“God of War” —— Three Freshmen of BIT Won the Championship of ICPC

Recently, the 45th International College Programming Contest (ICPC) Asian Regional Contest (Yinchuan Station) was held, and BIT won “one gold prize and three silver prizes”!

“ddl God of war” (ddl战神), the team from BIT won the championship bravely, and obtained the entrance qualification for 2021 ACM/ICPC World Finals.“Dijkstra vs. Tesla” (迪杰斯特拉大战特斯拉), “putchar” and “messing around for two and a half years” (摸鱼两年半) won silver prizes respectively.


ICPC is recognized as the world’s largest and highest-level international contest with largest number of participants. This year, the contest invited 511 teams from 246 colleges and universities, with a total of more than 2,000 teachers and students participating.

In the contest this year, “ddl God of war” composing of three freshmen from BIT won the championship! Come with BIT WeChat Official Account to have a knowledge of them.

The only, the best!

According to the requirements of ICPC, each team can only use one computer, write programs in any language of C/C++, Java and Python within 5 hours, and solve 7 to 13 problems. After the program is written, it will then be submitted to the server. The results of program operation are divided into AC (correct), WA (wrong), TLE (program operation timeout), etc., and the results will be timely feedback to the team. “ddl God of war” is composed of Zou Zhiqiu and Zhu Zilin, coming from Ruixin Academy of Classic Learning, BIT, and Lin Kai, coming from XUTELI School, BIT, which is the only team solved 8 problems to win the championship!


Their success can not be achieved without their hard work and long-time efforts, and this fruitful result represents the successful practice of cultivating innovative talents of BIT.

Therefore, let’s listen to the voice of them!

Champions’ Voice!

Zou Zhiqiu


Freshman of Ruixin Academy of Classic Learning

Source of the student: Guangzhou No.6 Middle School, Guangzhou Province

Based on the interest of programming, I joined the ACM Club after I entered BIT. Here, there is a first-class scientific and technological innovation platform, teachers who are good at persuasion and can also be the like-minded teammates. All kinds of different competitions have exercised my sense of innovation and ability, honed my willpower, and improved the tacit understanding among team members. The championship is our best recognition! We always believe that we are the best!

Zhu Zilin


Freshman of Ruixin Academy of Classic Learning

Source of the student: Affiliated High School of Fujian Normal University, Fujian Province

I’ve always be interested in programming. After receiving the admission letter of BIT, I actively contacted the teachers and seniors of the school, and began the training of programming in the summer vacation. After entering school, the strong innovation atmosphere and rich innovation resources of BIT has provided me with a broad space. My two teammates who also love technological innovation. In addition to daily study, we actively organize training to maintain the training intensity more than once a week. Before winning this championship, we also stood out from more than 1500 teams in the Xiaomi Invitational Competition from October to November in 2020, advanced to the final, and awarded as the ranking of 60th in the final.

Lin Kai


Freshman of XUTELI School

Source of the student: Sanming No.2 High School, Fujian Province

The educational concept of “building up morality and soul, being learned and refined, cultivating talents by well-known teachers, and improving by self-driving” of XUTELI School has deeply influenced me. The “unique cultivation scheme for each student” training model allows me to have more time and energy to participate in various competitions after studying. Winning the championship in this competition is inseparable from the support and encouragement of the teachers and the unity and cooperation of the teammates. This is a new beginning for our team, and we have to set out towards a further goal!

Instructor: Lin Yonggang


BIT attaches great importance to students’ scientific and technological innovation. Taking School of Computer Science and Technology as an example, it makes full use of the advantages of disciplines and teaching resources at all levels to build a scientific and technological innovation activity base and platform, build a “five in one” scientific and technological innovation mode of practice platform, training system, talent base, teacher strength and cultural accumulation, and establish a scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship base. After more than ten years of development, it has created a unique mode of scientific and technological innovation, and cultivated many outstanding students who are “bold and creative”. It’s my honor to witness their growth.

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