Audio-visual feast! A number of Innovative Technologies Used in 2021 Spring Festival Gala

The Spring Festival Gala is not only a feast of literature and art, but also a grand gathering of technological innovation. By adopting innovative technologies and greatly integrate cutting-edge technologies, the 2021 Spring Festival Gala fully presents the latest results of the rapid development of China Central Radio and Television "5G+4K/8K+AI" strategy, which will bring a huge audiovisual experience to the audience.

Based on the latest achievements in comprehensively promoting the technological innovation of 8K ultra-high-definition TV in recent years, on New Year’s Eve, the main station will conduct the first 8K Spring Festival Gala live broadcast through the 8K ultra-high-definition TV pilot channel. In the meanwhile, the 8K ultra-high-definition TV signal of the Spring Festival Gala will also be transmitted to cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Haikou through the main station and the four major operators. The New Year’s Spring Festival Gala will be broadcasted in 2021 simultaneously on more than 30 8K large screens or 8K TVs, from which the citizens will experience the colorful visual feast of the 8K Spring Festival Gala.

What’s more, an 8K ultra-high-definition giant screen was adopted as the main screen of this year’s Spring Festival Gala stage, which is integrated with the screens at the back and above the auditorium to expand the visual space of the stage. It will also use artificial intelligence + virtual reality glasses-free 3D studio technology for the first time, breaking through the traditional stage space presentation form, and cooperating with technologies such as panoramic free-view shooting, interactive photography control, special shooting and real-time virtual rendering production.

According to Meng Qiuyu, Senior Engineer of Recording Division 3, Technical Bureau of China Central Radio and Television, in this year (Spring Festival Gala), there are many applications of special equipment, such as telescopic rocker arms, Aquila (camera), and two mobile orbital robots. With the application of various virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, we also have close cooperation with multiple program production teams in order to better present the programs to the broad audience in front of the TV.

In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the program innovatively used "cloud communication" technology to cooperate with stage performances to meet the recording needs of individual actors who were unable to come to the scene. At the same time, "cloud" video technology is used to invite "cloud" audiences to the Spring Festival Gala to build a bridge between audiences and actors.

This year's Spring Festival Gala dance was also presented in 8K ultra-high-definition video for the first time. The large-screen with "control, management, and monitoring" playback system independently developed by the main station can cut, synthesize, and synchronously and safely play 120 channels of ultra-high-definition video.

Huang Tianyu, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology said that, since the stage of the Spring Festival Gala is designed with a large number of screens, and it can perform sports, our system is to help dynamic videos to be displayed on the dynamic stage and do mapping calculations. We modeled the physical address of the entire stage in the computer space. If the video can be displayed in real-time in the three-dimensional motion space, it can also be displayed on the dynamic stage.

By applying the latest media technology innovations to the creation of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala, the Central Station is expecting to offer a successful, unforgettable and exciting Spring Festival Gala for Chinese people around the world on New Year’s Eve.