Zhang Yuanhui: Deeply cultivate the fertile soil of language education and let students' seeds of "truth-seeking" take root and sprout

Education is not only in the classroom, but also in life outside the classroom. Teaching and educating people is a heavy responsibility. We should use our words and deeds to influence students and be a "guide" on students' growth.

The words of Zhang Yuanhui, an outstanding individual of the first Beijing Institute of Technology and an associate professor of the School of Foreign Languages, spoke out her original intention and mission of educating people.

After graduating from Renmin University of China in 2004, Zhang Yuanhui entered the School of Foreign Languages of Beijing Institute of Technology as a teacher of the core courses of Japanese, teaching many undergraduate and graduate courses such as basic Japanese, Japanese speech and debate, sociolinguistics and so on. Over the years, Zhang Yuanhui has always regarded teaching as a commitment and kept education in mind. She has actively engaged in the training of compound foreign language talents and the reform of foreign language education and teaching, accumulated rich teaching experience and trained a large number of foreign language talents.

"To learn a foreign language is to understand a culture".

"Language contains rich culture. Learning a foreign language is to understand a culture. In Japanese class, I will guide students to further establish the cultural confidence of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the comparative study of Chinese and Japanese culture." When the class talks about the Japanese tea ceremony spirit of "peace and quiet", she will guide students to think about the ways and context of cultural exchange and communication between China and Japan, think about the philosophy, ethics and aesthetics reflected in cultural phenomena, and guide students to further strengthen their cultural self-confidence and establish their ambition of becoming a powerful country in the historical depth of the comparison between the present and the past between China and Japan.

Zhang Yuanhui (first from the left in the front row) is with the students

"Only by deeply understanding each other can we fully understand ourselves." In Zhang Yuanhui's view, language courses are an important bridge and link to guide students to comprehensively and correctly understand contemporary China and objectively look at the world. In Japanese courses, Zhang Yuanhui will lead students to understand Japanese culture, guide students to understand the process and significance of cultural exchange, and then pursue the root of Chinese culture.

"The rich course content and teaching from multiple perspectives make us more deeply understand the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture while learning the language, and constantly improve our personal cultivation while absorbing spiritual strength." Talking about the course of basic Japanese taught by Zhang Yuanhui, many students of grade 2016 said so.

"She's a knowledgeable and intimate sister"

"Accurate mastery and flexible use are the key to language learning." In Zhang Yuanhui's opinion, teaching students to "speak" is only the basis for learning the language. The most important thing is to guide students to think about "why do I translate so" and "how should I translate", help students learn to think in the process of language communication, and then help students build their own thinking framework and really control language tools.

Zhang Yuanhui led the students to participate in the "People's China Cup" Japanese translation competition

"On the basis of good lessons, guiding students to apply theoretical knowledge is the key to the integration of science and education." In her daily study and life, she also pays attention to guiding students to find problems from their own perspective and cultivate students' ability to study real knowledge and solve real problems.

"Promoting learning and teaching through competition" is an important magic weapon for Zhang Yuanhui to improve students' language ability. In addition to daily teaching, she leads students to participate in various high-level competitions, and uses information-based teaching means to guide students to conduct pre competition input training and competition simulation. For different types of competitions such as application-oriented and research-oriented, Zhang Yuanhui has formulated personalized guidance schemes for students. Under her careful guidance, many students have won many high-level competitions, such as the "people's China" international translation competition, the "Sasakawa Cup" National University Japanese research paper competition and so on.

Zhang Yuanhui (first from the left in the front row) is with the students

Mr. Zhang is not only our academic tutor, but also our ideological tutor. "Anyone in the class who meets difficulties in life and emotion is willing to talk to Mr. Zhang"... Although she is a real "Post-70s", in the eyes of the students, Zhang Yuanhui is energetic and amiable. She is not only a knowledgeable teacher, but also a warm and intimate sister.

In the past three years, Zhang Yuanhui has been rated as the "Star of Head Teacher", "Star of Loving Life" and "Star of Educating People", which is the best portrayal of Zhang Yuanhui's perseverance in focusing on, caring for and serving students.

"Exploring the education and teaching mode of" science and technology + humanities "

"The ultimate goal of teaching reform is to let the teachers combine theory with practice and improve the teaching and educating ability." As the deputy director of the Japanese Department of the Institute of foreign Languages, Zhang Yuanhui actively explores the education and teaching mode of "science and technology + humanities".

Zhang Yuanhui (second from the right) participates in the "Teaching Star" Competition

In recent years, Zhang Yuanhui has actively promoted the construction of teaching team, formulated the development plan of Japanese Department, and established the compilation team of listening and writing textbooks and the construction team of scientific and technological Japanese course respectively, so as to realize the full coverage of Japanese department teachers; Build a general elective course "Japanese as a second foreign language" in the school, and increase the course capacity by three times; Build a general course group of humanistic quality courses in the Japanese department. So far, 9 courses have been opened and 7 teachers have been taught; Participate in the construction of the Key Laboratory of Language Engineering and Cognitive Computing, and comprehensively promote the corpus construction project of the Japanese Department; He edited the selected readings of Japanese newspapers and periodicals, the core course textbook for Japanese majors, which was approved and published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press; Participated in the preparation of the textbook "Scientific Japanese" of the 13th five year plan of BIT, and participated in the preparation of the excellent textbook courseware "Cloud Courseware" of scientific Japanese for colleges and universities in Beijing.

Zhang Yuanhui participates in Teaching Seminar

In the education and teaching reform, Zhang Yuanhui gives full play to the advantages of science and technology, promotes the deep integration of science and technology and humanities, activates the language classroom and highlights the charm of humanities.

"The responsibility of teachers is to use hard work and adhere to the spirit of precipitation, so that students' truth-seeking 'seeds can take root and sprout." That's what Zhang Yuanhui said and practiced.