Top scholarship, high level thesis, a student admitted without the entrance examination, a wonderful undergraduate of BIT

She has received nearly 30 awards, including Xu Teli Scholarship, China National Scholarship and Beijing’s Outstanding Graduate Award. She has published many high-level SCI papers, and spoke at the graduation ceremony as a representative of the graduates of 2021.

She is committed to research in the basic field of materials science, contributing to the energy revolution and achieving the goal of “carbon peak and neutrality”. She is Yang Xinyu, a 2017 undergraduate student in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.


Dedicated to scientific research, determined to strengthen our country with science and technology

In her second year of university, Yang joined the project to carry out research on the design and synthesis of MOF-based materials (metal-organic framework materials) and their microwave absorption properties and published a paper in an SCI Ⅰ journal as a co-first author. At the same time, she carried out a national project on undergraduate innovation as the leader and was awarded an excellent project. In October 2020, she gave a presentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


In 2020, Yang joined the project to carry out research on new cathode materials for secondary magnesium-ion batteries. Through dimensional tailoring, morphology design and anion chemical engineering, she achieved the ultra-long cycle life of secondary magnesium-ion batteries. Therefore, she co-published 2 papers, and was awarded a national invention patent as the first completer.


In addition to her scientific research, she has actively taken advantage of her strengths to participate in various science and technology innovation competitions. As a team leader, she won the special prize in the 17th “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, and the second prize in the 11th “Challenge Cup” Beijing Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition.


With dozens of scientific achievements and honors, Yang Xinyu’s four years in college have been very fruitful. However, life entails enormous twists and turns. At the beginning of college life, Yang’s grades were not ideal. So how could she realize her dream of scientific research? With the support of the high-level research platform and the first-class nurturing environment of the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), this defiant young girl wrote a brilliant chapter of her youth with her tireless efforts and perseverance. She spent lots of time in the classroom, library, laboratory and competition. She said, “no pains, no gains. Every stroke counts.”

Serving to the collective, interpreting the youth role

In addition to her outstanding achievements in scientific research, Yang is a remarkable person in terms of personal ability and development. She is not only a good class monitor for her classmates, but also a good assistant for teachers. Over the past four years, she has served as class monitor and deputy secretary of the College Communist Youth League, contributing to the development of the class and the college. She took the responsibility to improve the cohesion of the class, and worked with a class representative to build the class, planning group study and group trips. The youth league branch that she was in was awarded the “Excellent Branch” of the BIT.


In the college, Yang participated in planning a number of special theme education activities, such as “The Heart to The Party, The Time to Advance”. The related activities were awarded the BIT “Special Theme Education Project”. Yang also participated in planning and organizing the “The Dream of Youth, The Love of Students” series of activities. Through the patriotic song flash mob, photography exhibition, hand-painted school gate exhibition, the young students’ vigorous and upward spirits were displayed. The activities were reported by CCTV News. She also gave many lectures on party history in the streets and colleges as a party history lecturer.


Yang actively participates in social practice and has been awarded excellent research reports and excellent individuals by the school many times. She is actively involved in volunteer service, practicing the mission of youth and serving the country. She ever participated in volunteer service to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China and help the vaccination of the Covid-19 vaccine. Her total volunteer service hours are nearly 200 hours.


Facing the future, challenging bravely

To realize the dream of enriching the country needs relentless efforts. The red gene has been passed down from generation to generation. Yang Xinyu’s grandfather participated in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea when he was young. Later, to respond to the national call of the Third-Front Movement, he rooted in Guizhou to build the country’s large rear. Yang’s father inherited the red gene, with the family and country in his heart. He focused on engine blade manufacturing technology and contributed to national science and technology. The stories of her grandfather and father deeply influenced her, and the red gene deeply permeated her.


In 2017, 18-year-old Yang Xinyu came to BIT with a fervent patriotic heart, a school that also has the red gene and is determined to strengthen the country in science and technology. She said, “The old generation practiced the faith and pursuit of ‘dedicating everything to the Party’ and ‘national interest above everything’ with practical actions. As a young person in the new era, I also want to inherit the red gene, establish the dream of strengthening our country and strive tirelessly.”


In the future, she will continue to study for her master’s degree at BIT. We sweat and we toile as we press ahead with concrete efforts for achievements so that the flower of youth will bloom in the place where the Party and the people need it most.

As the new semester is approaching, Yang Xinyu sends a message to the students

Everything in the present breeds the future, and everything in the future grows from yesterday. We must believe that our efforts will open doors we never imagined. The spirit of BIT is the inexhaustible motivation for our growth. Generations of BIT people have been putting family and country in their hearts and integrating their lives into the great cause of national prosperity and rejuvenation. Facing a new era, we should take over the baton and show the responsibility and commitment of BIT people! Persist in exploring, try more, think more, chase hard. Let’s seize the day and live it to the fullest.

--Yang Xinyu