Research Results of BIT Theoretical Teacher Published in Urban Studies

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translator: News Agency of BIT, Miao Shiyu


Beijing Institute of Technology, April 5th, 2021: Recently, Sun Ziwen, assistant professor of School of Art and Design, BIT, as an independent author, published his theoretical research achievement entitled "A rhythmanalysis approach to understanding the vending-walking forms and everyday use of urban street space in Yuncheng, China" in Urban Studies, a SSCI Journal of urban planning. Inspired by the rhythm analysis of Henri Lefebvre, a Neo-Marxism scholar, the research explored the daily use of street spaces and the vendor-walking form in China through three non objective time dimensions of arrhythmia, eurhythmia and polyrhythmia, providing another way to understand the emergence of peddler and walking behavior.

Urban Studies is an international leading journal in the field of urban research, with an impact factor of 3.850 and an eigenfactor score of 0.01225 in recent five years, ranking second among 134 SSCI journals on urban research in the world. Since 1964, the journal has been always in the forefront of urban research in the world, and has published many pioneering papers. It is the preferred journal for scholars of urban theoretical research. This is the first time that BIT scholar has published a paper in Urban Studies as an independent author. Sun Ziwen is one of the first batch of overseas talents introduced by School of Art and Design of BIT, he is a Ph.D. and postdoctoral in architecture of Edinburgh University. During the 5-month period as a teacher, he published 3 SSCI journal papers related to urban walking space and physical activity.

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