BIT “Cloud” Admission Briefings for International Students


In order to fully publicize the admission of international students in China and further enhance our international reputation and influence, 2022 “Study in BIT” Admission Briefings was started in October 2021. It has been launched worldwide, and has completed 86 briefings, with a total of 13,772 people watching the live broadcast, covering 5 continents and 86 countries, in the forms of “Talk to BIT Professors”, “Virtual Information Session—Admission Briefings”, “Talk to Your BIT Admission Counselor” and “Virtual Information Session—Thematic Webinars”.

These “cloud” activities enable international students to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Beijing and BIT through a variety of forms based on their needs. “Talk to BIT Professors” invites five teachers from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Cyberspace Science and Technology, and the School of Management and Economics to interpret the latest disciplinary progress, so that international students can touch the wisdom of BIT, further understand BIT, and tap their interests. “Virtual Information Session—Admission Briefings” and “Talk to Your BIT Admission Counselor” introduce and explain the overall situation of BIT and the basic conditions for applying for admission, which have Q&A, the presentation of BIT’s campus style and the publicity of BIT’s humanistic feelings.

1. Taking you to BIT with the company of professors

Talk to BIT Professors


Since March 2022, “Talk to BIT Professors” has been held 4 times, which has built a bridge for international students to interact with famous teachers. It has invited Yang Wen from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mei Bing’ang from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Gai Keke and Huan Xintao from the School of Cyberspace Science and Technology, and Li Jing from the School of Management and Economics to make themed lectures: Chemistry and Chemical Industry in Transformation, Core System of Future Carrier Equipment, Future Internet of Things Security Technology and How Technology Changes Global Trade. From a professional perspective, they explain the latest progress of the disciplines, show the achievements in the frontier scientific research field of BIT, help international students broaden their disciplinary horizons, consolidate their disciplinary knowledge, further explore their interests, and make them understand the contribution of BIT’s academic achievements as well as feel the charm of BIT’s famous teachers.




2. Just for you——Virtual Information Session—Admission Briefings

Virtual Information Session—Admission Briefings


54 “Virtual Information Session—Admission Briefings” have been held in more than 20 countries around the world, including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, France, Germany, Serbia, and Tanzania, etc.. It introduces BIT’s general situation, discipline advantages, characteristic majors, development overview, cutting-edge scientific research fields, and faculty, etc. for international students. Moreover, it targets answers to the concerns of students from different countries, such as life, study, employment, scholarship application, admission criteria… and provides a platform for students from the same country to know each other and exchange ideas.


3. Wise counsel for you to get rid of puzzles

Talk to Your BIT Admission Counselor


“Talk to Your BIT Admission Counselor” is divided into undergraduate project, graduate project, exchange student project and non-academic project (preparatory, exchange and language), which has been held for 5 times. Aiming to help students solve personalized and specific problems in the application process, admission counselors give their advice according to student’s aptitude with patience, carefulness and attentiveness so as to solve practical problems.



4. BIT——helping navigate the way to dream

Virtual Information Session—Thematic Webinars


“Virtual Information Session—Thematic Webinars” condenses 8 issues that international students are most concerned about through preliminary research, and carries out from the actual needs of students to help them understand the study abroad policy, major selection, and employment direction, etc.. It provides practical guidance for international students to further understand study in China, study in Beijing and study in BIT, and lays a solid foundation for being admitted by BIT in the future. In addition, international students are provided professional consultation. Different topics are discussed after harmonious communication, which helps students be affected by the colorful study life at BIT, and further learn about BIT’s discipline advantages, characteristic majors, faculty, scientific research and teaching.


Wonderful Preview

“Virtual Information Session—Thematic Webinars” is still on the way. In June this year, activities such as “Cloud Tour to Beijing” and “Cloud Tour to BIT” will start. Tweets on the official WeChat account “Study In BIT” will keep you informed. Everyone is welcome to actively participate in, and more wonderful content is waiting for you to discover!

With the development of admission, more and more international students have got to know BIT, and have a better understanding of BIT’s general situation, characteristic majors, cutting-edge scientific research fields, and faculty, etc., which has improved BIT’s international recognition. In the future, further admission briefings will be carried out to provide international students with more comprehensive and specific BIT admission information.