The hydrogen Internal combustion engine is coming! "Igniting" China's clean power

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In Beijing Institute of Technology

There are scientific research teams that

overcome difficulties and innovate independently

They have brought up the continuous emergence of

cutting-edge results in various fields of the school

The mission of these excellent scientific research teams is

to serve the national strategic needs

Committed to innovation, science and technology to serve the country

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In recent years, BIT has always been aiming at the major strategic needs of the country and the frontier of science and technology in the world. On the basis of years of development and school running, a number of high-level experimental platforms have been cultivated and built, which have become a place to gather the advantages of cutting-edge high-precision technology and a place to gather the wisdom of high-end talents.

A few days ago, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee focused on the innovative achievements in the laboratory of BIT, and launched a series of video reports on "Lab Story (Innovation)" of "Listening to BIT", aiming to show the excellent innovation achievements of BIT serving the country and contributing to the society and the spirit of teachers and students being committed to strengthening the country through science and technology.

Hydrogen energy, regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century

However, there are still many safety and economic issues

in the preparation, storage, transportation and use of hydrogen energy,

which directly restrict the large-scale application of this clean energy.

How can hydrogen energy be practical?

Hydrogen internal combustion engine

is a power plant with great application prospects

in the field of hydrogen energy

It is also one of the important technical ways

to realize the practical use of hydrogen energy at this stage.

As the first scientific research force in China to

carry out the research and development of hydrogen internal combustion engines, the team of Professor Sun Baigang from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology,

after 15 years of unremitting research,

has established the first complete hydrogen internal combustion engine technology development platform in China

making contributions to the construction of ecological civilization,

especially to the construction of

clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

There are two main ways to use hydrogen energy: fuel cells and hydrogen internal combustion engines

Fuel cells have the advantages of high efficiency and zero emissions, but they are technically difficult, costly, and highly dependent on infrastructure

The hydrogen internal combustion engine has a variety of fuel adaptability,

and hydrogen can also be used to mix and burn with

existing natural gas, diesel or gasoline.

The hydrogen internal combustion engine retains the main structure and systems of the traditional internal combustion engine

For most parts of traditional internal combustion engines, hydrogen internal combustion engines can be used universally

For the internal combustion engine industry,

it can significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of

hydrogen internal combustion engines

Through replacing the original fuel system

Transforming post-processors with reasonable combustion matching

The traditional gasoline engine or diesel engine is

transformed into a hydrogen internal combustion engine

Combustion of hydrogen with an internal combustion engine at this stage

is a very important way to achieve hydrogen energy

The hydrogen internal combustion engine research group of BIT

has paid attention to hydrogen internal combustion engines since 2006

At that time, it could be described as " poor and blank"

In the face of difficulties, with the BITers’ spirit of

hard work and daring to be the first

Sun Baigang rose to the challenge,

of course, the challenge is also the driving force

This may be our BITers’

spirit of "hard work, daring to be the first"

In 2006,

Sun Baigang led the team to build the first laboratory in about 6 months.

So far, a stable scientific research team has been formed

In 2009,

the hydrogen internal combustion engine team of BIT

successfully developed the first hydrogen internal combustion engine car in China, which successfully traveled more than 10,000 kilometers

BIT leads the technological development direction of

China's hydrogen internal combustion engine in the research direction of

vehicle hydrogen internal combustion engine

After more than ten years of accumulation,

BIT's hydrogen internal combustion engine team has basically built

a complete set of test bench systems for hydrogen internal combustion engines with international advanced levels.

The hydrogen internal combustion engine test bench of BIT is

one of the few complete experimental platforms in China

that can test the complete hydrogen internal combustion engine.

At present, the hydrogen internal combustion engine team of BIT has developed a variety of hydrogen internal combustion engines

for many key domestic enterprises,

and the related technologies have been widely recognized by the industry

Peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

and carbon neutrality by 2060

are a major national strategy

As practitioners in the internal combustion engine industry, Sun Baigang and his team feel the deep responsibilities

Facing the future, in serving the country's major strategy of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality"

BITers will continue to give full play to the advantages of scientific research and technology, and continuously improve the related technologies of hydrogen internal combustion engines

The team will promote industrial development and better contribute to the automobile engine industry and

a powerful country of science and technology!