Five Professors of BIT Won the 2021 Famous Teacher Award of Beijing Colleges and Universities


On the occasion of the 37th Teachers' Day, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education announced the winners of the 2021 Beijing Famous Teachers' Award for Colleges and Universities. Beijing Institute of Technology recommended five teachers to participate in the evaluation, and all won the award again. Among them, Hu Yaoguang, Professor of the College of Machinery and Vehicles, Li Bingzhao, Professor of the College of Mathematics and Statistics, and Guo Liping, Professor of the College of Marxism, were awarded the 17th Beijing University Teaching Master Award. Zhao Ziqiang, associate professor of the College of Machinery and Vehicles, and Chen Yu, Professor of the College of Materials, were awarded the 5th Beijing University Young Teaching Master Award.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Education organizes the selection and commendation of the Famous Teachers' Award of Colleges and Universities in Beijing, which is selected once a year. It aims to further strengthen the construction of teachers, constantly improve the incentive and restraint mechanism reflecting the characteristics of teaching posts, actively give play to the demonstration and leading role of the winners of the Famous Teachers' Award and Young Famous Teachers' Award, and mobilize and enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of educating people of the participation of all kinds of teachers at all levels, and constantly improve teachers' personal and team talent training ability.

BIT has always adhered to the spirit of the National Education Conference and deepened education and teaching reform. Our university strengthens the cultivation of famous teachers and pays attention to the growth and development of teachers themselves;  We actively promote famous teachers to participate in all links of undergraduate teaching and talent training, and strive to explore the law of education and teaching; Under the guidance of famous teachers, we promote the construction of grass-roots teaching organizations and lead the growth of teaching teams. A series of measures have played an important role in improving the quality of undergraduate teaching.

Attachment: Brief introduction of the winners of the 17th Beijing Famous Teacher Award of Colleges and Universities and the 5th Beijing Young Famous Teaching Award of Colleges and Universities


Hu Yaoguang, professor of the School of Machinery and Vehicles and responsible professor of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, is a Famous Teacher of BIT. Professor Hu mainly teaches 4 courses, such as production planning and control, introduction to intelligent manufacturing engineering and so on. Professor Hu takes the lead in building one national offline first-class course and one high-quality undergraduate course in Beijing. He has won 8 teaching awards, including the first prize of Beijing Young Teachers' Basic Teaching Skills Competition and the Best Demonstration Award, the first prize of the First Beijing College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition, and the first prize of the Second Excellence Elliance College Young Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition. His main research interests are intelligent manufacturing system and equipment operation and maintenance service technology. In recent years, he has presided over 3 National Nature Fund Projects, more than 20 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as national key R & D plan topics and the new intelligent manufacturing model of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, published more than 60 academic papers, published 3 academic works, and won the second prize of Agricultural Machinery Science and Technology Award.


Li Bingzhao, professor of School of Mathematics and Statistics, mainly teaches undergraduate courses such as college mathematics, mathematical experiment and mathematical modeling. Professor Li has carried out a series of exploration and practice in the construction of undergraduate curriculum system, teaching method reform and practice platform construction, guided undergraduates to win more than 30 awards such as the first prize of National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition and the special prize of American Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, presided over one "Undergraduate Teaching Reform and Innovation Project" of Beijing higher education, published two teaching materials. Mathematics Experiment, which Professor Li taught, was approved as a high-quality undergraduate course in Beijing universities. He is mainly engaged in the research of mathematical methods in information processing, presided over more than 10 projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Key R & D Plan and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, published more than 60 academic papers and trained more than 20 postgraduates.


Guo Liping is a professor of Marxism College, a famous teacher of BIT, one of the first batch of national first-class undergraduate course hosts, a member of Beijing Excellent Teaching Team, and a member of the first prize team of the First Beijing University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition. Adhering to the principle of building morality and cultivating people, taking students as the foundation, professor Guo has worked in the front line of undergraduate teaching for a long time, completed one national social science fund and published more than 30 papers around the research on the history of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Professor Guo has presided over and participated in more than 10 provincial and ministerial level and other teaching reform projects, explored teaching method reform, and achieved remarkable teaching results. Professor Guo has been rated as the favorite teacher of students of "I love my teacher". The curriculum innovation achievements have been paid attention to and reported by CCTV and other media; She has paid attention to students' growth, guided students to participate in national and Beijing College Students' Ideological and Political Courses and social practice, and achieved good results. Professor Guo has won the Best Instructor Award for many times.


Zhao Ziqiang, associate professor of School of Machinery and Vehicles, famous teacher of Beijing University of technology, executive director of Beijing Institute of mechanical principles, was selected into the "Young Talents Program" of Beijing universities. Professor Zhao has engaged in the teaching and scientific research of mechanical design and theory, given lectures on 5 courses such as mechanical principle and higher mechanism and 1 MOOC. He has presided over 7 teaching reform projects, led the construction of 2 national first-class courses, won the second prize of the municipal teaching competition and the best teaching plan award, won the second prize of the municipal teaching achievement, and won 8 teaching awards above the provincial and ministerial level. He has edited 8 textbooks, including 2 National Planning textbooks in the 12th Five Year Plan and 1 national key publication in the 13th five-year plan. He has presided over 8 National Natural Science Foundation and National Key R & D Projects, published more than 30 papers, guided students' practical activities, and won 2 national first prizes and many Beijing awards.


Chen Yu, Professor of School of Materials, the famous teacher of BIT, is selected into the "Youth Talent Program" of Beijing universities, and director of the Youth Committee of China Materials Research Society. Since 2006, he has been engaged in the teaching and scientific research of functional polymers and energetic materials. Professor Chen mainly teaches the advanced composite materials, new material technology for undergraduates, structural analysis and identification of organic compounds for postgraduates, etc. The courses undertaken were rated as unconditionally recognized research courses, ideological and political demonstration courses, etc. He has published 4 Chinese and English textbooks, 7 teaching reform papers, undertook 8 national, provincial and school level teaching reform projects, won the special prize of the first national chemical professional teachers' curriculum ideological and political ability competition, and won 3 first prizes of school teaching achievements. He was awarded the excellent instructor of the state , provincial and ministerial level for the 6 times, and his students were awarded the excellent graduation thesis of Beijing, and 17 awards were awarded to the "Internet Plus" and "Challenge Cup" at the national and provincial levels.