Good News | International students won good results in the "Understanding China's New Era"—Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest

The winners of the " Understanding China's New Era" Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest, jointly sponsored by Contemporary World magazine of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, China Xinhua News Television Network and China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. and co-organized by the Secretariat of the China Scholarship Administration Committee, were announced recently. BIT's international students in China have achieved great results in this contest and won the Outstanding Organization Award. Teacher Shen Jiapei from the Office of International Students won the Excellent Guidance Award. BIT’s international students in China, Qin Yixin from Malaysia, and Lu Yuan from Bangladesh, won the first and third prizes respectively in the essay category; Malaysian student Chen Shiyin won the second prize in the photography category; Filipino student Tina won the second prize in the short video category.

Essay category

First Prize

Qin Yixin


2021 Undergraduate of Business Administration


Essay title: The China I know

Instructor: Peng Meiqin

The first prize of essay category丨Qin Yixin


Third Prize

Lu Yuan


2021 Master of Control Science and Engineering Class

Essay title: Feeling the heartbeat of China with the pulse of a foreigner

Instructor: Zhai Wenting

The third prize of essay category丨Lu Yuan

Photography category

Second Prize


Chen Shiyin


2019 Social Work


Title of work: Forging ahead in the new era, getting rid of poverty and going to a well-off society

Instructor: Shen Jiapei


These photos were taken in a small village of the Miao ethnic group in Guizhou. In my impression, the villages in Guizhou should be underdeveloped, but the simple and sincere smiles of the people deeply infected me. “Forging ahead in the new era, getting rid of poverty and going to a well-off society”. The rejuvenation of people's mental outlook is the subject of this series of photos. By capturing the facial expressions of some characters, it vividly records the historical transformation of "poverty alleviation and comprehensive well-off" that is taking place on the land of Guizhou.

Video category

Second Prize


the Philippines

2019 undergraduate of Information management and information system

Video title: Feeling the new era of China

Instructor: Li Xinyue