Sanxingdui "falls" into the meta universe! "Mysterious power" of Beijing Institute of Technology shows up

Sleeping for thousands of years, Sanxingdui wakes up the world. Recently, the results of Sanxingdui mining have been renewed!


Up to now, nearly 13000 numbered cultural relics have been unearthed from six "sacrificial pits" in Sanxingdui, such as bronze shrines, bronze statues with snake bodies on the top, bronze pig nose dragon shaped utensils... All of them embody "fantastic ideas".


With the archaeological excavation at Sanxingdui site, it entered the final sprint stage. CCTV launched the third season of the live special program "new discoveries in Sanxingdui". It also launched the first large-scale immersive digital interactive space "Sanxingdui fantasy Tour", innovatively integrating scenes such as Sanxingdui archaeological excavation shed, Sanxingdui digital museum and ancient Shu Kingdom. Through the real-time cloud rendering technology, it provides users with a new immersive experience and realizes the "broken screen" fusion and communication. This is the first pioneering exploration in China by using the meta universe mechanism and cooperating with the live broadcast of large-scale cultural relics excavation.

In this fantastic trip, the scientific research team of Beijing University of technology was everywhere. Now, let's walk into this magical journey to see how this magical journey is coming to reality step by step.


Large scale instant cloud rendering brings immersive experience.

The immersive digital interactive space has built three exploration maps, namely, Sanxingdui archaeological excavation shed, Sanxingdui digital museum and ancient Shu king.



"Real time cloud rendering" is adopted for the first time, putting the graphics computing power and storage requirements required for large-scale immersive experience on the cloud. The pictures that the audience sees and interacts with are calculated by real-time rendering on the cloud and pushed to the user through real-time audio and video communication technology, so that the audience can get rid of the limitations of local hardware and experience immersive interaction at a low cost.


Through the "large-scale real-time cloud rendering technology", the user terminal configuration requirements are greatly reduced, which is what we call cloud computing. This "cloud" has almost unlimited computing power, which can be obtained and used by everyone on demand. The terminal in our hands has become an entrance to interact with the "cloud". Everyone can get the daily computing power from the cloud.


Multi person interaction design in virtual space

real-time integration of "large screen, small screen and AI"

In the interactive space, there are "digital guides" constantly entering to lead the audience to understand the relevant knowledge background. However, it is not easy to make these "digital guides" real and participatory.


Space production uses technologies such as the introduction of digital human identity, virtual interaction mechanism, and digital asset creation to explore the combination of virtual and Real TV programs, content expansion, and immersive experience. It lays a foundation for the future smart media to use meta universe aggregation technology, promote the upgrading of traditional media, and achieve the high cognitive dimension of "large screen, small screen and AI" real-time integration.


Virtual space redesign based on virtual reality fusion

In the design, through a large amount of data research and sketch design, a three-dimensional model verification system is established, professional knowledge and virtual engine are used for real-time rendering, and the rationality of the space is verified through version iteration and virtual interaction.




Virtual digital exhibition design

In the interactive space, the digital exhibition of the museum is also a highlight. How can you enjoy HD and "real" exhibits in the metauniverse?


The scientific research team broke through the traditional exhibition arrangement thinking and conducted three-dimensional reconstruction through cultural relics data. And use holographic projection, light mapping and other technologies to carry out bold design. Let the exhibition of cultural relics form the theme cultural relics to drive the exhibition effect of affiliated cultural relics and the effect of knowledge dissemination. Create a vivid immersive browsing experience by designing a multi-modal interactive transaction link.

It is worth mentioning that the "Sanxingdui fantasy Tour" meta universe service terminal is independently developed by the digital performance and Simulation Laboratory of the school of computer science, Beijing University of technology. It can not only realize multi person online interaction, but also use the balanced strategy to keep more than 5000 people logging in at the same time, so as to ensure the smooth operation of Sanxingdui applications.

Sanxingdui project of Beijing Institute of Technology

Introduction to scientific research team

The meta universe game project of Sanxingdui fantasy journey is jointly developed by China Central Radio and television and Beijing Key Laboratory of digital performance and simulation technology, School of computer science, Beijing University of technology. The research team of School of design and art, Beijing University of technology is responsible for visual design.

The teachers and students of Beijing Key Laboratory of digital performance and simulation technology of Beijing Institute of technology have developed and produced four parts: user login and registration system, product adaptation, game server and UE terminal development. The teachers and students of the industrial heritage and Design Laboratory of the school of design and art are mainly responsible for the design of the birth hall in the space, the digital exhibition of the museum, the twin of the archaeological shelter, the world terrain design, etc.

Previously, this team has also provided high-tech support and guarantee for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the centennial celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China and other activities.