[Character close-up] Gao Kun: I am Proud to be a Teacher at BIT


"My mother, wife, sister, and brother-in-law are all teachers; my father used to be an instructor in the army; therefore, I have a deep feeling for the profession of teachers. On the way to growth, the teachers taught me how to be conduct myself, do things, and learn. This has strengthened my ideal of becoming a people’s teacher. " Speaking of the word "teacher", Gao Kun, a representative of the 15th Party Congress of BIT and a teacher of School of Optics and Photonics, shone in the eyes. In 2005, Gao Kun left Tsinghua University as a postdoc and came to Beijing Institute of Technology to work for 15 years.

"Interest is an important factor guiding students to carry out scientific research and technological innovation." In the work of talent training, Gao Kun pays attention to stimulating students' interest in scientific research. "When I lead the students to conduct experiments on the principle of digital cameras, students who are interested in this area will take the initiative to carry out exploration and research, adding hats, glasses, split-screen display, digital watermarking and other special effects to the characters in the photos. These seemingly simple operations actually take a lot of time and energy to study, and this process will stimulate students' innovative thinking and promote their growth. "

For the training of doctoral students, Gao Kun also pays attention to choosing the research direction of interest for students and guiding them to gradually carry out innovative research. "In 2016, I recruited a PhD student who has a strong interest in mathematics and a very good foundation in mathematics and science. I have been guiding and encouraging him to take advantage of mathematics and combine his interests with his research direction to carry out research. After years of hard work, this student published a number of high-level theses during his Ph.D., obtained three patents, published a monograph, and his degree thesis was rated as an excellent doctoral dissertation at school level. " While cultivating students' ability to innovate in science and technology, Gao Kun cultivates students' "independent scientific research" ability in all aspects. From team building, project collection, to achievement output, and realization of scientific research project management, Gao Kun requires students try and exercise one by one.


Gao Kun long has been engaged in remote sensing image processing and target detection and recognition research, and he has worked hard with his team members on the front line of scientific research to provide support and services for the research of national key fields and major projects. He has undertaken the teaching tasks of "Embedded System and Interface Technology" for undergraduates and "Optical Electronics Technology" for graduates for many years. As a head teacher of XuTeLi College, he teaches students in accordance with their aptitude and tailors training programs that suit their own development.

"High-quality students are an important basic factor for the construction of first-class universities. Attracting outstanding students to apply for BIT will have important supporting effects in the cultivation of first-class talents." Gao Kun actively participates in the school's public affairs, and has been to Henan Province for many years to recruit students. In 2018, a student recruited by Gao Kun to BIT, faced with complicated learning tasks and an unfamiliar living environment, psychological distress appeared, and he encountered great obstacles in both study and life. After Gao Kun learned of the situation, he communicated with her and carried out psychological counseling. With patient enlightenment and careful listening, the student slowly untied the knot. At present, the student has won scholarships many times, published two papers, and obtained a patent. "Giving the children to your school, we are assured; handing the children to you, we are more assured." The recognition of the parents of students is the greatest affirmation of Gao Kun's work of admission.

"Building the soul of education with morality", as a member of the Party Committee of the School of Optics and Photonics, secretary of the Party Branch of the Institute of Optoelectronic Imaging and Information Engineering, Gao Kun believes that the words and deeds of teachers will have a subtle impact on students. As a teacher, we should set an example to establish morality, "Our party branch was rated as a 'model branch' for university-level party building. This is inseparable from our predecessor, Professor Zhou Liwei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who inherited the spirit of loyalty and dedication. Academician Zhou has always been a role model for me. When I am confused and puzzled, his deeds and words can always give me great spiritual power. " After work, Gao Kun often exchanges ideas with his teachers and predecessors in the research field, listens to the teachings of his predecessors, and keeps himself struggling. "Being mindful of the country, serving the country with science and technology, teaching and educating people, and striving unremittingly." Gao Kun writes the struggle story of a people's teacher at BIT with practical actions.