She lets the Ideological and Political Class "Hong" up!

The online class of 300 people has more than 200000 hits and messages. In class, the students came earlier and earlier in order to grab a good seat in the front row. After class, the students said, "I want to have Sister Hong's class again.". The "Sister Hong" in the mouth of the students is Zhang Hong, a young teacher of Marxism College of Beijing Institute of Technology. She successfully mastered the "flow password" of Ideological and Political class. Let's walk into Zhang Hong's teaching story.

If you have a good class, you should work harder than students

"Listening to Sister Hong's class makes people as clear as the moon."

"The language expression ability is extremely strong, the world outlook is extremely correct, and the course progress is extremely accurate.

This is a message from the students who have taken the course "Outline of Modern Chinese History" of Beijing Institute of Technology. The lecturer of the course is Zhang Hong, a young teacher from the School of Marxism, Beijing Institute of Technology. The students all said that teacher Zhang Hong "has a good class and also a beautiful teacher", but Zhang Hong said: "the real charm of a teacher does not lie in the individual, but in the classroom".

The principle of "learning hard and being proficient" was deeply imprinted in Zhang Hong's heart during her PhD. In order to have a good class, Zhang Hong did her homework. She specially contacted Li Jiao, associate professor of the school of Marxism of Tsinghua University, who won the first prize of the Ideological and Political Group of the National Young Teachers' Teaching Competition. She went to Tsinghua University every week rain or shine to listen to the Outline of Modern Chinese History taught by Li Jiao. Observing and learning the teaching methods of other excellent teachers, according to the characteristics of students of Beijing Institute of Technology and integrating their own teaching style, Zhang Hong completed the first class on the podium for the first time.

Zhang Hong teaches for students.

After class, Zhang Hong told the students that this was the first time she stood on the podium to give a lecture to the students. The students were surprised. Why wasn't she nervous at the first lecture? How could it be so wonderful and fluent? Zhang Hong replied, "actually, I'm very nervous. Although this is the first time I've stood on the podium, the content of this class has been taught many times in my heart."

Zhang Hong believes that a good Ideological and Political course requires both "freehand brushwork" and "meticulous painting". "Freehand brushwork" is to help students establish a complete framework for history, and "meticulous painting" should explain specific problems clearly in all dimensions. As an ideological and political teacher, we need to clearly grasp the overall historical context, broaden the field of knowledge and analyze history from different dimensions. Sometimes, in order to answer the "unpopular" questions put forward by students, Zhang Hong takes great pains to read the materials and consult experts and scholars in different fields, so as to truly answer questions and solve doubts for students.

Let the classroom have thickness, temperature and width

"In my class, the rise rate is very good. The students can basically interact with me in the whole process." Zhang Hong said. Combined with her students' experience and her usual observation of the students, Zhang Hong tried her best to cut in from the students' interests and weaknesses in class and make full use of every minute of the class. The points of interest are the practical problems that students are interested in. For example, extracting questions from a recently popular film to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for discussion; The weak point is the "specious" content in the students' mind. Zhang Hong found that most students will have such an idea in the class of "outline of Chinese modern history", that is, "I know what the teacher says", but once it is carried out in depth, they will look confused again.

"During the Anti Japanese War, many foreign friends visited Yan'an. Do you know?" Once, Zhang Hong threw such a question in class. The students said, "I know." Zhang Hong continued to ask, "among the foreign friends who have visited Yan'an, there are more than 140 with names and surnames. How many do you know?" As soon as the problem came out, the classroom suddenly became quiet. The students hesitated for a long time and answered only three or two names. Looking at the students who were a little "ignorant" under the podium, Zhang Hong knew that the problem had "hit" them. In the second class, Zhang Hong asked the same question again. This time, everyone answered actively and enthusiastically. The answer was written on the blackboard!

Zhang Hong is giving a lecture.

During the epidemic, students can't teach face-to-face by recording and broadcasting classes on the Internet at home. How can we ensure that students can follow up this course completely? In Zhang Hong's teaching design, the magnificent modern and contemporary history of China not only has profound theoretical foundation, but also has vivid close-up of characters and the latest international vision. After the course is recorded, Zhang Hong will stay in front of the screen of the recording and broadcasting class on time, listen to the class with the students throughout the course, and ask questions, answer questions and interact in the Wechat group in time. There were more than 300 students in this course, but in the end, it generated more than 200000 messages and click through rates. Many students will have too much information about their "Sister Hong" Tucao courses, so they can make complaints about them. But when they finish class, they say, "I can do it again."

Keep upright and innovate to create "the best platform"

As a young teacher who has just been teaching for three years, Zhang Hong attaches great importance to learning from his predecessors. In Beijing Institute of Technology, the ideological and political courses of teachers such as Guo Liping and Yang Cailin have been widely praised, and Zhang Hong has become a regular guest in their classroom. "Listening to the lessons of these senior teachers has benefited me a lot. I see from them their respect for the classroom and their sense of professional mission. Their teaching methods and love for teaching have given me a lot of inspiration and motivation." Zhang Hong said. Inheriting the mature teaching methods of previous teachers and integrating their own innovative ideas is Zhang Hong's innovation in teaching methods.

In the form of teaching, Zhang Hong and the teachers of the Marxism Institute explored the use of new technical means, such as the application of digital virtual simulation technology to enable students to gain an immersive learning experience; At the same time, Zhang Hong also attaches great importance to the cultivation of students in traditional learning habits. Recommending reading lists is a necessary link in Zhang Hong's classroom. With the encouragement and supervision of Zhang Hong, many students spontaneously set up reading groups, which makes Zhang Hong very happy.

Zhang Hong guided the students to win the prize in social practice.

Another driving force for Zhang Hong's continuous innovation is "promoting education through competition". The first half of 2021 is the most intensive period of Zhang Hong's teaching tasks, and it is also the most tense stage for her to participate in the "12th Basic Teaching Skills Competition for young teachers in colleges and universities in Beijing". Even so, Zhang Hong did not separate the competition from teaching. Every time she came back from the competition, she would "report" the competition to the students. The students even paid more attention to her competition than Zhang Hong himself. Zhang Hong smiled and said, "it seems that the children are competing with me and will give me advice.". Zhang Hong believes that the teaching competition is a process of constantly opening boundaries, realizing sharing and excellent teaching. It is in this positive cycle of "promoting teaching through competition and nurturing the classroom", Zhang Hong has established a good relationship between teachers and students. "I always say to the students that you and I are a community. The classroom is not only the unilateral growth of students, but also the growth and harvest of teachers." Zhang Hong said.

After class, Zhang Hong took a group photo with the students.

Focusing on the fundamental issue of "who to cultivate, how to cultivate and for whom to cultivate people", BIT has placed the construction of Ideological and Political Courses and teachers of Ideological and Political courses in an important position. A large number of Ideological and Political teachers like Zhang Hong are based on their own duties, diligently pursue and devote themselves to exploration, and interpret the mission, responsibility and responsibility of casting souls and educating people with practical actions.


2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the key year for the implementation of the 14th Five Yar plan. The Publicity Department of the Party Committee specially launched a special report on "welcoming the 20th National Congress and striving for a new journey", which comprehensively shows the achievements of the school in strengthening the party's leadership and Party building, vividly tells the struggle stories of BIT people, and widely condenses the magnificent force of the school's career development, Welcome the 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.

As a sub topic of "welcoming the 20th National Congress and forging ahead in a new journey", the column of "ingenuity teachers" will successively launch a series of special reports on good teachers who adhere to morality, dedication and dedication in front-line education posts.