Seeking Dreams of BIT, along with Students from Five Continents

——BIT International Students Bloom with Passion at the 58th BIT Sports Meeting

On May 15, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 58th BIT Sports Meeting & 2021 Sports Culture Festival was held at the Liangxiang Campus. In this sports meeting, the international students of BIT united and worked bravely, showing a good mental outlook and high sports enthusiasm, blooming brilliantly in this passionate event!


Group photo of students before the sports meeting

At the opening ceremony, international students from more than 30 countries on five continents formed a joint phalanx of Lingwen Academy and the Office of International Students. They dressed in traditional national costumes and uniformed "study in BIT" uniforms, and came to the rostrum with confidence. In front of the stage, the spirit is invigorated and vigorous; a wonderful dance performance ignited the audience, and the smart dance posture showed the vigor of international students; the bright slogan " Seeking Dreams of BIT, along with Students from Five Continents " burst out neatly from the square, fully demonstrating the international students' yearning for a charming China and the love of studying abroad at BIT.


The sports meeting phalanx


Enthusiastic international students of the phalanx on the march


Opening ceremony dance at the sports meeting

Affected by Covid-2019, more than 3/4 of the international students still cannot return to the campus, but the international students who stayed at BIT still enthusiastically signed up for the competition and devoted themselves to the training. Everyone trains hard, strives for the first place, and is fully prepared for good results. In the competition arena, the students worked hard and cooperated tacitly. More than 20 competitions left the international students' vigorous posture, which became a beautiful landscape in the competition arena. Their unwilling and aggressive sports spirit on the sports field demonstrates the excellent qualities of BIT international students.


Group photo before the women's 4*400m race


Group shooting


Men's long jump




Men's 3000 meters race

Outside the stadium, the teachers and volunteers of the Office of International Students earnestly did a good job of logistics support. They stick to their posts to ensure that all tasks are in order, only for the athletes on the stadium to have a better performance.


Teachers and students responsible for logistics support in the supply station

This is an unforgettable sports meeting. International students sweat here. They sharpen their will and quality, show enthusiasm and unrestrained spirit, and enhance the spirit of cooperation and the sense of team honor. When the epidemic dissipates and all International students of BIT meet again on the lush campus, the students will continue to work hard and strive to achieve new success.


Group photo of athletes accepting awards