Frozen moment of anti-epidemic, hand in hand to tide over the difficulties

To BIT teachers and students in the COVID-2019



Dare to take on the mission and work together

"To fight the epidemic with one heart and overcome the difficulties together", under the severe and complicated situation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, Beijing Institute of Technology resolutely implements the "quartet responsibility" and builds a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. Office of International Students, BIT responded quickly and acted decisively in accordance with the requirements of BIT. Teachers and volunteers took the lead in rushing to the front line and started a tough battle for service guarantee. Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office, and Director of the Office of International Students, Wang Ying, as the "head of the building", effectively organized the student service guarantee work; Deputy directors Xie Fei and Liu Weiguang, as members of the building security team of Zhongguancun Campus and Liangxiang Campus respectively, have done their best to distribute anti-epidemic materials; all counselors and teachers always pay attention to the ideological trends of students, take care of students carefully, accompany them with warm hearts, guard them closely, and warmly guarantee the needs of students.


Volunteer style

"The epidemic prevention work is very heavy, and our personal strength is very small. However, as long as we all contribute our own strength, we can overcome everything. We will certainly overcome the epidemic." Zhuang Changda, a 2021 international student from Indonesia, said. In the difficult period of epidemic prevention and control, he volunteered to take the initiative as a volunteer for information collection, and assisted the teacher to punch in health statistics every day. There are many international students of Beijing Institute of Technology who are as enthusiastic as him. They incarnate as "Dabai", sweating in the scorching sun, silently stick to it, and fully serve the nucleic acid detection work of the international student center.


Lana (Turkmenistan); Zhuang Changda (Indonesia)


Zongxin (teacher of Office of International Students); Yin Caiying (Korea)

Pay tribute to the persistence in high temperature

Focus on the "guardians" who struggle in the front line of epidemic prevention

You look so beautiful


Escort for students

In the face of the epidemic, BIT loves students as if its own children

Logistics service support personnel all stay on campus according to BIT's requirements to ensure the supply of three meals for students

Teachers at the Office of International Students provide personalized services to students, buying water and electricity, distributing fruit, buying medicines,

and giving students "special" birthday gifts.

These surprises and actions made the students feel like home in difficult period



“Fighting epidemic together” series activities

Although the epidemic has cut off our contact with the outside world, it has not stopped our way of being happy. The teachers and students of Office of International Students are also actively pursuing it, trying their best to feel it in their spare time, and embellishing various activities on the boring life. Since May 21, the Office of International Students has held an online concert of "Fighting the Epidemic with One Heart, Sounds Live", an online movie viewing session of "Fighting the Epidemic with One Heart, Follow the Shadow", and online fitness activity "Fighting the Epidemic with One Heart, Dancing Miracles". Although the students did not go out of their building, they could still feel the warmth and happiness brought by the big family of international students. On May 24, the online English speech contest "World Anti-epidemic War, Voice of BIT Youth" was jointly launched with Teli College. The 9 international students who came to China shared their "epidemic stories" in English. Those warm words have the power to inspire people and make the students high-spirited.




Although the epidemic prevention and control

has disrupted the normal study and life of students to a certain extent

But it also gave them more time

to deeply observe and feel the love and touch around them

With us this summer, we are not alone




Follow the order and move, the mission must be achieved

In this war without gunpowder smoke, let us unite

Resolutely win this epidemic prevention and control war

Cheer up, Lingwen College

Cheer up, BIT