To be a "Spider Man" for design, Li Jiaxiang,an undergraduate of Beijing Institute of Technology, won the world's top design award

He was a student of Beijing Institute of Technology and won the student's highest honor - Xu Teli scholarship. And he won the national scholarship for three times and the "Jiang and Liu" special scholarship, etc. In addition to the over 20 honors, he has more than 30 original design works and holds 5 utility model patents. He won two top awards in the global design industry, German "red dot" and German "IF" Design Awards. In addition, he has obtained Runner-up of Italian A 'Design Award, silver award of IAI Global Design Award, winner of successful design competition and dozens of international design awards.


He is at the forefront of design and technology and on the way of continuous exploration and practice. He is Li Jiaxiang, the 2017 undergraduate of School of Design and Art of BIT.

Win many awards and serve social development with innovation and creation

"The designed products should be able to serve the people's production and life. When designing and creating, I pay great attention to looking for inspiration in the details of life."

In course practice, he focuses on urban aerial workers and designs a set of cleaning integration tools which makes working at height safer and more convenient.

"We should inspire creative inspiration in concrete practice and real-life experiences. "

He applied design thinking to integrate and innovate the existing technology, and applied ergonomic principles to improve the working posture of workers. In order to make the design better serve high-altitude operation, he conducted in-depth research and discussion with high-altitude operation personnel, and successively wore equipment for practical operation for many times, improved the de sign, and finally made safe and efficient physical equipment.

The design work won the IF design Rookie Award known as "Oscar in product design industry" in 2021. At the same time, he participated in the award sharing meeting as a design rookie.

Li Jiaxiang (left) and Associate Professor Gong Chao (right)

"Designers have the responsibility to bring positive impact to society with innovative ideas."

During the epidemic, he observed that the shelter area of the shelter hospital reconstructed by Wuhan Gymnasium was not fully utilized. He designed the accommodation function expansion for the shelter area of the gymnasium, so that it can quickly change from public space to accommodation space in case of emergency. He won the best design award of IF rookie award in 2020 and permanently displayed it in the if world design guide. Only 10 people in the world won this award. "It provides an intelligent and efficient public solution to the problem of disease transmission for large public places. "The IF jury highly praised it.

In addition, in view of the high cost and low efficiency of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to prevent sudden cardiac death in recent years, he and his team members carried out in-depth research. With the help of computer and the latest sensor technology, the VR equipment concept for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training was designed and won the "Red Dot Concept Design Award" in Germany. Trainers can use VR equipment for simulation training. In the training, the equipment can be recycled for many times, which greatly reduces the training cost.

Li Jiaxiang is the first undergraduate of Beijing Institute of Technology to win the two world top design awards of Red Dot and IF. While winning honors for the BIT, he also conveys the design attitude of Beijing Institute of technology to the world.

Working hard to create innovative practices to help China create "wisdom"

After four years of undergraduate study, his academic and comprehensive achievements have always ranked first in his major. Behind the outstanding achievements are countless nights of studying hard in the library and hundreds of design scheme updating iterations. He said that "no small step, no even a thousand miles." His emergence in international competitions began with his attitude of going all out in every course.

The rich and colorful courses of the School of Design are not only the source of his creative inspiration, but also his journey of exploring science and technology. In the sophomore "Introduction to design and technology" class, in order to deeply explore the design principle of mechanical structure, he led the team members to practice on the basis of theoretical study, deconstructed the new and old sewing machines, and made a "product structure anatomy" to visually display the internal transmission principle of the sewing machine.

He brings a new "opening way" to the course, leads the research trend of "product anatomy" of design students, and extends the characteristic content of the course.

Group members get together to discuss and make exhibition boards

Besides the course, he also had a strong interest in the integration of design and cutting-edge technology. He actively devotes himself to practice and hopes to empower "intelligent manufacturing" through design innovation. When he was a sophomore, he interned in Beijing Ned Ltd., an incubator of Beijing Institute of Technology, and participated in the research and development of a new generation of AR glasses.

Under the joint guidance of the school and the enterprise, after 132 rounds of iteration and exploration, the appearance scheme of AR glasses designed by him was finally adopted by the enterprise.

Automobile design is known as the Pearl in the crown of industrial design. In the undergraduate graduation project, based on the innovation of new energy technology, he designed an electric camping concept off-road vehicle, expressed the young generation's thinking about future travel, and won the highest score in the graduation project.

From generation to generation, life is infinitely possible in BIT.

"In BIT, I started my journey to realize my dream and spent a full time in college. BIT workers have been on the road to inherit the red gene and write the dream of becoming a powerful country."

As the Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Design and Art, he participated in planning a number of characteristic theme activities such as "new people of the times" and "Yi lecture hall", which vividly displayed the youth story of college students striving together with the party and the country. As the narrator of "Yi lecture hall", he gave full play to the leading role of his peers and shared his learning experience with his younger brothers and sisters for many times. In addition, he is also responsible for the official account of the Communist Youth League, which shows the spirit of the students.

He actively participated in social practice and was rated as an excellent individual for many times. He devoted himself to voluntary service and fulfilled the mission of youth serving the country. He served as a volunteer in Beijing Automobile Museum and went to Beijing Min Ren primary school and other places to support teaching for many times. The cumulative length of voluntary service exceeded 200 hours.

Thanks to the open and inclusive environment of BIT and the concept of cultivating international talents, in the winter of 2019, Li Jiaxiang participated in the scientific and technological innovation winter camp project of Oxford University, went to Oxford University to study artificial intelligence, machine learning and other courses, broadened his horizons, harvested friendship, and deeply felt the beauty of science and technology.

Li Jiaxiang won the title of excellent camper of Oxford University winter camp.

The campus activities of BIT. His active figure is indispensable in the "12.9" singing competition and the "May 4th" dance performance. At the May 4th campus dance exhibition, he won the championship trophy with his classmates.

He is determined to inherit the spirit of BIT and become an excellent designer with family and country feelings and committed to innovation. While realizing personal ideals, we should shoulder the mission entrusted by the times.

The new semester has begun.

Li Jiaxiang sent a message to his younger brothers and younger sisters.

Generations of BIT workers have made important contributions to social progress and national development. As a student of BIT, I am deeply honored and eager to write the ideal of serving the country with action.

In the broad platform of BIT, I have broadened my horizons, realized my ideals, found the direction I love, and harvested many unforgettable youth memories.

As students of Bit, we should aim at the forefront of the times, devote ourselves to the major strategic needs of the country, and connect our life ideals with the great era we live in.

Finally, I wish you all live up to your youth, innovate and develop, and bloom the brilliance of Beili workers.

——Li Jiaxiang