勇者”.


4 honorable judges give scores to contestants, make great comments, and share their pieces of advice on how to be a better self during hard times. Finally, according to the score given by the judges, 6 contestants including AMNA, LIU Danxu win gold medal. 13 Contestants including SVETLANA and ZHANG Zhaoxi win silver medal.


Taking this great opportunity, both international and Chinese students show their courage and determination to fight with COVID. This is a shining name card for all BIT youth when we unite stronger under pandemic. We believe that we will eventually win this anti-virus battle and secure the beautiful campus together. Fighting, BITers!