What a pride! Many achievements of BIT appear in this national exhibition!


the National “13th Five-Year Plan” Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition opened in Beijing.

On October 26,

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission,

emphasized when visiting the exhibition:

“strengthening innovation and self-confidence, seizing innovation opportunities, and accelerating the realization of high-level technology and self-reliance and self-improvement”.

BIT Achievements


The theme of this exhibition is “Innovation-Driven Development Towards a Strong Country of Science and Technology”, which display that the whole Party and the whole country have carried out the major scientific and technological achievements made by the CPC Central Committee on Xi Jinping as a core on a series of major decisions and arrangements for scientific and technological innovation since the beginning of the “13th Five-Year Plan”.

The exhibition site is divided into 12 exhibition areas, including General Preface, Centennial Retrospect, Basic Research, New High-level Technology, Major Special Projects, Agricultural Science and Technology, and Social Development, etc. The achievements of BIT are displayed in the exhibition areas of Centennial Retrospect, New High-level Technology, Social Development, Open Cooperation and Regional Innovation.

---BIT is amazing!

---Thumbs-up! Let’s take a look at the contents of the exhibition!

Centennial Retrospect

In 1940, in the flames of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the former of BIT, was founded in Yan’an, which was the first university of science and engineering founded by the Communist Party of China. Under the leadership of the Party, the university aims to cultivate “revolutionary generals and professional experts”, gives full play to the advantages of natural science, and makes important contributions to the construction of the border areas and the war.

---Looking back over the past hundred years, the glorious years BIT’s founding and running in Yan’an have been recorded in the glorious history of the Party. Pieces of precious cultural relics treasured in the school history museum are displayed in front of the public, telling the red gene of BIT...

--- What kind of “school treasures” have appeared in this national exhibition? Let's go and have a look!


Paper made of Malan Straw

In October 1939, the War of Resistance Against Japan entered a stalemate stage, and there was an extreme shortage of materials in Yan’an border areas. After repeated experiments, teachers of the Academy of Natural Sciences used the common Malan Straw to make paper, which met the paper needs of newspaper printing, and made an important contribution to the Party’s leadership of the war and the publicity of Anti Japanese Thought.


Learning materials bound in Malan Straw donated by the distinguished alumnus General Li Lun


Yan’an “Xinhua Soap”

During the school running period of Yan’an, the Academy of Natural Sciences opened a number of practice/internship factories, which not only strengthened the students’ theoretical connection and practice, but also served the production in the border areas. “Xinhua Soap” is the product made by the factory. In addition, the school also opened glass factories, printing factories, and textile factories, etc., which made important contributions to the Party’s leadership of scientific and technological undertakings and industrial development, as well as the production and life of the people in the border areas.


“Xinhua Soap” made by the practice/internship factory of Academy of Natural Sciences


Handouts and notebooks used by teachers and students of the Academy of Natural Sciences

During the school running period in Yan’an, the Academy of Natural Sciences insisted on high-quality and standardized school running and cultivated its own scientific and technological talents for the Party. Although the characters on the  handouts and notebooks was as small as possible in order to save money, the handwriting was neat and rigorous like printing.


Handouts and notes used by alumni during the Academy of Natural Sciences

Open Cooperation

Intelligent Anesthesia Puncture Assistant Robot


This equipment is composed of a multi-degree-of-freedom-mechanical arm, a puncture device with integrated ultrasonic probe and a visual puncture navigation system, which solves the problems of difficult stable control of the probe and easy loss of the development of the puncture needle in the process of ultrasound-guided nerve block anesthesia, achieves the effects of preoperative planning, real-time display and immediate ligation, and effectively improves the accuracy of nerve block anesthesia to realize accurate anesthesia, At the same time, it can reduce the dosage of drugs, improve the puncture efficiency and reduce the work intensity of doctors, which is the first facial accurate anesthesia robot in China. This equipment is an innovative achievement of the BIT’s international cooperation.

New High-level Technology

2 achievements of Prof. Jiang Lan’s team from the School of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, were selected into the National “13th Five-Year Plan” Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition.

Basic research


New principle and technology of femtosecond laser electronic dynamic control machining

Applied research


Femtosecond laser electronic dynamic control cutting equipment

Social Development

Scientific and technological achievements of Beijing Olympic Winter Games

---In the exhibition area of “Social Development”, the results of Prof. Huo Bo’s team from BIT were selected to achieve a scientific and technological Beijing Olympic Winter Games!

---Let me tell the secrets for you!


Track 3D measurement and athlete positioning tracking system

The system aims at the high-precision 3D reconstruction of the Olympic ski resort, and realizes the high-precision measurement and reconstruction of the ski resort morphology. Based on the track point cloud data, the visual effect simulation of the track in the rendering engine is completed to realize the high-realistic presentation of the track. High-precision rotating pan-tilt and positioning equipment are used to locate and track athletes in the field. The system has been used for scientific and technological services of national teams such as ski jumping, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, platform freestyle skiing, and speed skating, etc.


Visual rendering of the snow field


Indoor multi-degree-of-freedom simulated ski training system

The indoor multi-degree-of-freedom simulated ski training system is composed of training platform, sports form recognition and personalized training guidance system. Through the training platform, the training efficiency of competitive sports such as slalom and giant slalom can be significantly enhanced. Through the personalized training guidance system, the scientific training level of athletes can be improved. This system makes up for the lack of systematic and professional training equipment for snow events in China, and provides scientific and technological reserves and platform support for the technical progress of skiing events in Beijing Olympic Winter Games.


The indoor multi-degree-of-freedom simulated ski training system

Regional Innovation

“BIT mode” for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

---In the exhibition area of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the experience and practices of “BIT mode” and several typical cases are fully displayed.

---It is worth mentioning that in this exhibition area, BIT is the only university to make the display!

The exhibition area of scientific and technological achievements transformation is located in the central area of Regional Innovation. With the theme of “accelerating the construction of specialized technology transfer institutions and enhancing the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements in universities”, it comprehensively introduces the “BIT mode” of scientific and technological achievements transformation through 4 exhibition boards, 6 cases and more than ten physical exhibits.


During the “13th Five-Year Plan”, BIT adheres to the “two wheels turning together” of scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation; creatively built a new specialized technology transfer organization of “business-oriented management + market-oriented operation”, which is oriented to the world’s scientific and technological frontier, the main battlefield of the economy, major national needs and people’s life and health; and establishes a group of disciplinary companies that have implemented the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, which has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and effectively supported the moral education and the “Double First-Class” university construction, forming a “BIT mode” path for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities with Chinese characteristics.


Thoughts on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of “BIT mode”


The new specialized technology transfer organization of “business-oriented management + market-oriented operation”

The exhibition demonstrates the remarkable results of “BIT mode” through 6 typical cases, and a number of outstanding physical exhibits formed by the transformation of BIT through discipline-based companies have made a wonderful appearance.

Typical cases of transformation of scientific and technological achievements of “BIT mode”

Case 1

The achievement transformation of electronic control and drive system of all-climate and high-performance new energy commercial vehicles has solved the technical problems of all-climate and high-performance application of new energy commercial vehicles, and successfully served major activities at home and abroad, such as Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, Expo 2019, Zhangjiakou test activities of Beijing Olympic Winter Games and so on. The project was completed by BIT and BIT HuaChuang Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.


Academician sun Fengchun led the team to develop products for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games under the extremely cold mode

Case 2

The achievement transformation of intelligent sensor system for intelligent networking has realized the leapfrog development from single sensor to multi-source sensor fusion, from single scene to multi-scene composite application, and from single function to multi-function. The series of products have achieved pilot demonstration applications in Beijing, Shandong, and Sichuan, etc. The project was completed by BIT and RACO.


Application in the world’s first networked cloud-controlled high-level automatic driving demonstration area

Case 3

The achievement transformation of high-precision inertial navigation and precision guidance control technology has broken through the core technology in the field of navigation control in complex battlefield environment, and made an important contribution to the construction of major equipment in China. The project was completed by BIT and Beijing Navigation Control Technology Co., Ltd.


Equipment by application core products in Air Show China

Case 4

The achievement transformation of molecular sponge materials, with MOFilter molecular sponge materials as the core, has creatively developed broad-spectrum and efficient MOF (metal organic framework) nanocrystalline reactive oxygen sterilization technology and the molecular level accurate identification blood filter materials with independent intellectual property rights, which are applied to the human liver blood purification system to ensure people’s life and health. The project was completed by BIT and M.O.F TECH.


MOF nanocrystalline active oxygen sterilization technology transformation results are widely used

Case 5

The achievement transformation of flexible explosion-proof technology has realized the overtaking of traditional explosion-proof technology, and formed more than 20 types of equipment products such as flexible explosion-proof tanks, flexible explosion-proof blankets, flexible explosion-proof vehicles, and flexible explosion-proof clothes, etc., which have been applied to the security of many large-scale events such as the 70th anniversary of the National Day, exported to many countries with high appraisal. The project was completed by BIT and Hunan Ai’er Defense Technology Co., Ltd.


Flexible explosion-proof equipment is widely used in important activities

Case 6

The achievement transformation of perovskite quantum dot composite film materials and their display application has achieved a major breakthrough in the traditional quantum dot material technology. The transformed products have the characteristics of high-efficiency luminescence, high transmittance and precise modulation of absorption spectrum, which meet the needs of OLED, Micro-LED color conversion and other fields, and are applied to the display equipment of leading enterprises. The project was completed by BIT and Zhijing Nanotech.


Comparison of display effect of perovskite quantum dot optical film (the right side is the effect after use)

“Inheriting the red gene and striving to make China become a powerful country in science and technology”!

BITers have achieved their lofty ambition of serving the country

with cutting-edge achievements,

and have drawn up a first-class development blueprint.