Intelligent Robots and Systems 2020 BIT-UPM Joint Online Workshop Held Successfully


On December 4, 2020, in order to further implement the major issue "Intelligent Robots and Systems" in the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan,cultivating outstanding researchers in related fields,  "Intelligent Robots and Systems" 2020 BIT-UPM Joint Workshop was held at Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology. This workshop was co-sponsored by the Graduate School of BIT and Office of International Affairs, and undertaken by the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT.


Affected by COVID-19, foreign guests and part of the teachers and students of BIT participated in this workshop online. Claudio Fei joo, associate vice president for Asian affairs of The Technical University of Madrid(UPM); Juan Mario García de Maria and Isabel Carrillo Ramiro,vice deans of the School of Industrial Design and Engineering of UPM; Chen Pengwan, dean of the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT; Zhang Jingrui, deputy head of the Graduate School Training Office; Shi Qing, deputy director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Roberts and Systems, and other leaders attended the workshop. The workshop was co-hosted by Isabel Carrillo Ramiro, vice dean of the School of Industrial Design and Engineering of UPM and Yuan Mengqi, assistant to the dean of the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT, and more than 50 experts, scholars and students from BIT and UPM attended this workshop.


Zhang Jingrui, deputy head of the Graduate School Training Office, on behalf of the Graduate School of BIT, extended a warm welcome to the experts and scholars who participated in this workshop, and also expressed thanks to UPM for its strong support in the international exchanges and scientific research cooperation of BIT and UPM in recent years. She said that in the past few years, scholars from both sides have actively participated in research seed fund projects. At the same time, international joint projects such as dual PhD and innovation and entrepreneurship summer school are also being steadily carried out. The Graduate School will continue making efforts and increasing investment to obtain more in-depth and extensive academic and talent training results.

Chen Pengwan, dean of the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT, introduced the scientific research achievements of the School, the concept of talent training and the international exchanges between teachers and students. He said that intelligent robots and systems are the focus of international scientific and technological development. The School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT and UPM of Spain have had a cooperative history of 15 years in this direction. The both sides have laid a stable and long-term academic exchange foundation through cooperation channels such as undergraduate overseas completion, postgraduate joint training, and joint application for scientific research projects. The School is willing to have further cooperation and exchanges with the UPM, and work together to promote the mutual development and progress in the field of the international intelligent manufacturing.


Then Claudio Fei joo, associate vice president of Asian affairs of the UPM, delivered a speech. He said that BIT is an important partner of UPM in China. Both sides jointly encourage scientific researchers to carry out further academic cooperation to apply mutually for international joint scientific research projects in Madrid, China and European Union.

Associate professor Roque Calvo Iranzo, associate professor Alberto Brunete, assistant to professor Cecilia E. García Cena, and assistant to professor Basil M. Al-Hadithi from UPM did academic reports respectively  entitled "Operation and Monitoring of Flexible Manufacturing of Flexible Systems", "Mobile and Industrial Robots" , "Medical Robotics" and "Estimation and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model". Vice professor Huang Yan, vice professor Li Changsheng, assistant to professor Sun Tao, and postdoctoral Li Juan of the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT did academic reports respectively entitled "Gait Planning and Motion Control of Legged Robots", "Surgical Robotics and Navigation with Intelligence, Flexibility, and Interaction", "Magnetically Actuated Pick-and-Place Operations of Cellular Micro-Rings for High-Speed Assembly of Micro-Scale Biological Tube" and "Optimization and Swarm Intelligence". The atmosphere of the report site was heated, and scholars from both sides frequently interacted, raising questions and exchanging ideas.

Finally, the workshop came to end successfully with a summary made by Yuan Mengqi and Isabel Carrillo Ramiro, the two moderators of the workshop. This online academic workshop further promotes the dual degree education process of BIT and UPM, providing a broad scientific research exchange platform for teachers and students of both sides. The participating experts, scholars and students put forward new ideas about the development of intelligent robots and systems through heated discussions and collisions of ideas. The results of the workshop will guide the both sides for further exploration and development in related scientific research and teaching fields, lay a solid foundation for deepening academic and teaching exchanges in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and contribute to the "Double First-Class" construction of BIT.