Hao Jia: To be the vanguard of "Teaching First, Integration of Science and Education"

Learn ideology, strengthen party spirit, focus on practice, and make new contributions

Combining the development of theme education with the promotion of "Double First-Class" in BIT, the results of theme education will be effectively transformed into the driving force for BIT’s reform and development.

When the whole BIT is carrying out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Committee Propaganda Department will launch a series of character reports through special topics such as "Craftsman Teachers" to show the spirit of BIT teachers who are determined to be first-class and put teaching first, to extensively gather the majestic power to promote the high-quality development of BIT business.

He abides by his original intention, has the courage to explore, deeply cultivates the front line of teaching, and practices the integration of science and education. He has successively won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, the first prize of the Beijing Teaching Achievement Award, the first prize of the Beijing University Teachers Teaching Innovation Competition, the first prize of the Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Beijing Education and Teaching Reform and Innovation Project, Beijing High-quality undergraduate teaching plans for colleges and universities. And as an instructor, he led students to participate in the 7th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won the gold medal.


In July 2023, he was rated as an outstanding Communist Party member in Beijing Universities.

He is Hao Jia, a young teacher at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology.


Putting teaching first, abiding by the original intention to create a golden class

"Here is my youth, carrying all the memories of my student days." In 2004, Hao Jia was admitted to the School of Mechanical Engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology with excellent results. After graduating with a Ph.D. in 2016, he stayed at BIT to teach and forged an indissoluble bond with BIT. "I have been studying at Beijing Institute of Technology since I was an undergraduate. The red gene of BIT has been deeply integrated into my growth process. I feel fulfilled and happy to struggle and grow together with my colleagues and students here."

How to make students change from passive to active in the learning process? How to give full play to the main role of students in the classroom? Hao Jia has been thinking and practicing. Over the years, he has been student-centered, constantly exploring based on students' feedback and evaluation, and continuing to carry out the reform and innovation of the teaching mode of research-based courses.


Hao Jia guiding students

"The course "Operational Research" is very practical, and the traditional teaching method of listening to the lecture-review-examination makes it difficult for students to combine the knowledge they have learned with their actual needs. Therefore, in the teaching process, I no longer conduct knowledge-instilling lectures, but divide the teaching content into three parts: theoretical knowledge, classroom discussions and research topics. " In the classroom, Hao Jia systematically sorted out and explained the knowledge points of the course through interactive teaching and case discussion, fully mobilizing the students' initiative and participation, and making the best use of the situation. "Mr. Hao is very creative. His classes are never boring. We gain a lot from every class." In the eyes of students, Hao Jia is a passionate teacher who is good at teaching, and can always pass on complicated and boring knowledge to students through interesting classes.

"Students, we often take high-speed trains. Does anyone know which countries' independent research and development technologies are used behind the high-speed rail?" "Which student can talk about the application of dynamic programming algorithms in the West-East Gas Pipeline Project?" ... In the "Operations Research" class, Hao Jia quoted extensively from many sources. From stories around him to social hotspots, he could always incorporate actual cases in a timely manner according to the course content, and aroused the resonance of the students. "A course not only conveys knowledge, but also conveys values and cultivates students' family and country feelings." During the course teaching of "Operational Research", Hao Jia set up ideological and political modules such as "Operational Research Hall of Fame", "Operational Research and National Planning", and "Operational Research and Great Powers", arousing the empathy of students and let the ideological and political aspects of the course enter their minds and hearts in a subconscious way.


Hao Jia's classroom is not only in the classroom, but also online. During the start of each semester, he uses the break time to set up a "21:00 class service center" to provide students with course services at 21:00 every night through online meetings, live broadcasts and other forms. "My class representative is responsible for 'scheduling' for me, and according to the needs of the students, arranges for me the content of the class at 9 o'clock every night." Hao Jia laughed. Since joining BIT, the "21:00 Class Service Center" has been opened more than 100 times, answering questions for more than 300 students. "My idea is very simple. I just think that I should and must teach them something." Hao Jia treats students with affection and heart.

Integration of science and education, dare to develop innovative models

Teaching and research go hand in hand. "As the teaching work continues to advance, I find that some students do not know much about the professional development trend, the development frontier of the discipline and the actual engineering needs." Therefore, when designing the research topic of the course, Hao Jia decomposed the national-level topics such as the key research and development plan young scientist project he undertook into "micro-topics" to provide students with opportunities for "real practice", to improve the cutting-edge and challenging of topic selection, strengthen the cultivation of students' innovative ability and the improvement of teamwork awareness.

"The team adopted cutting-edge brain-computer interface technology and successfully developed a new generation of intelligent brain-controlled barrier-free reading system, which can realize independent reading operations by controlling the book-turning device with ideas, and provide a more intelligent and personalized book reading experience for the disabled. Then it will create a new generation of barrier-free smart home environment that is people-centered, highly integrated with information and intelligence. " In the finals of the 7th China International "Internet+" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the "iRead" project directed by Hao Jia won the gold medal.


the "Arrow Intelligence-Smart Reading" project

Thanks to the exercise and practice of "micro-projects" carefully designed by Hao Jia, the students have achieved success in various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and won the Gold Award of the 7th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the 5th China International "Internet +" National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Silver Award, National University Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition Second Prize, etc., accumulatively winning more than 30 items.

"Teaching is a work of conscience. Only when the spirit of craftsmanship and the spirit of science are compatible can there be innovation." Hao Jia practices scientific research to feed back teaching, and develops a new model of educating people with new scientific research technologies. He applied the knowledge graph technology accumulated by the team for more than ten years to teaching, and used the knowledge graph technology to systematically sort out the professional knowledge system. After more than 400 days, he led the team to build a professional knowledge graph covering more than 40 courses, involving more than 6,000 knowledge points, more than 20,000 knowledge associations, and developed a WeChat applet, combined with intelligent methods such as knowledge retrieval and knowledge recommendation, to support students' knowledge service needs before, during, and after class.


Schematic diagram of knowledge map

More than 3,500 related knowledge points and more than 7,500 associated layers constitute a smart learning system. A cloud map, a series of knowledge points, and a group of associated layers realize the systematization, logic, structure, and visualization of learning content ... At the opening ceremony of the theme education reading class of Beijing Institute of Technology, the teachers of the School of Marxism used the knowledge map to demonstrate and guide the party's innovative theory, making theoretical learning "see both the trees and the forest". As a core member of the R&D team, Hao Jia has been deeply involved in the construction of the knowledge map of the party's innovation theory. "I think there is still a lot of work to be done in the future by applying knowledge graph technology to other disciplines, empowering technology and mining the potential connections of knowledge, and then recommending learning paths."

Committed to innovation, aiming at the urgent need to overcome difficulties

"The key core technologies cannot be obtained, bought or negotiated. To engage in scientific research, we must be rigorous, pragmatic, able to endure hardships, and more importantly, have the spirit of innovation and dedication." When talking about scientific research work, Hao Jia's expression gradually became serious.

The overall scheme design of equipment is a very complex optimization problem, which includes almost all optimization problems including multidisciplinary, high-dimensional, nonlinear, strong coupling, etc., and the efficient solution of this problem is the key to improving various indicators of equipment. Hao Jia anchors the frontiers of the field, and carries out continuous research around the basic theories and key technologies of intelligent design and knowledge engineering. The equipment performance is difficult to predict and optimize. Breakthroughs in key technologies such as knowledge graph-based design knowledge modeling, small-sample high-precision agent model construction, and machine learning-based intelligent optimization design have formed an intelligent design system for equipment under small samples. It laid a theoretical and technical foundation for the development of a new generation of intelligent design system.


Hao Jia discussing issues with students

Industrial software has become the infrastructure of equipment research and development, and equipment research and development can be said to be a "software-defined" process. Aiming at the problems of inaccurate, slow, and unprecise calculations in existing industrial software, Hao Jia set the goal of "building a big country and developing industrial software" and worked hard for several years. He led the team to independently develop a knowledge base covering configurable, computerized knowledge base, accompanying knowledge service, intelligent design, etc., including intelligent design software, and have been successfully applied in related industries.

"Doing scientific research requires perseverance, endurance and excellent ability to tackle difficulties, and more importantly, the courage and determination to be willing to stand on the bench for ten years." In order to develop a certain research and development platform, Hao Jia led the students to stay in the research institute, where they ate, lived and struggled together, and spent more than a year of hard work in exchange for an innovative design platform with independent intellectual property rights. He felt that everything he had paid was worthwhile when he heard the appraisal expert's evaluation that "has reached the international leading level, has significant potential and prospects for the transformation of industrial achievements" and "knowledge management technology has reached the international advanced level and the domestic leading level".


The team having completed the project defense

Only by diving can we leap, and only by accumulating can we make thin hair. With her own efforts, Hao Jia was approved for the National Key R&D Young Scientist Project. As the project leader, he undertook more than ten projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation. The research results have been applied in many industries, won the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize of the Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, published more than 60 academic papers, and published 1 academic monograph (the first author), and 16 authorized invention patents (first author) and 6 software copyrights have been approved.

"There is still a long way to go in the future. I will continue to work hard to become a good teacher with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a heart of benevolence!" Hao Jia said.