News Flash| Champion! Chinese “Flying Eagle” Wins in Abu Dhabi! Cheering for China!

The team “Flying Eagle”, BIT, successfully defended its MBZIRC Championship

On the evening of February 25, 2020, Beijing time,
the “Flying Eagle”, BIT,
won the championship
at the Mohammed bin Zayed International Challenge
(MBZIRC2020) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The “Flying Eagle” is composed of teachers and students from the Institute of UAV Autonomous Control, School of Aerospace Engineering, BIT

  In this competition, as the only Chinese team, the “Flying Eagle” defeated 23 teams from international top universities and research institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and The University of Tokyo, etc., and successfully defended the championship in the “Multi Aircraft Cooperation and Autonomous Aerial Capture”.

The “Flying Eagles” is invited for a flight show

  The MBZIRC Challenge, named after Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the Crown Prince of the UAE, is held every three years, whose committee is composed of 15 top experts in the field of Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence in the world, and it is also the top competition in the field of Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence in the world. BIT has won this Challenge Championship in 2017.

The “Flying Eagle” team always cherishes the motherland in the competition

The “Flying Eagle” is cheering for China!

At the critical moment of fighting against the NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia),
teachers and students of BIT carry forward the fine tradition,
bear in mind the motherland, overcome difficulties, unite and cooperate,
defeat opponents, and win the championship bravely,
which shows the world the good spirit of Chinese college students,
and reflects the courage of BIT to take the lead in the world.
The practical action of hard work shows the image of China,
and it is also the performance for the cheers for China,
and for the confidence to fight against the NCP!


Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translation: News Agency of BIT