Win-win cooperation and commitment to first-class, BIT has created a new pattern of international exchanges!

[Editor's note] On the occasion of celebrating the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee specially launched a series of reports on "First Class • Endeavour", which has vividly demonstrated that BIT, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on education, accelerating the process of promoting the high-quality development of school-running, further gathering the vast number of party members, cadres, teachers and students to unite their efforts to seek development and strive to create the future, and make efforts for a new journey and create new brilliance with practical actions and excellent results!

"Strengthen cooperation, promote win-win results, strengthen the system, promote connectivity, strengthen inclusiveness and promote sharing, accelerate the improvement of the global governance system of the digital economy, and build a more healthy and sustainable new digital economy ecology!" On July 29, 2022, the "Global Governance Rules of Digital Economy" sub forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference was held at Beijing Institute of Technology. More than 10 heads of international organizations and more than 150 experts and scholars discussed digital economy governance, providing guidance for the formulation of global economic rules.

"Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, take the initiative to build a cooperation platform for friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign education and culture, jointly address global challenges and promote the common well-being of mankind." The world is undergoing profound changes in all directions and in many fields. To build a world-class university rooted in China is to fulfill the responsibility of the times in serving the national strategy and answer the questions of the times.


In recent years, Beijing Institute of Technology has vigorously promoted international exchanges and cooperation, adhered to the global layout and high-quality development, told the stories of Beijing Institute of Technology and China, and established cooperative relations with 362 universities in 77 countries and regions on 6 continents, including 65 universities in 29 countries along the "the Belt and Road", gradually forming 9 regional cooperation network platforms in the world. The university initiated the establishment of two international alliances of universities, cooperated in the construction of 2 Confucius Institutes, and founded Shenzhen MSU-BIT University and BIT-BMSTU Joint School, Beijing Institute of Technology. The work of studying abroad in China has entered the top ranks of the country. The global competitiveness, popularity and influence of BIT have been comprehensively improved, providing important support for taking root in China and building a world-class university.

Optimizing layout

Deeply cultivating the global circle of cooperative friends

"Welcome, new student!" In August 2022, nearly 800 new 2022 students entered MSU-BIT University with dreams and expectations, opening up a new campus life. "Strive to build a high-level university, cultivate high-quality talents, and make contributions to deepening China Russia educational cooperation and enhancing the friendship between the two peoples." Shouldering the ardent expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping, MSU-BIT University has forged ahead for five years.


The first opening ceremony of MSU-BIT University in 2017

On September 13, 2017, the first opening ceremony of MSU-BIT University was held, and President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered congratulatory speeches, marking the origin of its remarkable construction. As the first Sino-Russian cooperative university in China, in the past five years, MSU-BIT University has anchored the goal of building a unique world-class international comprehensive university, given full play to the disciplinary advantages of BIT and Lomonosov Moscow State University and regional scientific and technological advantages, built a world-class basic discipline and internationally leading cutting-edge interdisciplinary engineering and technology discipline, cultivated a group of promising, good and daring newcomers of the era, achieved remarkable school-running achievements, and wrote a strong stroke in the development of BIT.

"To build a highland for the cultivation of outstanding talents in China and Russia, and to cultivate a group of talents urgently needed by countries with pioneering spirit and innovative consciousness, with international vision and international competence." In May 2021, the construction of BIT-BMSTU Joint School was approved, which is also another powerful move of the school's cooperation with Russia after Shenzhen MSU-BIT University.


"Face to face" Symposium of BIT-BMSTU Joint School

Deep cultivation and accumulation, the establishment of BIT-BMSTU Joint School was not born out of nowhere. In 2018 and 2019, the university sent delegations to Russia twice to sign a student joint training agreement and a cooperative education agreement with Bauman Moscow State Technical University. In 2021, the university will cooperate with the Moscow State Baumann University of Technology to carry out international chemical calendar education for undergraduates and postgraduates. In the past two years, relying on the advantages of the two schools, BIT-BMSTU Joint School has jointly trained leading talents in the engineering field who are proficient in Russian and English, systematically master professional knowledge, have a global vision and international communication ability, and has become a new model of cooperation between China and Russia's top universities.

It has established school level cooperation relationships with 15 world-class universities, including the University of Montreal in Canada, the University of Manchester in the UK and the National University of Singapore; It has established school level cooperation relationships with 15 world-class universities, including the University of Montreal in Canada, the University of Manchester in the UK and the National University of Singapore; It holds bilateral academic forums between China and Germany, China and the UK, China and Australia, and continue to attract world-class masters for exchange and cooperation; Inviting the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to give lectures and exchange, signing an agreement with the Belarusian Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian Foundation for Basic Research on the joint establishment of a scientific research guidance fund, jointly applying for scientific research projects, and constantly expanding high-end academic exchange platforms.

Maintain old friends, join hands with new friends, and make strong friends! In recent years, with the outbreak and spread of the COVID-19, the international situation has become more severe and complex. BIT has risen to the challenge, innovated its work mode, integrated and utilized resources globally, built cooperation bridges and communication platforms. The successful implementation of each project and the wonderful presentation of international forums and academic reports have greatly enhanced the global competitiveness of the university and expanded its global popularity and influence.

Speaking to the world

Contributing China's strength to global governance

In June 2022, Zhang Wei, a 2019 LL.M. student at BIT, started his long-awaited internship experience in international organizations. This is not her first time working in an international organization, as she previously participated in the European Space Agency's Space Law Centre summer program.

International organizations are important platforms for coordinating multilateral affairs, promoting international and regional governance processes, and promoting international cooperation and development. Sending graduates to international organizations for internship and employment has a great role in improving the quality of talent training in schools and helping graduates achieve broader fields and higher-quality employment. In July 2021, BIT established the School of Global Governance, which is committed to cultivating international organizations and global governance talents with global vision, familiar with national conditions, proficient in negotiation, exquisite business and language proficiency, and expanding the reserve talent team of international organizations.

In 2021, BIT has set up a special program of "International Organizations and Global Governance" in the three first-level disciplines of management science and engineering, business administration and law, enrolling 60 master's students; In 2022, a global governance elite undergraduate class was established in Xu Teli College, enrolling 25 undergraduates. Since its establishment, the School of Global Governance has established cooperative relations with more than 60 intergovernmental and non-governmental international organizations around the world, and BIT has also been successfully approved by the Ministry of Education as the "Innovative Practice Project for Talent Training in International Organizations", becoming the first batch of base construction universities.


2021 International College Student Innovation Practice Design Award and Design Practice Education Frontier International Forum

In September 2021, BIT established the "International College Student Innovative Practice Design Award" to organize a competition for students of higher design education institutions around the world to collect submissions. The competition attracted 159 universities from 15 countries, including the Royal Academy of Art, Politecnico di Milano, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and received 1,609 works, covering industry, interaction, service, space, cultural creativity, digital visual creativity and other fields, building a platform for academic exchange and communication of global design students, and was widely recognized by international peers.

Coincidentally. In April 2022, the first "International Space Science and Load Competition" kicked off at Beijing Institute of Technology, contributing Chinese wisdom to bringing together and cultivating outstanding space science and payload technology talents around the world, creating an academic exchange community, and comprehensively promoting advanced scientific thinking and payload technology innovation. In August 2022, the Cross-Strait College Students Integrated Circuit and Electronic Design Invitational Competition of "Core for the Future" was held at BIT...

While cultivating students' outstanding professional ability, the school holds international forums and innovation competitions with international organizations, government agencies and scientific research institutions, sets up joint think tanks and laboratories, carries out teaching and research cooperation, and builds a platform for students to innovate and start a business. By inviting high-level staff of international organizations as mentors, BIT has built an immersive and flexible teaching environment, teaching through research, and cultivating students' comprehensive competence.


The sub-forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference "Rules for Global Governance of Digital Economy" being held at Beijing Institute of Technology

Contributing China's strength to the healthy development of the global digital economy! At the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference "Digital Economy Global Governance Rules" forum, Secretary General Liu Chao of the International Organization for the Prevention and Resolution of Commercial Disputes issued the Commercial Arbitration Rules to the world, providing dispute resolution methods for future dispute resolution in the field of digital economy. More than 100 scholars, professionals and practitioners around the world jointly wrote and issued the Beijing Declaration on the Global Governance of the Digital Economy Ecology, sending a common voice to the world to improve the global governance system of the digital economy ecology and proposing common plans.

In recent years, BIT has focused on global science and technology governance, further strengthened policy research and decision-making support, deeply participated in the formulation of global governance rules in many fields such as digital economy, aerospace, smart education, climate change and sustainable development, and contributed the wisdom of BIT to global governance. The concept of unmanned aerial intelligence regulation and supporting model laws have been transformed and implemented in more than 30 countries, including the European Union, and the international law theory of exclusive use of space (EUS) has become the basic theory for the formulation of international treaties.

Bringing together talents

Creating a new highland for international talent training

"As an international student from Bangladesh, volunteering during the Beijing Winter Olympics has left me with the fondest memories! I must show the demeanor of BIT students with use my excellent performance! " On February 6, 2022, "CCTV News" broadcast the "volunteer vlog" of Tao Tian, an international computer student at Lingwen College. The BIT girl, who speaks 7 languages, recorded her day at "Big Air" on camera.


International student Tao Tian serving as a volunteer at the "Big Air" Winter Olympics

In the Beijing Winter Olympics, 7 international students from seven countries including Italy and Bangladesh served as volunteers, actively practicing the volunteer spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", and devoted themselves to agent management, news media assistants, awards and support with full spirit and high-quality service, contributing youth power to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In recent years, BIT has regarded serving the country as the highest pursuit of studying in China, and is committed to cultivating high-level talents with Chinese feelings and international vision, excellent leadership and global competence. Based on the three major enrollment areas of Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Eastern and Southern Africa, it has built a number of overseas high-level enrollment platforms and high-level student source bases; Through multi-channel promotion of enrollment, multi-dimensional innovation of enrollment model and strict enrollment process, the quality and quantity of international students have been improved, and a number of outstanding international talents have emerged from Beijing Institute of Technology with the feelings of knowing and loving China and BIT.

Learn tea ceremony, paint landscape paintings, write poetry couplets... In the Chinese culture class, international students have an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and feel the charm of China through interactive experience and hands-on practice. In recent years, BIT has continuously deepened the construction of the teaching system, through calligraphy, Chinese painting, tea art, music and other rich curriculum forms and diverse teaching content, so that students can experience Chinese traditional culture more deeply and improve cross-cultural communication skills.


The opening ceremony of the 2019 Spring International Cultural Festival and Study Abroad Graduation Season series of activities

In addition, based on national development, the school focuses on social hot issues, and actively expands the "second classroom", from laws and regulations publicity, national conditions school history lectures to cross-cultural adaptability training, from participating in the 70th anniversary mass parade to visiting national ceremonies and large-scale exhibitions, providing rich resources and diversified channels for international students to fully understand Chinese history and perceive China's development. BIT actively organized and carried out various cross-cultural exchange activities such as international cultural festivals and volunteer services for international students, building a platform for Chinese and foreign students to exchange, showing the charm of a diverse and harmonious campus, creating an international atmosphere on campus, and helping the construction of first-class university culture.

"When I came to BIT in 2009, I studied for a bachelor's degree in automation and a master's degree in control science and engineering. My father, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers-in-law all graduated from BIT, and our family is a veritable 'nail household' of BIT cultivated by BIT.” In the program "China is Speaking", Amar Mohammed, a 2009 undergraduate student majoring in automation and a 2014 master's student in control science and engineering, and a Pakistani international student, told about his indissoluble love with BIT and his wonderful dream building road.


Gather the world's talents and cultivate them, and cultivate the world's talents. The school always adheres to talent cultivation as the core, comprehensively promotes the in-depth convergence of Chinese and foreign students in education, management, service and other aspects, and Chinese and foreign students take classes in the same class and enjoy the same learning experience and teaching experience. BIT has implemented the undergraduate training and college system management model, implemented the four-in-one training mode of "training, learning, management and guidance" for graduate students, set up 7 undergraduate, 10 master's and 24 doctoral majors in English, and formulated professional training programs for international students. Since 2018, 14 people have won the honor of "Chinese Government Outstanding International Students Scholarship", and many of them have published high-level papers.

BIT also actively cooperates with government departments, social institutions and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, docks the globalization strategy of enterprises and the demand for international talents, and strives to create more employment and internship opportunities for the majority of international students. After graduation, many international students enter universities, research institutes and government departments in their host countries, and continue to strive and shine in their respective positions.

Adhering to openness and sharing, win-win cooperation, dialogue with the world and seeking common development, BIT has steadily promoted international exchanges and cooperation in recent years, creating a good international atmosphere. On the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, BIT will always adhere to serving the country and going to the world, pay attention to the development of connotation, constantly innovate models, continue to expand the fields and levels of cooperation and exchanges around the world, comprehensively improve the quality and level of cooperation, further improve the global reputation and international influence of the university, and firmly take the new road of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics!