BIT Academician Fang Daining Honored with 11th Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Award

     Translator: News Agency of BIT, Li Jiaying

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  The Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,2019(CCTAM 2019) was open on August 26th in HangZhou, which attracted more than 4300 mechanics scientists and technicians. Yang Wei, chairman of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(CSTAM), Dong Guoxuan, standing vice minister of the mathematical science department of National Natural Science Foundation of China(NNSFC),and Yan Jianhua, vice president of Zhejiang University gave speeches at the opening ceremony.

  Owing to the outstanding contribution on mechanics research field of advanced materials and structures under multi-field coupling, honorary president and chief scientist of BIT Institute of Advanced Structural Technology, academician Fang Daining was honored with the 11th Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Award, presented by academician Shen Changyu, vice minister of the 10th council.

  Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Award is set by Zhou Peiyuan Foundation and selected by CSTAM, aimed to encourage the Chinese mechanics workers who have made creative achievements in mechanics research or used existing theories and methods of mechanics to solve key problems. It has been awarded every two years since 1997, normally selecting one person or project. The honorary certificates and bonuses are offered by the Zhou Peiyuan Foundation.

  Afterwards, the 16th Young Science and Technology Award of CSTAM was given to associate professor Chen Haosen from BIT Institute of Advanced Structural Technology in reward of his outstanding contributions in the field of experimental solid mechanics.

  The congress also annouced the 2018 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of CSTAM. Supervised by academician Fang Daining, associate professor Qu Zhaoliang from BIT Institute of Advanced Structural Technology was honored with this award.

  After the opening ceremony, the new award winner, academician Fang Daining made an academic report titled as “Mechanics Design Method of Additional Materials Manufacturing-- from 3D to 4D” at the General Assembly. The report introduced the mechanical design method of added material manufacturing in detail and was highly praised by the present experts.  

  Started in 2005 and held every two years, CCTAM is the largest academic conference on comprehensive mechanics in China. It was firstly named as Academic Conference of Chinese Mechanics Society and later in 2011, the standing council of the society decided to changed its name into Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(CCTAM).Activities in the conference included opening ceremony, plenary lectures, branch reports, seminars, exhibitions and other specific activities. Up till now, the conference has been successfully held for eight sessions.