[News Feature] Great news! The development of the periodicals of Beijing Institute of Technology has reached a new stage.


Recently, Space: Science & Technology (Space: Science & Technology in English, hereinafter referred to as SPACE Journal) received a notice from clarivate analytics and was included in its Imerging Source Citation Index (ESCI) database. Energy Material Advances (Energy Material Frontier in English, hereinafter referred to as EMA Journal) received a notice from the Scopus title evaluation team. The journal was officially included in Scopus database, which marks that the journals sponsored by Beijing Institute of Technology, represented by space journals and EMA journals, have entered a new development stage.

ESCI database is a brand-new international journal citation index database launched by Kerui Vian in 2015. It aims to collect high-quality and peer-reviewed English journals with important influence in the emerging science and technology field. Scopus database is a scientific research retrieval analysis and discipline planning management database launched by Elsevier publishing group. It is also the world's largest peer-reviewed journal abstract and citation database, covering more than 24000 journals in science and technology, medicine and social sciences.

Since its inception in early 2021, with the efforts of all the editorial boards led by academician Ye Peijian of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology and Professor Deng Yulin of the Beijing Institute of Technology, SPACE has published many excellent articles that are oriented to the world's space science and technology frontier, major national strategic needs and people's life and health, and have been successively included in important databases at home and abroad such as DOAJ,CNKI, INSPEC, NASA-ADS, Space  has become an important window to record and witness China's Aerospace Science and Technology Innovation.

Since the official launch of EMA in December 2020, under the leadership of Academician Wu Feng of Beijing Institute of Technology and Professor Jun Liu of Washington University, and the efforts of the Editorial Committee led by Professor Wu Chuan and Professor Zhang Jiatao, EMA has published the important achievements of many famous scholars such as Nobel Prize winner Goodenough, Academician Wu Feng of Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician Li Can of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Ju li of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The journals have been successively published by DOAJ,CNKI, INSPEC, NASA-ADS, and other important databases at home and abroad have been included. The journal has grown into an academic stage of open cooperation and collaborative innovation in the field of global energy materials.

In addition, three academic journals sponsored by BIT, such as Life Like System (English), Unmanned System (English) and New Energy and Intelligent Transportation (English), have also achieved many excellent results in a short time, which indicates that the international influence of the English journal matrix group of the university has been rapidly increased, and the academic value, publishing ability and journal potential have been highly recognized by the international academic and publishing circles. It has laid a solid foundation for the university to build a world-class international academic journal matrix group! In the future, Beijing Institute of Technology Press will continue to strengthen the collaborative work with relevant disciplines and contribute to the excellent development of the University's periodical matrix group!