Glorious! 3 Awards for BIT!

Today is May Day, also called International Workers’ Day.

Every worker should be paid highest respect and

deserves a greeting of “Happy International Workers’ Day”.


Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions released

the 2022 National Diploma and Medal for Excellent Workers and

the 2022 List of National Pioneer Workers,

in which, Shi Xiaogang, 2019 doctoral student,

School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics, BIT,

won the 2022 National Medal for Excellent Workers.


Shi Xiaogang (5th from the right in the front row) attended the commendation meeting as one of the representatives of the winners of the 2022 National Medal for Excellent Workers

National Medal for Excellent Workers


Shi Xiaogang, senior engineer, is a member of the All-China Youth Federation and also a torchbearer of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. In 2013, he graduated from the School of Information and Electronics, BIT, and after graduation, he carried out a series of innovation and entrepreneurship practices. In 2019, he continued his doctoral study, won the gold award of the 4th China College Students’ ‘Internet+’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, was selected into the National Talent Program and the Innovation Talent Promotion Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and won the China Youth Entrepreneurship Award of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, China’s Positive and Kind-hearted Young People, Beautiful Grass-roots College Graduates, Beijing Model Worker, Beijing Outstanding Youth Talent, Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Award, Beijing Advanced Individual in Employment and Entrepreneurship, Top 10 Beijing Model list, Beijing Youth Award, etc..

Beijing Federation of Trade Unions released

the 2022 Beijing Diploma and Medal for Excellent Workers and

the 2022 List of Beijing Pioneer Workers,

in which, Prof. Jiang Chunlan, School of Mechatronical Engineering, BIT,

won the 2022 Beijing Medal for Excellent Workers, and

the Engineering Center for Electric Vehicles, BIT,

won 2022 Beijing Pioneer Workers.

Beijing Medal for Excellent Workers


Jiang Chunlan is the Distinguished Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Mechatronical Engineering. She has won 1 second prize of National Award for Technological Invention, 1 second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 1 first prize of National Award for Key Field Technological Invention, 2 first prizes of National Award for Key Field Science and Technology Progress, and many second and third prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels. She also has 48 authorized invention patents, over 120 published papers included in SCI and EI, 1 edited book, and 6 registered software copyrights. In addition, she has successively presided over and completed more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial key projects, and made outstanding contributions to the milestone leap of “from scratch” and “international leadership” in China’s scientific research in key fields.

Beijing Pioneer Workers


Engineering Center for Electric Vehicles, BIT, (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was founded in March 2000 and currently has 39 teachers. The team has carried out a series of engineering technology innovations around the basic theories and key technologies in the field of new energy vehicles, which has presided over more than 60 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects, published more than 800 papers, obtained more than 180 national invention patents, and taken the lead in winning 3 national science and technology awards. The all-climate power battery system and all-climate pure electric bus have overcome the worldwide technical problems such as the difficulty of cold start in the extremely cold environment, and jointly serve the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games with the safe operation and control platform of new energy vehicles. In 2008, the Center was approved as the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles; in 2014, it was approved as Beijing Electric Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center; in 2016, the Party branch was rated as an advanced grass-roots party organization in Beijing; and in 2022, it was approved as the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Vehicles.

On the campus of BIT,

there are thousands of beautiful workers,

who are conscientious and dedicated in ordinary while extraordinary positions.

They are amiable teachers of preaching and teaching.

With sweat soaked in the three-foot podium,

they are determined to strengthen the country, and

lead their students to pursue excellence and climb the peak of science.




They are the workers who are fearless of the scorching sun and cold wind to

protect the safety of teachers and students.

They stick to their posts regardless of the severe cold and heat, and

contribute their own strength to building a beautiful campus.




They are “magicians” who give food the power of “love”.

From the early morning of every day,

they prepare steaming food for teachers and students to

bring the taste of “home” to BITers.



They are angels in white on campus,

who rush ahead in the face of the epidemic with common will, and

silently protect the health of teachers and students.



At present, they are in the forefront of the epidemic.

The medical staff of the school hospital and the BIT staff volunteers

turn into “Bay Max” at the first time to ensure that

all teachers and students completed the nucleic acid testing quickly.



On this day for workers,

let’s give our highest respect to every worker of BIT,

who deserves the greeting of “Happy International Workers’ Day”.