BIT intelligent software engineering team wins the distinguished paper award on CCF-A top conference ICSE 2022

News Source: Zhang Yuxia, School of Computer Science and Technology

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translator: Long Xiaofei, News Agency of BIT

Beijing Institute of Technology, May 23rd, 2022: On May 11th, the IEEE/ACM ICSE 2022 conference was held online. The academic paper submitted by Professor Liu Hui and Associate Researcher Zhang Yuxia from the Institute of Intelligent Software and Software Engineering, School of Computer Science and Technology of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), was honored with the Distinguished Paper Award of the conference.

The full name of IEEE/ACM ICSE is International Conference on Software Engineering. It is the most influential and oldest flagship academic conference in the field of software engineering, and it is also an A-class international academic conference recommended by China Computer Federation. The conference has already been held 44 sessions by 2022. ICSE 2022 received 751 valid articles in total, and 197 of them were finally accepted for formal publication. The Distinguished Paper Award of the conference was reviewed by the jury and selected from the 197 ICSE papers accepted. The award rate was only 4.5% of the accepted papers and 1% of the submitted papers. This award is the first time that BIT, as the first unit, has won the Distinguished Paper Award at a top international conference in the field of software engineering. This is also the only Distinguished Paper Award winning team from mainland China in ICSE 2022.

The awarded paper is entitled “What Makes a Good Commit Message?” As the main way of effective communication between developers of distributed software projects, Commit Message often has quality problems due to the lack of motivation and guidance of developers, which not only reduces the intelligibility and maintainability of the software, but brings a serious threat to the automatic generation of Message in respect of data. The paper extracts various expression patterns in high-quality Commit Message to provide effective guidance for developers to write Messages, and improves the maintainability of software projects. Simultaneously, the research proposes three quality discrimination models, which can identify high-quality Commit Message accurately and assist developers in finding problems and making improvements in time. In addition, the quality discrimination model can also filter high-quality data for Message automatic generation.

Expression patterns of the awarded paper

Introduction of the main contributors:

Tian Yingchen is currently pursuing his master's degree in BIT, tutored by Professor Liu Hui. His research direction is software quality and open source software ecology. He graduated from Northwest A&F University with a bachelor's degree in 2019 and was recommended to study for a master's degree at the School of Computer Science and Technology of BIT. The research outcome has been published in ICSE and Journal of Software, and won the IEEE/ACM ICSE 2022 Distinguished Paper Award.

Zhang Yuxia, who graduated from Peking University with a Ph.D. in 2020, is currently a special associate researcher and master tutor of BIT. Her research directions include intelligent software engineering, data mining, deep learning, etc. She has been interested in utilizing data mining, machine learning, and deep learning to analyze and improve the efficiency and quality of large-scale complex software systems development. She has focused research on open source software and its community environment. She has published more than 10 papers in high-level conferences and journals such as TSE, ICSE, FSE, and ESEM, and has won the IEEE/ACM ICSE 2022 Distinguished Paper Award. She has served as a reviewer for the top international journals TSE, ESEM, JSME as well as FSE2020 Session Chair,ICSEM2022 publication Chair for top international conferences.

Liu Hui is the Professor, Ph.D. advisor of BIT and the distinguished member of CCF. His main research fields include intelligent software engineering, software engineering based on big data etc. He has published more than 20 high-level academic papers in CCF A-class journals and conferences such as IEEE TSE, ICSE, ESEC/FSE, ASE, ISSTA, etc. and has won academic awards including the second prize of Beijing Technology Invention Award, IET Premium Award, IEEE RE 2021 Best Paper Award, IEEE/ACM ICSE 2022 Distinguished Paper Award etc.