What a Jasmine Brimming with Beauty!

“What a jasmine brimming with beauty!

What a jasmine brimming with beauty!

Aromas round twigs dance glee.

It’s sweet and white, all praise highly.”


The crystal heart is as cleaning as the jade,

the sincere heart is as energetic as the Party.

In the golden September, the freshmen

step into the gate of BIT and open a new chapter in his/her life.

Moreover, excellent graduated BITer

start a new journey

with the entrustment, dream and longings.

Recently, Xinhua News Agency released a video report

New Chapter to Youth,

telling the story of the youth struggle of

Mulidel Moliti,

a Kazakh girl and

also the 2021 graduated postgraduate of

the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, BIT,

who is determined to serve our country.

Let’s know more about this “caring sister”!



In BIT, Mulidel Mauliti has another name:

White Jasmine.

This is the homonym of her real name

created by her supervisor,

which implies a beautiful meaning that

she is like a clear, pure, warmly blooming BIT white jasmine,

always shining her yearning light.


Study in Beijing

When Mulidel was 12 years old,

unfortunately, she lost her mother.

In her most difficult years,

she had more than ten “new mothers”.

“Considering my longing for motherhood, my head teacher, math teacher, English teacher and more than ten aunts who are Party members of different nationalities stationed at the grass-roots level formed a caring mother group and gave me care for more than ten years.” Mulidel said.

This group of caring mothers is a strong backing for Mulidel.

At the same time,

she also dreams to be the Party member.

When Mulidel was hesitating,

her father told her

“to study in Beijing has always been your mother’s dream.

You can be the continuation of your mother’s life and

fulfill her dream!”

Her father’s words woke her up.

From then on,

she began to study hard and fight for her mother and her own dream.

In 2014, she came to Beijing as she wished.

In 2018, she obtained the qualification of postgraduate exemption and

came to BIT to study Pedagogy

at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Talking about the reasons for choosing BIT,

Mulidel’s eyes flashed with excitement:

“in a reciting activity,

I learned that BIT came all the way from Yan’an,

and the red gene flowed in the blood of BITers.

It was the red gene inherited from the Party,

and I felt a strong resonance in my heart!”

At the age of 18,

she walked out of the Altai Mountains and

arrived in Beijing where she was longing for.

At the age of 25,

she takes her dream back to the place where her dream started,

and aims make more contributions.

If Mulidel could make a call to the heaven,

she would definitely tell her mother:

“Mom, I did your dream!”

Blossoming Jasmine

“Youth is splendid by tempering,

and life is sublimated by struggling.”

She often encourages herself.

When Mulidel was pursuing her master’s degree,

she actively participated in project research with her supervisor and

worked hard to learn professional knowledge.

She took her vacation to return home to carry out poverty alleviation practices and

brought all kinds of scientific and technological materials

collected at BIT back to her hometown.

With the spirit of BITers

who are determined to build a strong and powerful country,

Mulidel encourages children to study hard,

go out of the mountain and the village,

and change their hometown with science and technology.

She has won the graduate academic scholarship,

and Excellent Party Member, Excellent Student Officer,

and the title of “Newcomer of the Times”

of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

On the way to struggle, she never stops!


“Carrying out by actual efforts, delivering hope and love.”

Now, Mulidel is a member of the caring mothers group.

She often takes care of a 12-year-old single-parent boy and

provides financial support in his studies and life.

She uses her practical actions to

give back the nurturing grace of the Party and “mothers”.

In 2017, Mulidel used her part-time income to

subsidize a girl named Fang Yi

from Xingzhi Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing.

“Fang Yi and I have similar experiences.

I encourage her with my own story and

guide her to move forward bravely step by step.”

After being a “helper”,

Mulidel became more and more enthusiastic about

this kind of voluntary activity to convey her love and care.

Knowing that her Kazakh villagers

coming to Beijing for medical treatment will encounter difficulties in

language communication, accommodation and catering,

she and her friends formed a “Jasmine Heartwarming Service” Volunteer Group to

provide villagers with

language translation, medical guidance and other voluntary services.

“Being able to provide help to those in need,

I feel that

I have gained a greater sense of happiness and accomplishment.”

Mulidel said.

Overflowing fragrance

As a representative of ethnic minority students studying in Beijing,

Mulidel delivered a speech at the theme conference

“focusing on the affairs of ethnic minorities and

jointly promoting ethnic unity in our capital” in Beijing.

Combined with her own experience,

she put forward the suggestion of

“strengthening the general education of ethnic theory and policy

in non-ethnic colleges universities”,

demonstrating the feelings of BITers to

inherit the red gene and care for the country.

As a volunteer of Beijing Yuanwang Charity Foundation,

Mulidel participated in the

“Circle Plan-Successful Holiday” public welfare activities

for college students for two consecutive years.

In January 2020,

she was awarded the “Top Ten Ambassadors for Partnerships”,

which promoted the outstanding quality of

BITers’ enthusiasm for public welfare practice.


“I should set a good example as I am the Party member.”

During the pandemic,

Mulidel took the initiative, wore protective clothing and

insisted on taking temperature, delivering supplies and

clearing garbage door to door every day.

Relying on the “Internet+” online education platform,

she volunteered to tutor three ethnic minority students online

for one month in English.

“As a student Party member,

you should not only read thousands of books,

but also travel thousands of miles.

You should continue to learn and improve in practice.”

Mulidel keeps her father’s words in mind.

Over the years,

she and her father went to Jiaxing, Shanghai, Yan’an and other red revolutionary bases

to relive the Party’s centuries of struggle and

experience the hardships and difficulties the Party has experienced.

“My father hopes that

I can take root in the place needed by the Party and the country,


serve the people and give back the kindness of the Party over the years.”

Mulidel said.

“Use what you have learned to serve your hometown!”

The encouragement of her supervisor

made her determined to return to the place where her dream started.

“I will work at the grass-roots unit in Xinjiang,

devote myself to the western development strategy,

and contribute the strength of BIT to

build a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xinjiang!”