Fireworks Blooming for Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of BIT

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of BIT, the overseas research institutions in Tangshan and Jinan present gifts to BIT. Brilliant fireworks were blooming for the birthday of BIT, which is really a light gala.

Fireworks makes 80th anniversary special.

On the evening of September 17, 2020, fireworks consists of a figure”80” were shinning in the sky, which was designed by Tangshan Research Institute of BIT. It also illuminated the night sky of Nanhu Park in Tangshan City

The gorgeous fireworks of “80” represent the glorious 80th year of BIT. Institute of Frontier Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology (Jinan) is located in the landmark Greenland Puli Center in Jinan. One of the school buildings was decorated into a theme building to display a light show for the 80th birthday of Beijing Institute of Technology.

With lanterns dazzling and shining in the distance, the city is more beautiful. This light show also symbolizes that BIT will explore a wider field in the city and serve the social and economic development of Jinan at a deeper level.

Behind the brilliant and the gorgeous fireworks is all efforts and innovation from staff of BIT.