Turning out in This Way! Eating Innovative Works? ! BIT Students’ AI Grows a "Technical" Dish!

May 30, 2022 is the sixth

"National Science and Technology Workers Day"

We wish the vast number of

science and technology workers a happy holiday!

A few days ago, the overall epidemic situation in Beijing showed a downward trend.

In the closed campus, a group of "future scientists"

turned the laboratory into a "vegetable field"

with their own wisdom

Cultivate "Technology Vegetables"

AI empowerment, Internet of Things, light formula,

Smart Eyes, Zero Emissions, Zero Residues...

The "Laboratory Native Dish" of

the Institute of Signal and Image Processing,

School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics, BIT is coming!

The fast growing vegetables are also delicious

This is the "technical vegetable" developed by the "0" carbon-AI empowered urban farm team led by Chen Yiyu from the School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics!

Recently, this batch of "homegrown" fresh lettuce, green cream, red cream... is being picked "bigly" and made into a delicious vegetable salad in the laboratory! All the students said: It tastes great!

Picking: Picking Fresh Vegetables from Smart Planters

Washing: Wash vegetables carefully to ensure they are clean and hygienic

Preparation: cut vegetables, cut apples, peel oranges, package

Drizzle with salad or thousand islands, you can pack it in the box

To fight the epidemic, we have green vegetables

Glory of labor, taste of science and technology

Come and learn about the story behind "Technology Vegetables"


The "vegetable garden" of the AI laboratory

Under the soft light of the Intelligent Image Analysis and Recognition Laboratory of the School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics,

Layers of "vegetable fields" are green and gratifying.

This is a "0" carbon smart plant growth machine

developed by BIT students

The planter has four rows of planting racks

with 24 slots on each row of planting racks

As long as the roots of the vegetable seedlings are

fixed in the sponge and inserted into each slot of the planter,

the autonomous cultivation of vegetables can be realized.

There is a connecting pipe under each slot,

and periodic irrigation is carried out for hydroponics

to provide water and nutrients for vegetable growth.

The planter has a complete embedded control system,

which collects and integrates information through a variety of sensors,

monitors the growth environment of plants in real time,

such as temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.,

monitors the water level, water temperature,

and conductivity of the nutrient solution,

and intelligently controls start and stop of the water pump,

to realize fine addition of nutrient solution, etc.

At the same time, it is also connected to the terminal APP

through the Internet of Things technology to

monitor and grasp the growth of vegetables anytime, anywhere.


When raising vegetables, AI gives a "light recipe",

and plant growth cannot be separated from photosynthesis.

On the "vegetable field" in the laboratory,

sufficient "sunlight" is provided through LED lamps,

which can automatically adjust the light intensity and wavelength suitable for vegetable growth

"Daylight" is a plant LED energy-saving light source composed of multiple light qualities

Through the regulation of different light quality combinations,

light intensities, and photoperiods,

the "light recipes" that can be customized to grow vegetables

can completely replace sunlight and

meet the photosynthesis needs of vegetables throughout the growth period.

Generally, the maturity cycle of planting vegetables is 60 days,

and it only takes 40 days to harvest mature vegetables on this planter.

Moreover, the planter is not affected by external factors

such as seasons and environment,

and can achieve uninterrupted planting throughout the year

and harvest "continuous" green vegetables


Wormhole? Hard to escape AI "insight"

BIT’s intelligent "vegetable field" can not only automatically identify vegetable types and growth stages through AI "empowerment",

but also detect vegetable diseases and pests and monitor crop growth


Disease spots and wormholes on vegetable leaves

These little information can not escape the "smart eye"


Automatic detection of vegetable diseases and pests


"Zero carbon"! Zero pesticide residues!

Our intelligent "vegetable field" not only produces green vegetables,

but also has the connotation of "pure green"

and truly "zero carbon"! Zero pesticides!

The whole system provides electric energy

through solar energy

It is also equipped with storage battery to

ensure stable power supply in cloudy days


There is no need to use pesticides in the culture process

Through scientific proportioning of nutrient solution, there is "no waste at all"

Up to now, the project has harvested several rounds of fresh vegetables on the planter

So far, the varieties that have been successfully cultivated

include lettuce, green cream, red cream, red lettuce and Clara Greene

Seedling stage


Red lettuce


Clara Greene


Green Cream


Romaine lettuce


Red Cream

Growth stage


Red lettuce


Clara Greene


Green Cream


Romaine lettuce


Red Cream

Slide up to view the growth process

A small bowl of BIT’s seasonal vegetable salad, full of innovative flavor

Under the epidemic situation, the "science and technology" vegetables of BIT

are not only a healthy nutrition,

but also a youth ambition of BIT students

to serve the country with science and technology!