Zhang Zhonglian: Leave it on for five days and brief each other!


Leave it on for five days and brief each other!


Keep yourself in a great mood before the exam. Don’t get angry with your parents, nor with classmates.


It’s advised that two or three communicate with each other for more information for the exam at the hall table. Read loud for the foreign language test and political test in the east corridor.


Stick to it and you will succeed! Never give up the first subject on the first day no matter what because it has been proved that 350 points is expected as long as you stick it to the end.


Take your PC and important stuff with you when leaving the classroom. Losing those will do no good to your postgraduate examination results.


Candidates from other cities and schools should get in touch with relevant regional test centers in advance to verify information and arrive at the test centers on time. A good attitude will help and bear in mind always follow the local regulations.

From Lao Zhang, who’s been missing you

Recently, a picture of a message on the blackboard has gone viral in BITers’ circle of friends on Wechat. A message signed "Lao Zhang" instructs students preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam with simple words that were full of the care of an octogenarian teacher.


Mr. "Lao Zhang" is the 87-year-old Professor Zhang Zhonglian, the founder of the Photoelectric Innovation Education Experimental Base, affectionately known as the "photoelectric grandpa" by the students of Beijing Institute of Technology.

He has been devoting himself to the cause of education


University Entrance Photograph of Zhang Zhonglian

In 1956, at the age of 21, Zhang Zhonglian started his college career with excellent grades by entering Beijing Institute of Technology, which was famous for training engineers for national defense from Xiong Yue High School in Yingkou, Liaoning province.

From the very beginning of his college life, Zhang had inscribed in his mind that the needs of the country would be his direction.


Zhang Zhonglian (first from left) introducing a photocathode prosecution device to foreign experts

In April 1960, to satisfy the needs of the cause of national science and technology and the development of the school, Zhang Zhonglian graduated beforehand and stayed in school as a young teacher.


Zhang Zhonglian wining the Outstanding Question Award in the National College Students Electronic Design Competition

In 1985, the CPC Central Committee made a decision on the reform of the education system. The school then started to implement the teaching reform to improve students' practical operation ability. According to the requirements of the school and the department, Zhang Zhonglian opened the compulsory course "Experimental Technology of Instrumentation Electronics" available for the whole department and achieved good results. His training of students' practical and innovative ability has been widely recognized, and this course is the initial exploration of the experimental base of photoelectric innovation education.

He has made great achievements in the talents training

In 1995, Zhang Zhonglian embarked on a new journey with his belief of educating the people of the Party and the country and his passion for education after his retirement.


Zhang Zhonglian communicating with students

Years of exploration and practice leads to the school’s grant in special funds to support Zhang Zhonglian to establish the Photoelectric Innovative Education Experimental Base in 2000. Under the leadership of Zhang Zhonglian, the base quickly played an effective role in supporting talent training.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Photoelectric Innovation Education Experimental Base has cultivated a large number of students with outstanding innovation ability and won municipal, provincial, and national teaching achievement awards for many times.


Thanks to the base, BITers have been winning prizes with outstanding achievements in various innovation competitions including the "Challenge Cup" National College students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, the National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, the National College students Photoelectric Design Competition. More than 10,000 students have been training and growing here. Photoelectric Innovative Education Experimental Base has become a gold medal of innovative practice education in BIT.

With the construction and development of the school, the practice of innovation base and the "Room 4002 spirit" have also been brought to Liangxiang Campus for continuous development by the young teachers of the new generation of photoelectric innovation base, Zhang Lijun and Wang Dongxiao.


Liangxiang Campus Work Station of Photoelectric Innovation Education Experimental base was established here outside classroom A305 of the comprehensive teaching building with the support of the school.


Ms. Zhang Lijun teaching Introduction to Information Electronics and Photoelectronics for Grade 2022 freshmen


Ms. Wang Dongxiao taking the students to learn the operation of prototypes

With the help of this workstation, the two teachers led the students to carry out scientific and technological innovation research. In recent years, they has won one first prize and one second prize respectively in the North China Section of the 2021 National College Students Optoelectronic Design Competition and the first prize of 2022 Capital College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition.

The curriculum system of innovative practice education in the Photoelectric Innovation Education Experimental base has been fully established in Liangxiang Campus and has gradually achieved a number of fruitful results.

He loves his students like his sons and daughters and stays to the mission

For many years, Mr. Zhang Zhonglian has been stationed every day for students to help them in Room 4002, No. 8 Teaching building managed by the Innovation Base.

The persistence of Mr. Zhang Zhonglian labeled "The light of room 4002" as a synonym for working hard on campus and illuminated the road for generations of BITers.

"Mr. Zhang would wait for the late students to finish their self-study before locking the door and leaving every night. He is like a kind elder who always cares about us and helps us." Said Huang Yixin, a graduate student of Grade 2022 in the School of Optics and Photonics, shared her days of review for the exam in room 4002.

Since November 2022, Mr. Zhang Zhonglian has voluntarily complied with the school's requirements of working from home, but he still entrusted students studying in the classroom to manage room 4002, keeping it open until late at night to provide support for students.

Although he was not allowed to come into campus, Zhang never stop thinking of his students in Room 4002. As the entrance exam was approaching, he entrusted Liu Peifu, a graduate student from the School of Optics and Photonics of Grade 2022, to write his instructions on the blackboard.

"Seeing Mr. Zhang's words on the blackboard made me feel warm and motivated. What touched me most is that Mr. Zhang, who is nearly 90 years old, still works tirelessly and provide guidance to students. He is a good teacher who cares for us and a good example for us to learn from!" Seeing the message on the blackboard, the students passing by sincerely expressed their love and respect.

Love in the lines of words from Mr Zhang shines under the lights of room 4002, warming the hearts of the students despite of winter coldness!  

From youth to old age, the young boy has grown into a great man sheltering his students.

Sixty-seven years of studying and teaching in the campus of BIT has seen Zhang Zhonglian’s efforts in practicing and leading by example, staying true to the original mission, passing on the red gene of "Yan 'an root and military spirit" and the firm dedication of BIT staff to the country from generation to generation, and always being the beacon that lights up the way ahead for students!