More than 20 years of training "Shield Casters" for our country! They are the "invisible masters" in campus

"I am 89 years old this year, and I am still teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. I will continue to fight in the front line of teaching and strive to be a model for people and teachers.

On September 11, 2021, Wang Yue, a member of the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor of the School of Information and Electronics of Beijing Institute of Technology, shared his experience as a representative of the "Huang Danian-style teaching team of national colleges and universities" and his experience of learning from General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply letter. He expressed the determination to make new contributions to cultivating socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and aesthetics.

In 2021, this is also the second time that the team of information security and countermeasures teachers from the School of Information and Electronics of BIT, led by academician Wang Yue, is on the "News".

In recent years, the team of information security and countermeasures teachers in the School of Information and Electronics has been facing the major strategic needs of the country and the frontier of the field, exploring and innovating in the fields of information security and countermeasures, signal processing, etc., providing important scientific and technological support for the economic and social development of the country, showing the mission of the teachers of BIT to "educate people for the Party and nurture talents for the country".


Starting from nothing, he took the lead in building China's " information countermeasures "

"In 1993, I accepted the organization arrangement from the research institute to teach at BIT, and have been thinking about how to serve the country's talent training." In the 1990s,  Wang Yue, focusing on the urgent need of national network information security personnel training, took the lead in the country to start the construction of information countermeasures professional demonstration work. In 1998, BIT became one of the first four universities in China to establish a professional information countermeasures technology, in the Department of Electronic Engineering, referred to as "Department 5" and codenamed "56".


Wang Yue, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of School of Information and Electronics

A major can not just build, but also build out the level, build out the characteristics, build to meet the national shortage of talent. Under the leadership of Wang Yue, Zhou Siyong and other pioneers, the faculty team of " information countermeasures " is fully devoted to the construction of the major. They studied the situation at home and abroad, proved the teaching program, researched the teaching methods, and organized the preparation of teaching materials. ...... From the approval of the additional major in 1998 to the admission of the first batch of undergraduate students in information countermeasures technology in 2000, the establishment of "information security and countermeasures" in 2003, the team has worked hard for 14 years to make the major from "starting from scratch" to a great achievement. Now, the information countermeasures technology major has become the leader major in China.


Academician Wang Yue lecturing to undergraduate students

"To cultivate high-level talents for national security, it is necessary to implement undergraduate, master and doctor's degree through-training. We set up the experimental class of undergraduate-master-doctor's degree through training since 2009, and transformed it into Xu Teli's class in 2013, continuing to build a national first-class curriculum to provide students with a comprehensive and systematic learning and growth channel." Tao Ran, a team member, director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Fractional Domain Signals and Systems, and professor in charge of Information Security and Countermeasures discipline, recalled.

Under the leadership of the first generation of "Information Security and Countermeasures" represented by Wang Yue, the team seized the golden period of the development of information security and countermeasures, focused on the national strategic needs and the mission of university education, broke the restrictions of time, space, specialty and platform, and built a set of distinctive and groundbreaking information security and countermeasures specialty from scratch. They have also cultivated a team of teachers with "high" academic level and teaching level, and formed a second generation information security and countermeasures teacher team represented by Prof. Tao Ran and Prof. Luo Senlin. The Institute of Information Security and Countermeasures Technology and the Beijing Key Laboratory of Fractional Domain Signals and Systems have been established, and have achieved outstanding results in related scientific research fields, and have trained a number of young scientists who are influential in the industry. Generations of "information security and countermeasures" people have been working hard on the road of education and have delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the national strategic fields.


Academician Wang Yue and some team members

"With the rapid development of IoT, big data, sensors, AI and other technologies, we realize the urgency and necessity of the times for the cultivation of innovative talents in cyberspace security". Luo Senlin, a team member and professor in charge of information countermeasures technology, talked about it. It is the characteristic culture of the team to think of danger in times of peace, keep an eye on the frontier of industry development and carry out forward-looking thinking in the development. At the beginning of this century, the team, led by Wang Yue, took the lead in carrying out the demonstration of the discipline of cyberspace security, and established the first batch of first-level doctoral degree authorization points in "cyberspace security" in 2016, which laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the School of Cyberspace Security.

Without information security, there is no national security. For more than 20 years, the information security and countermeasures faculty team has been focusing on national major strategies and national major engineering needs, striving to build the information security countermeasures theory and technology system with Chinese characteristics in the global fierce information countermeasures environment, walking in the forefront of teaching research and personnel training in the national information countermeasures technology field, and contributing to the cultivation of leading professionals with solid foundation, excellent ability and international vision. Contribute to the strength.


Establish moral education, nurture people for the Party and the country

"To do a good job of training leading talents, teaching is the first thing. Mr. Wang has always asked us, 'A teacher who only does scientific research and does not teach is not a teacher.'" Professor Shan Tao, a team member and deputy director of the Institute of Fractional Domain Signals and Systems, said, "Mr. Wang's noble pursuit of teaching and educating people has set an example for our entire team of teachers to adhere to the fundamental task of establishing moral education and to do our job of teaching and educating people."

In July 2003, Wang Yue solemnly applied to the university to change his professional and technical title from researcher to professor, which fully reflects the heavy weight of moral education and teaching in the heart of scientist Wang Yue. Learning as a teacher, behaving as a model. Under the leadership of Wang Yue, the team teachers always insist on making moral education a fundamental task, always insist on undertaking front-line teaching tasks, and actively participate in undergraduate thesis guidance and student innovation and entrepreneurship guidance. "I often divide my day into three time slots, giving classes for master students in the morning, going to Liangxiang in the afternoon for undergraduate students, and returning to the lab in the evening to discuss scientific research problems with doctoral students. This process will facilitate me to condense and abstract engineering practice problems into mathematical models, and then extend them to thinking about application innovation, thus promoting the organic combination of technology frontier and discipline theory, and realizing the mutual promotion of research and teaching. Professor Tao Ran shared.


Professor Tao Ran with students

"In teaching, it is necessary to 'see both trees and forest', to let students master both professional basic knowledge and systematic and in-depth theoretical technology, so as to cultivate innovative talents with solid foundation, comprehensive quality and outstanding engineering practice ability." Luo Senlin talked about. Over the years, the team insists that professional construction must be based on high level teaching methods, and constantly brings into play its technical advantages in "Internet+Intelligence" to carry out teaching research and teaching management, and has built a "course teaching process management system" containing 10 sub-systems since 2010. "Through the closed-loop management of the whole process of student learning, it provides a platform and guarantee for cultivating professional talents with independent learning ability, ability to solve complex engineering problems, innovation ability and systematic thinking ability.


Professor Luo Senlin with students

No cap on the top, teach according to the students. Teachers are dedicated to teaching research and curriculum construction, take the lead and are personally on the podium. With the hard work of the team for many years, fruitful teaching achievements have emerged, including the creation of the national high-quality video public course "Information Systems and Security Confrontation Theory", which has been awarded as a national high-quality course, a national first-class undergraduate course, the first prize of Beijing Education Teaching Achievement Award, and a Beijing Higher Education Excellence Textbook. In 2021, the undergraduate textbook Information System and Security Countermeasures Theory (2nd edition), which is edited by Wang Yue and Luo Senlin, won the first prize of the first national textbook construction award.

"Learning Fourier transform, we have to learn not only the knowledge itself, but also to learn Mr. Fourier’s scientific spirit, more profound understanding of science without borders, but scientists have a homeland, to learn Wang Yue, Mao Erke these old generation of scientists patriotic sentiment ...... "In 2021, Tao Ran's "Signal Processing Theory and Technology" series of courses was recommended to Xinhua "Xinhua Civic Politics" online as an excellent case of course Civic Politics construction.


Professor Tao Ran recorded the "Signal Processing Theory and Technology" series of courses

Students should be trained to have "the greatness of the country" in mind and become new people of the times who can bear the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation. Information security personnel are responsible for the important duty of guarding national information security, so it is important to cultivate students' patriotism and inspire their sense of mission and responsibility to maintain the security of the motherland. Over the years, this has become a common philosophy of education for the team of teachers of information security and countermeasures. In the teaching process, the team teachers make full use of modern information means, citing Chinese and foreign information security examples in the course to integrate "Civic Affairs" elements, stimulate students' endogenous motivation to strengthen the country with science and technology, and promote the spirit of patriotism.


Integrating science and education and putting teaching first

"Through competition-assisted teaching, not only can we cultivate outstanding talents, but also promote the reform of teaching practice, as many internationally renowned universities have done." Luo Senlin, founder of the National University Student Competition on Information Security and Countermeasures Technology (ISCC2021), which was created under the leadership of BIT, talks about the 18th Information Security and Countermeasures Technology Competition (ISCC2021), which came to an end on May 25, 2021, with more than 7,800 participants from more than 1,000 schools and enterprises and institutions nationwide.


Professor Luo Senlin instructing students in science and technology innovation

In 2004, based on the country's need for information security talents in the new century, the information security and countermeasures faculty team began to try a new model of strengthening talents cultivation by scientific research, i.e., cultivating information security talents who combine theory and practice, have the sense of innovation and the spirit of overcoming difficulties by means of discipline competition. This innovative idea of integrating science and education immediately received the affirmation and strong support from Wang Yue, who was the executive director of the National Student Electronic Design Competition Organizing Committee at that time.

In May 2004, the first "Information Security and Countermeasures Technology Competition of Beijing University of Technology" was successfully held. The competition topic started from the practical problems in the field of information security countermeasures, by scoring points through intrusion attacks on designated servers and defending against attacks by other teams. In June 2008, the first "National Invitational Competition on Information Security Technology for College Students" was held, which marked the beginning of the national model of cultivating excellent talents through the competition of college students in the field of information security and countermeasures. So far, this event has become a widely influential university student competition in the field of information security and countermeasures.


Academician Wang Yue and Professor Luo Senlin participated in the "National Student Electronic Design Competition Invitation Tournament on Information Security Technology".

The team of teachers of information security and countermeasures abides by the way of scientific research and education to cultivate high-quality innovative talents who serve the national strategic needs and social development, and give full play to the educational value of scientific research results and scientific research platform.

"By participating in this research, under the guidance of my teachers, I published a high-level paper, and my classmates were able to use my results to learn, from which I reaped the pleasure of scientific research of applying theory to practice." Liu Zhe, a 2018 undergraduate student, participated in a research project on innovative design of experimental instruments for observing Newton's rings under the guidance of Lu Mingfeng, a young teacher in the team, which won the first prize in the National Innovation Competition for Teachers' Self-made Experimental Teaching Instruments and Equipment in Higher Education in 2021. This project, originated from a signal property of physical Newton's rings discovered by Lu Mingfeng in his scientific research. Since then he has redesigned the instrument for observing Newton's rings in university physics experiments in conjunction with scientific research, and guided students to deepen their professional knowledge in scientific research practice, and also achieved innovative results.

"During my doctoral studies, I participated in some important scientific tasks with a team of information security and countermeasures faculty, which developed my systems engineering approach to thinking and provided me with important help in carrying out complex systems engineering for human spaceflight." On June 17, 2021, Shenzhou XII manned spacecraft was successfully launched, and Huang Kewu, deputy director of the general office of manned lunar exploration, chief designer of manned spacecraft measurement, control and communication of the general department of the Fifth Academy of Astronautics and 2011 doctoral graduate of information security and countermeasures, was excited, "Although the road is far, we will arrive, and although things are difficult, we will succeed. This is what the team teachers taught me with the spirit and practical actions of a strong country in science and technology."


Professor Tao Ran instructing students in science and technology innovation

In the past 20 years, the team has developed a large number of excellent scientific achievements, such as the highly dynamic and sensitive navigation and relay measurement and control system for medium and high orbiting spacecraft, the hidden target detection technology using TV signal as the irradiation source, the passive synthetic aperture radio spectrum monitoring technology, the criticality analysis and state prediction model for the onset of type 2 diabetes, etc. The team has also won the First Prize of Science and Technology of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the First Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education, the Innovation Research Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education. Although the achievements in scientific research are outstanding, the team still insists on the concept of "integration of science and education, education first", and continues to promote the scientific research results into the classroom and textbooks, motivating students to pay attention to the frontier, reveal the mechanism, break through the bottleneck and promote crossover, injecting strong momentum for education and teaching and scientific innovation.

The team of information security and countermeasures teachers will continue to inherit the red gene, adhere to the fundamental task of establishing moral education, adhere to teamwork, adhere to organizational education, pass on the red baton from generation to generation, take the responsibility of cultivating new people of the times who can bear the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation, and contribute all the strengths of the "people of the information countermeasures " in the new journey of building a world class university with Chinese characteristics.