Chen Yu: This teacher can really "play"!

At Beijing Institute of Technology, there is a teacher Chen who can "play"

He "played" debates, visits, and experiments into the classroom

He "played" the story into teaching theoretical knowledge

He also led the students to "play" all over the motherland

"Playing" produces tricks, "playing" produces results

In "Playing", the persistent pursuit of 

"serving the country with materials"

takes root in the hearts of students



  He is a teacher of the Department of Polymer Materials of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Chen Yu, the winner of the 5th Beijing University Young Teaching Teacher Award.


"In the growth of students, I can see what it means to be a teacher, and in the mutual achievement with students, I feel the tremendous spiritual power." In 2006, Chen Yu got his Ph.D., chose to stay in BIT to teach and engage in teaching and scientific research in the theory and application of functional polymer materials. In the past 15 years of teaching, Chen Yu has never forgotten the original aspirations of teachers and kept in mind the mission of educating people. He has made a series of achievements in teaching reform, curriculum construction, and innovative practice. In 2021, he won the Young Teaching Teacher Award of Beijing Colleges and Universities.

01 "Fancy" Teaching

Since 2006, Chen Yu has been responsible for teaching the core course "Advanced Composite Materials" for the major of materials. "This course focuses on theoretical study, mainly teaching the basic concepts, performance, technology and application of composite materials, and the preaching style of teaching can easily make students feel boring." said Chen Yu.


How can we make this course "live"? How to let students deeply participate in classroom teaching? After thinking, Chen Yu gradually added professional history lectures, experimental teaching, school history museum visits, expert reports, classroom seminars, etc. to the curriculum, and explored the use of "Rain Class", "Lexue" and other online teaching platforms to assist in teaching. And after-school tutoring, 2/3 of the class hours are used for theoretical lectures and 1/3 of the class hours are used for teaching practice to help students deepen their understanding of the course.


In 2020, affected by the COVID-2019, all courses have been "moved" online. Considering the difficulty of online teaching and interaction, Chen Yu got inspiration from TV programs and innovatively carried out the exploration of debate teaching methods. "Traditional debate topics are mostly related to humanities and philosophy, while natural science issues are less chosen. In addition to solid professional knowledge, such debates also need to connect engineering practice and social life to think, analyze, and debate. It's more difficult". In order to make the debate more scientific and reasonable, Chen Yu repeatedly pondered and designed debates closely combined with classroom knowledge, “In the research of polymer matrix composites, for basic research and engineering application, which is more important", “Is it the adhesive or the high energy density material that determines the development direction of energetic polymer matrix composites?” and other topics closely combined with classroom knowledge, "once this teaching method is introduced, the originally dull classroom suddenly becomes lively".



 “When I first started to prepare for the debate, I really felt unable to start. But Mr. Chen always encouraged and guided us to look up information, sort out our opinions, and assemble theoretical evidence,” recalled Huang Weiting, a 2018 undergraduate. "I didn't expect that we did it! In just two weeks, we went from a little knowledge to a deep understanding of the logical features of the debate and its supporting arguments, and we were able to use the theories learned in class to fight back against our opponents. It is so exciting! "

"This kind of teaching method that promotes learning by argument is also a challenge to the instructors themselves." Chen Yu laughed and said, "Too much brain-burning! But seeing that the students are proficient in theoretical knowledge, using it flexibly, and showing a state of thinking and self-confidence on the debate stage, I think all the efforts are worthwhile."

02 "Small Stories" Drawing the "Big Dream" of a Power

"As the teaching work continues to deepen, I gradually discovered that some students do not understand the prospects of professional and industry development, and feel confused about their personal development." In Chen Yu's opinion, a course should not only impart professional knowledge, but also inherit professional spirit. As an out and out "material man of BIT", Chen Yu will share the professional development with the students in class, and tell the spiritual pursuit of "energetic composite man" facing the major strategic needs of the country, fearing no hardship, being brave to take responsibility, devoting himself to research and serving the country with talents, so as to stimulate the students' ideal of serving the country.


The development and construction of the country requires group after group of promising young people with both ability and political integrity to continue their struggle. "In class, I will tell a lot of stories, and use the people around me to guide the students to fully realize that materials science is a subject of great utility. The excellent properties of composite materials can make important contributions to human development and major national strategic areas. "Chen Yu said.

"When Mr. Chen talked about the performance of the adhesive in solid propellants, he told us the story of the hard work of the BIT materials people represented by Professor Tan Huimin. They broke through the foreign technology blockade and independently developed solid propellants with excellent performance. I am always inspired by this spirit of determination to make the country strong through science and technology." said Zheng Qianqian, an undergraduate of the School of Materials Science and Engineering.


The story of three academicians from the Department of Chemical Engineering of 1952, the struggle story of the teachers and students of BIT in the research of Rocket Propellant 505... These warm and inspiring stories will all be told in Chen Yu's theoretical knowledge.

"In the process of material preparation and production, we must fully consider economic and social development and ecological environment factors." Chen Yu often told his students, "We must not destroy the environment for the sake of chasing hot spots and gaining attention, and we would care for this and lose that."

Not only the school history and the history of subject development, but also the philosophy of science and technology, materials and environment and society have also been incorporated into the knowledge points by Chen Yu. For example, when talking about the metal element beryllium being very effective in improving the performance of energetic polymer-based composites, Chen Yu would remind students to consider the impact of its toxicity on the environment, "Even if the performance is excellent, it cannot be practical."

03 Writing the thesis on the land of the motherland


What's learned from books is superficial after all. It's crucial to have it personally tested somehow. For the growth and development of students, theoretical learning can lay a solid foundation and form a complete knowledge system, while professional practice is essential for students to fully understand and use knowledge. In 2013, Chen Yu, who served as the head teacher, found that students had difficulty planning social practical activities. Chen Yu had a sudden inspiration: Why not use the advantages of your own cooperative institutions to let students go deep into corporate internship practice, which can promote students to apply what they have learned and unite knowledge and action!

 After a period of preparation, in the summer of 2014, Chen Yu took the lead in the establishment of a social practice group for college students "ZhenCaiShiXue", leading the students on the road of practical research. What Chen Yu didn't expect was that the students not only cultivated the ability to solve engineering problems, but also solved key problems for the cooperative institutions. This strengthened his confidence in the practice of educating people.


"In 2016, we found that the existing hemostatic products in the market were strongly dependent on imports, and there were shortcomings such as slow hemostatic speed and lack of antibacterial properties. Mr. Chen immediately praised the discovery that" we can closely combine the needs of the country with the professional knowledge "and encouraged us to find solutions through practice." team member Tong Zongrui said.


With the hope of finding a natural hemostatic material that can be antibacterial, Chen Yu and his students came to Guangdong Province several times, visited 7 cities and more than 30 medical material companies, and finally found a traditional one in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, where the extract of the traditional Chinese medicine patchouli has antibacterial effects, and the use of this result in high-end medical equipment has promoted the development of local characteristic industries and assisted "precise poverty alleviation". In 2020, the practice team won the National Silver Award in the "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition "Red Tour Building Dreams" track with this achievement.




"Mr. Chen instructed us to closely combine the needs of the industry, transform the knowledge in the classroom into innovative achievements, implement the mission of 'Strengthening the country with materials', guide us to integrate the passionate youth dream into the great Chinese dream, and show the energetic style of material youth in the new era." Yuan Jingjing, the backbone of the practice group, said.

"Materials should be practiced, and materials should be applied." In the past eight years, Chen Yu has led the "Practice Learning" Social Practice Group to understand industry needs, solve industrial problems, gain insights, seek truth, increase skills, and footprints in seeking materials. It covers 5 provinces and 13 cities in Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, and Shanxi, with a travel distance of more than 20,000 kilometers. It has established 8 practice bases and participation of more than 200 students. In 2019, the "ZhenCaiShiXue" practice group was rated as an excellent summer social practice team of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League for "Volunteer Activities for the Country People".



 After 15 years of teaching, no matter after class, in class and out of class, Chen Yu always takes it as his duty to cultivate young "material people" who serve the national economic and social development and the major strategic needs of the country, and writes the clank oath of "serving the country with materials" in the front line of teaching and educating people. He often said, "The belief in serving the country with materials' should be rooted in the hearts of students in a silent way."

Things I want to tell the party

Recalling the tragic years of the past, we have a long way when looking forward to the future. As a teacher of the people and a member of the Communist Party, I must adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating morality and people. It is my responsibility to cultivate new people who are responsible for national rejuvenation and devote everything to the cause of education. In the future of educating people, I will be student-oriented, and pay equal attention to teaching and educating people. I will be a hard-working gardener and "add bricks and tiles" to the great cause of the party! Contribute to the prosperity of the country and the revitalization of the nation!

--Chen Yu            

Ingenuity Teacher

On the occasion of the in-depth study and education of party history by the whole party, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee specially launched a special report on "Always follow the party and forge ahead on a new journey" to fully demonstrate the BIT’s achievements in strengthening the party’s leadership and party building, tell the struggle story of BITers vividly, widely gather the majestic force of school career development, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements.

The "Ingenuity Teacher" column is planned by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of BIT, and will successively launch a series of special reports on good teachers who insist on ethics, work hard, and quietly contribute to the frontline education positions.