Express News |Champion! BIT Students Won the Champion in The 6th China International College Students’ ‘Internet+’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition!

  Beijing Institute of Technology, November 23rd, 2020: The Battle for Championship of The 6th China International College Students’ ‘Internet+’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on the night of November 18th. After fierce competition, the project “SaneSea” of Beijing Institute of Technology won the champion, which was the second time BIT has won the title since 2018.

  The competition was jointly sponsored by 12 Ministries and Commissions such as Ministry of Education and local Provincial people's Governments, which was the most influential mass entrepreneurship and innovation event covering all colleges and universities in China, and facing all college students. The Competition attracted a total of 1.47 million projects and 6.31 million participants from 4,186 universities and colleges in 117 countries and regions, and 453 projects entered the national final. 

  There were 15 projects of BIT reached the national final. Through the fierce competition, BIT won a total of 10 gold and 5 silver awards, including 4 gold and 2 silver awards on the main track of higher education, and 6 gold and 3 silver awards on the international track, the total number of gold awards and the total number of awards of which ranked second among China's colleges and universities.

Brief introduction to the winning project

  SaneSea is a company providing integrated solutions for commercial aerospace users with B2B model. At present, it has reached cooperation intention with top equipment manufacturers such as China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, with the total contract amount exceeding 270 million yuan.

  Song Zhe, founder of the company and a PhD candidate of grad 2019 at School of Information and Electronics, was the youngest recipient of the State Technological Invention Award in 2019. She invented the broadband link measuring instrument, parameter matrix measuring instrument and 12-component analog source, and the equipment she developed ensured the urgent need for the development of Shenzhou, Tiantong, Beidou and other important national models.

  Members of the project team: Song Zhe, Fang Jinhui, An Sining, Guo Zhe, Yang Xuanhe, Yue Pingyue, Chen Chaofan, Fu Zhengtang, Zhang Tian, Jin Xin, Zhang Haoxing, Yan Weihao, Zhao Qinyuan, Dong Xinhu, Cao Yuteng.

  Instructors: An Jianping, Wang Shuai, Xing Chengwen, Luo Shixun.

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