Zhao Ziqiang: The only one in China! Dismantle the "secret script" in class and cultivate "Wulin Experts"


He is an Associate Professor Zhao Ziqiang, a teacher of Machinery and Rolling Stock School of BIT and the winner of the Fifth Beijing University Young Teaching Master Award. The undergraduate course "Mechanical Principle" he is responsible for is also the only one in the field of this course in China, and is recognized as the first batch of national online and offline first-class undergraduate courses.

In 1980, Zhao Ziqiang was born in an ordinary family somewhere in Henan. When he was a child, he often helped his father repair all kinds of mechanical equipment. He became interested in mechanical design and disassembly. In middle school, he showed a strong interest in mathematics and chemistry, and his achievements in mathematics and chemistry have always been among the best. In 1999, he was admitted to China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Automation with excellent results. In 2003, he worked in Hefei General Machinery Research Institute after graduation. One year's work experience laid the foundation for his subsequent professional development. In 2004, he came to Beijing Institute of Technology for postgraduate study in Mechanical Design and Theory. In 2009, he stayed in school after his doctoral degree and became a teacher of Mechanical Design and Theory in the school of Machinery and Vehicles.

"Class is bigger than everything" and "master" is made of "secret script".


"Industrial robots move flexibly and freely. In the automobile production line, we use a large number of industrial robots instead of manpower. However, the flexible operation of robots depends on the cooperation between various joints. A series of reducers and gear train structures in the joints are the soul of industrial robots. So what are the characteristics of gear train structures as industrial robots? Today Let's learn the lesson "gear train and its design."

The course has great difficulty, deep theoretical requirements and many key points of knowledge - principle of machinery has always been recognized as a "hard bone" by mechanical students. But for Zhao Ziqiang, teaching courses is like dismantling martial arts secrets. "Through the research on the mechanical objects of the system, we can present the knowledge of each lecture." Thus, Zhao Ziqiang cultivated a batch of "Wulin Experts".


"Taking students as the center, advocating teaching and loving students" is Zhao Ziqiang's consistent adherence. In his twelve years of teaching, Zhao Ziqiang has always kept in mind the instruction of his mentor Zhang Chunlin that "Classes are bigger than everything". He undertakes the teaching task of nearly 300 class hours every year, reaching 400 class hours in 2021. He is one of the teachers with the heaviest teaching task in the School and even in BIT.

Since joining the work in 2009, Zhao Ziqiang has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses such as Mechanical Principle, Comprehensive Design of Mechanical Foundation and Higher Mechanism. Undergraduate courses are generally in Liangxiang campus. Zhao Ziqiang will make full use of the school bus time between Zhongguancun campus and Liangxiang campus to think about the details of course teaching and how to make the students understand. In order to provide students with learning support services anytime and anywhere, before 2015, he insisted on making a special trip to Liangxiang campus twice a week to answer students' questions face-to-face. After 2015, he began to use e-learning platform resources to make MOOC, publish course guidance content, course teaching resources, engineering case resources, etc., and build a complete set of online learning support service system. "If you have doubts in class, you can find answers here." The students said so.

From "one, two, three" to "eight words"


"At the beginning of the lecture, I took many detours and did a lot of useless work." Zhao Ziqiang was also very distressed about teaching. The characteristics of the course "principles of machinery" are vividly summarized by him as "one, two and three", that is, "one is strong, theoretical; two is heavy, comprehensive and practical; three are many, many concepts, many formulas and many symbols". After a series of reflections, Zhao Ziqiang believes that the main problem lies in the failure to understand and teach the course from the perspective of students. Therefore, through in-depth communication with students after class, the eight character policy of "eliminating the old, adding new, expanding and innovating" gradually took shape in Zhao Ziqiang's mind.

"The combination of theory and practice is far more important than simple knowledge understanding. We should help students master how to use theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems." Zhao Ziqiang often integrates examples of daily scientific research and guiding students' scientific and technological innovation competitions into the classroom, so as to improve the depth and breadth of the course and stimulate students' sense of responsibility and mission of serving the country through science and technology.


As both an educator and a learner, Zhao Ziqiang often uses his spare time to participate in demonstration and discussion courses of famous teachers, teaching method workshops and teaching and research activities of the college to improve his teaching ability. By internalizing the interpretation of educational theories and teaching methods by industry experts inside and outside the school into their own teaching practice, Zhao Ziqiang has formed his own unique teaching style. He will integrate the feelings of family and country into the curriculum introduction, increase the interpretation of engineering ethics in case analysis, and help students firmly grasp professional knowledge. "Seeing that students can learn something in their own classroom is the greatest happiness of teachers." Zhao Ziqiang said.

"Class group" makes teaching move towards "whole stage".


Zhao Ziqiang is always on the road to teaching innovation. In order to better promote the construction of the curriculum system, Zhao Ziqiang proposed a system that can comprehensively evaluate the learning effect of the curriculum, and constructed an evaluation model of online and offline integration and in class and extracurricular interaction. By analyzing the evaluation data of the curriculum system, he has new thoughts on his curriculum.

"I hope to establish a curriculum group to better help students apply theoretical knowledge to practice. The curriculum group consists of theoretical courses and practical courses. The theoretical courses include mechanical principle, mechanical design, bionic mechanics, etc., and the practical courses can be composed of project-based courses." Zhao Ziqiang hopes that through the construction of curriculum group, starting with the most popular bionics technology at present, he will stimulate students' interest in the application scenario of mechanical principles, and promote the single-stage curriculum based on theory to become a full-stage curriculum oriented by practice.


Dare to think and do, dare to break through and try. On the road of teaching innovation, Zhao Ziqiang always maintains a state of charge and will never stop the pace of striving. Next semester, the bionics course designed by him will also meet with the students. "The journey is thousands of miles wide, and the difficulties and dangers are more forward". On the new journey, we believe that Zhao Ziqiang will be able to create more brilliance and add fuel to the development of mechanical discipline.

"I hope all my students can think, gain and use what they have learned. I have learned real skills here. No matter where you go in the future, I have been here to answer your questions and solve your doubts." Never tire of learning, never tire of teaching, be as sincere as words and people.

☆ I want to say to the Party ☆

During the twelve years of teaching, taking Yu Yi and Zhang Guimei as examples, I kept improving in the field of mechanical engineering, continuously improved my teaching and education ability, focused on creating excellent online and offline courses, and dedicated myself to the cause of education with enthusiasm. In my future work, I will continue to adhere to the teaching concept of "Class is bigger than everything", be realistic and pragmatic, teach every class well, strive to cultivate top-notch innovative talents in the field of mechanical engineering, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


On the occasion of the party's in-depth study and education of party history, the Publicity Department of the Party committee specially launched a special report on "always follow the party and forge ahead in a new journey", comprehensively showing the achievements made by the school in strengthening the party's leadership and Party building, vividly telling the struggle stories of BIT workers, widely condensing the majestic force of the school's career development, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements.

The column "ingenuity teacher" is planned by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Beijing Institute of Technology. It will launch a series of special reports on great teachers who adhere to morality, dedication and silent dedication in front-line education posts.