“Cloud” Signing Ceremony of BIT Partner Schools


In order to further deepen the construction of overseas student bases, consolidate the foundation of cooperation with Malaysian key high schools, innovate cooperation models, expand cooperation effectiveness, and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of “study in BIT” in Malaysia, the “Cloud” Signing Ceremony of BIT Partner Schools was held on January 22, 2021, and the agreement on student base was signed with four key high schools in Malaysia, which were also be branded accordingly. Su Jincun, the President, and Li Rongxing, the Vice-president of Hin Hua High School, Liao Weiqiang, the President, and Chen Laifa, the Vice-president of Kluang Chong Hwa High School, Hu Yongming, the President of SEK MEN SAN MIN (SUWA), Cai Ruofeng, the President, and Ye Fumin, the Vice-president of Sekolah Menengah Chong Hwa Kuantan, as well as Wang Ying, the Director, and Zhao Kun the Deputy-director of Office of International Students, BIT, attended the ceremony.


Wang Ying expressed her sincere gratitude to the presidents and teachers who had been caring about and supporting the construction of BIT’s “Double First-Class” and the development of studying in China. She said that in recent years, BIT has attached great importance to the exchanges and cooperation with Malaysian schools and the education and training of overseas students in China. Based on the school running characteristics, BIT gives full play to the discipline advantages, gathers talent resources and creates a multi-cultural environment, which has attracted many outstanding Malaysian students to “study in BIT”. Through the guidance in school, care in life and help and support in cultural adaptation, a group of outstanding talents have been cultivated, who have gradually grown into promoters and builders of the friendship between China and Malaysia. BIT is willing to continue to strengthen the in-depth cooperation with Malaysian schools in the field of education, and strive to cultivate more high-level talents. It is hoped that this signing ceremony will be regarded as an opportunity to further deepen mutual understanding and trust between the two parties, and promote the exchanges and cooperation, and strive to build a bridge for mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between the youth of China and Malaysia. When the epidemic is over and the spring is blooming, BIT welcomes all presidents and teachers to join us with more outstanding Malaysian students.

After reviewing the course of cooperation with BIT, all the presidents expressed their admiration for the strong academic atmosphere and beautiful campus environment, and were pleased and proud of the outstanding achievements made by Malaysian students. They said that it is of great significance to carry out in-depth cooperation with such a top Chinese university as BIT and establish a “through train” for their students to study in China, so as to stimulate students’ learning motivation, improve the quality of talent education and promote the development and upgrading of the schools. In the future, the schools will actively send more outstanding Malaysian students to BIT, and hope that the cooperation between the two parties will be more pragmatic and long-lasting, which will play an active role in promoting the continuous development of Malaysia-China relationships.


On behalf of BIT, Wang Ying signed the agreements on student base with these four schools. In addition, related faculties of the two sides participated the “could” ceremony.


The success of this ceremony will vigorously promote the construction of BIT’s student base in Malaysia into a new stage of development, effectively deal with the impact of the global epidemic on the cause of studying in China, and strongly lay a good foundation to the first step of “14th Five Year Plan”.

In recent years, BIT has taken various measures to continuously expand the student source market in Malaysia, and has carried out many practical cooperation with local key high schools with remarkable outcomes. Accordingly, Malaysia has become one of the important student base countries of our school, with the number of undergraduates ranking the first. Malaysian students respect their teachers, have excellent grades, and are highly praised among our teachers and students. At the same time, relying on the “Belt and Road” national talent training base project, BIT has actively explored the construction of national student bases, and held three consecutive short-term training programs, attracting over 100 overseas presidents and teachers from many key schools in Malaysia for further studies, which will provide a thorough grounding for further expanding the scope and depth of cooperation in the future.