International Student Enrollment Data of BIT in 2021

Here is the international student enrollment data of BIT in 2021!

In the fall of 2021, over 600 new students from 80 countries have come to BIT, 79% of whom are from Asian countries. 

We share the same northeastern hemisphere!

From Seven Continents, Five Oceans

Along the Silk Road, To the BIT

88% of the new students came to BIT from the BRI countries, as many as 535 people!

The Silk Road

The Belt and Road Initiative

Where are they from?

Top 10 Countries of Origin

Freshmen come from 80 countries, and the top 10 countries are Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Germany, Egypt, and Angola.

Top 5 Countries of Origin for Undergraduate Students

Students from Malaysia account for the highest number.

Top 5 Countries of Origin for Graduate Students

Students from Pakistan account for the highest number.

What are they learning?

Top 10 Degree-Seeking Students by College/School

Top 5 Undergraduate Programs

Top 10 Master’s Programs

What language do they use for learning?

Chinese 62%

English 38%

377 students are taught in Chinese, accounting for 62% (the same as most Chinese students)

232 students are taught in English, accounting for 38% of the students

What is their native language?

Top 5 most Spoken Languages

Top 5 Fewest Spoken Languages

Most Concerned Gender Ratio

Males 53%

Females 47%

School by Gender

The three schools with the highest percentage of male students are School of Aerospace Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Mechatronical Engineering.

The three schools with the highest percentage of female students are School of Life Science, School of Art and Design and School of Law.

Crossing the mountains and rivers to BIT!

El Salvador and Mexico, among the countries of origin, have the largest time difference with Beijing, with a difference of 14 hours.

Malaysia and Mongolia, among the countries of origin, have no time difference with Beijing.

Get together at BIT!

Among the countries of origin, San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, is the farthest city from Beijing, which is 13483.41 kilometers away.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is the closest city to Beijing, 953.6 kilometers away

The bell for the new semester has rang,

The new learning journey is about to begin,

BIT welcomes you who are fighting side by side!

Data: International Student Center

Picture: International Student Center

Editor: Yan Xiaomin, Shen Jiapei

Review: Wang Ying