Wang Shuai: To do scientific research, you must "stand upright"

Good news

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the results of the first selection of "Outstanding Youth in Industry and Information Technology".

Wang Shuai, professional responsible professor of the cyberspace security discipline of the School of Cyberspace Security, Beijing Institute of Technology, and doctoral supervisor won this honor!


The leaders of the Ministry taking a group photo with the winners of the first "Outstanding Youth in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology"


Wang Shuai has long been engaged in basic theoretical research, key technology research, advanced product development and innovative talent training in the field of aerospace high-security communications. He has successively undertaken important national scientific research projects such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and is currently serving as the deputy chief engineer of a satellite communication system model. He successively won the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award as the second completer, the first prize of the Technical Invention Award of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and the first prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Institute of Communications; and the second prize of the National Science and Technology Award as the fourth completer; the honorary title of "Top Ten" outstanding scientific and technological workers from the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Youth Science and Technology Award of Huo Yingdong Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education. He guided students to win the only overall champion of the 6th "Internet +" China International College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge, the 12th "Challenge Cup" National Gold Award of the Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition and the 18th "Challenge Cup" National Competition in 2023 Beijing Special Prize in the Main Competition of College Students' Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works.

"I hope that my scientific research results can be 'indomitable', which not only has academic value and reveals scientific laws; but also has a place for use, and can really play a role and contribute to the development and construction of national key fields such as aerospace!" Adhering to this ideal of scientific research, Wang Shuai devoted himself to research for more than ten years, overcame difficulties and forged ahead courageously on the road of serving the country with science and technology.

Growing up in BIT

In 2001, when Wang Shuai was taking the college entrance examination, mobile communication was not popular at that time, and pagers were rare items. Parents and elders generally believed that the communication industry had hope, so Wang Shuai chose communication engineering as his undergraduate major. After entering the university campus, he found that the professional course of communication engineering was much more difficult than he imagined. Relying on unremitting efforts, he gradually learned something. When choosing the target college for the postgraduate entrance examination, Wang Shuai found that the "Communication and Information System" of BIT is a national key discipline with outstanding advantages, and he yearned for it long. Hard work pays off: Wang Shuai finally got a graduate student majoring in communication and information systems of BIT with a score of 410 in the national unified examination and the second overall score in the preliminary re-examination. He studied under Professor An Jianping. In 2012, Dr. Wang Shuai stayed at the school to teach after graduation and became a teacher of BIT.


Wang Shuai taking a group photo with his supervisor Professor An Jianping during his Ph.D.

Recalling his time as a student at BIT, Wang Shuai said frankly: I was not confident at the beginning of my postgraduate study. Although he was admitted to Beijing Institute of Technology with high scores, Wang Shuai felt that his ability to analyze and solve practical problems was not strong. He even thought that he could only do theoretical research and could not combine engineering practice. In order to inspire Wang Shuai's courage, his supervisor, Professor An Jianping, specially entrusted him with a complex hardware circuit design task. It took Wang Shuai half a year to study and try carefully from basic principles to design tools, and successfully produced the first set of hardware circuits in his career. However, during the debugging process, Wang Shuai suddenly found that a very important chip on the circuit board "strikes" unexpectedly, and no matter what he did, it did not respond to the instructions he sent through the FPGA. After several inspections, Wang Shuai found that due to his lack of experience, several key circuits were missing between the chip and the FPGA. Wang Shuai felt extremely annoyed and frustrated by his unfavorable start, "I am really disappointed in myself and feel that I have let down the trust of my mentor; Moreover, the team has invested tens of thousands of yuan in this hardware, which was not a small number in 2005. I have seriously considered whether I should make up for this loss by myself."

After Professor An Jianping found out about the matter, Wang Shuai did not expect his teacher to just smile lightly, "Your negligence did not affect the full functions of this board, and this design was successful to a certain extent. As for the wrong part, just correct it next time. If engineers dare not try, how can they develop real skills? " The teacher's words gave Wang Shuai great confidence. He no longer doubted himself. He quickly grew from a research rookie to the backbone of the team and achieved remarkable results. During his doctoral period, he was awarded the second prize of the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award together with his supervisor as the main completer, and was also awarded the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award by the Beijing Municipal Education and Industry Commission when he graduated.

After graduating with a Ph.D., Wang Shuai chose to stay at BIT to teach, "BIT is the first university of science and engineering founded by the Communist Party of China, with a fine tradition and brilliant achievements. During the seven years of studying, the red gene of BIT has been deeply imprinted in my heart. I am determined to serve the motherland with scientific research, produce more scientific research results, and cultivate more high-level talents. "Wang Shuai said.

Trying hard, "knocking" to the end with difficulties

As a scientific researcher, Wang Shuai has endured the "bitterness" of scientific research for more than ten years, but the "sweetness" after overcoming difficult problems makes him even more happy. Being able to take on heavy responsibilities and dare to innovate is Wang Shuai's requirement for himself. For many years, he has been a "workaholic" in the eyes of teachers, colleagues and students.

A very important and urgent scientific research task was once handed over to Wang Shuai's scientific research team. According to the general unit: From the development plan on the drawing to the official product participating in the flight test, a period of only 6 months was granted. In the face of severe challenges, many strong and advantageous institutions are discouraged. "Now it depends on whether BIT dares to accept the challenge." In line with the belief that "not being shameful", Wang Shuai took on the heavy responsibility and led a group of doctoral and postgraduate students to form a special team to carry out intensive research. During the research process, a technical problem related to vibration stability could not be solved, and the ability of this young team was doubted. Due to the sporadic nature of faults, Wang Shuai and his team members had to endure huge noises and conduct long-term tests in the vibration laboratory in order to reproduce the problem. Recalling this experience, Wang Shuai said: "It was really hard to eat and live next to the vibration test bench for more than ten consecutive days. Even wearing noise-canceling headphones, people will be numb from the shock. Seeing that the project node is approaching day by day, and the general unit calls every few hours, I am also devastated. But no matter how broken, you have to grit your teeth and survive. Because only if I persevere, everyone's morale will not be lost."


Wang Shuai leading graduate students to conduct experiments

After a calm review, Wang Shuai led the team to set up the test conditions scientifically, carried out the test in two shifts without interruption, and finally found out the very inconspicuous error that would cause a failure from tens of thousands of lines of program code, and the problem was easily solved. The team regained the trust of the superior unit through accurate fault location and effective solutions. After the product was put into use, it achieved very good results and guaranteed the first successful network flight of an important platform, which is of great significance. In the application certificate of scientific and technological achievements issued by relevant departments for the school, Wang Shuai insisted on including Song Zhe, Yang Xuanhe and other doctoral students who have made outstanding contributions, 'Honours are tilted towards young people, and careers can be followed by successors'. This sentence is often said by my teacher, Professor An Jianping; now that I have become a postgraduate tutor, I have to follow the teacher's precepts and deeds," Wang Shuai said.

With moral education, focusing on innovative talent training

As a member of the Communist Party and a university teacher, Wang Shuai has always insisted on educating people for the party and the country. He said: "Teachers should not instill knowledge into students in a simple and mechanical way, but should be like lighting a candle with another candle and awakening another heart with one heart." With more than ten years of teaching career, he is very familiar with the knowledge of the courses he taught, such as "Communication Principles" and "Communication and Network", and he can easily speak them. "Being on the podium is like talking about cross talk. You have to think about the beginning and the end, design the logical main line, first throw out the suspense, then repeatedly lay the groundwork, and finally shake the burden, and complete it in one go. Every time I see the comprehension and suddenly enlightened expressions of the students, it is the greatest enjoyment standing on the podium." In the latest student evaluation in April this year, the "Communication and Network I" course undertaken by Wang Shuai received a 100% favorable rate. The students who took his class said, "Teacher Wang's lectures are passionate, fascinating and enjoyable to listen to."

In addition to teaching professional knowledge, Wang Shuai also pays attention to cultivating students' family and country feelings. Faced with the changing external environment of China's technological development, the confidence of some students has been affected. "There are so many problems in key core technologies, what should we do?", "In some fields, China still has a gap with some foreign countries. Can we catch up?" Wang Shuai has a keen insight: for various reasons, students are afraid or unwilling to ask these questions in class, but they are eagerly looking forward to the answer deep in their hearts. Therefore, he often starts from his own scientific research experience and knowledge, and even brings the real objects of his scientific research results to the classroom for demonstration. "It is to use vivid facts and vivid examples to let students see how each key core technology has been broken through." Wang Shuai also presided over the construction of the "Kongtian Post Station" public Wechat account, wrote a series of professional introductions and popular science articles, and guided students to establish correct values and career ideals.


Wang Shuai discussing with graduate students

In terms of postgraduate training, Wang Shuai insists on leading students to the forefront of cutting-edge scientific research in key national fields, "giving students real valuable problems early", guiding them to actively master advanced mathematical tools in this field, and to refine the scientific nature of practical problems; He often emphasizes to students that academic achievements such as papers and patents are not the end of scientific research, and that making these achievements play a positive role in practice is the "true ability" of innovative talents. Wang Shuai believes that supervisors and postgraduates are not only teachers and students, but also business partners. They must respect each other and share the same desires, so as to form a joint force and carry out organized scientific research. With the support of the team, Wang Shuai respected the students' research interests by advocating "I choose my research direction, and I am responsible for the research direction I choose", and respected the students' scientific research time by doing everything possible to protect students from trivial disturbances. By strictly implementing the signature norms to respect the scientific research achievements of the students, a series of down-to-earth measures made the graduate students feel confident, and high-level research results followed. Ph.D. student Yue Pingyue published an academic paper as the first author in the SCI journal IEEE Communications Survey & Tutorial with the highest influence factor (IF=35.6) in the communication field in July this year, and was recommended by the editor-in-chief of the journal. Yue said: "Although Teacher Wang Shuai is very busy with his work, he has never relaxed his guidance on my scientific research work. And he provided me with the opportunity to participate in major scientific research projects. The results of my research have been used in the country's first low-orbit global communication constellation, which was something I couldn't have imagined before I got my Ph.D."


Wang Shuai guiding students to participate in the "Challenge Cup" National Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition

As of June 2023, Wang Shuai has guided students to publish 14 papers published in SCI and 15 papers published in EI as the first author, and students have obtained 21 national invention patent authorizations as the first inventor; The "Research on High Dynamic Broadband Real-time Wireless Spectrum Monitoring Technology" directed by him was approved as a national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program; Lin Yujie, a Ph.D graduate under his supervision, has stayed in BIT and won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Society of Communications as one of the main contributors; He guided students to win a series of awards in important competitions such as the "Challenge Cup" College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, the Extracurricular Academic Works Competition, and the "Internet+" International College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Most of the 17 doctoral and master graduates under his guidance have worked in government agencies, scientific research institutes and high-tech companies related to national key fields.

"If you want to be determined, you don't want to be sharp, and success comes in a long time, not in a hurry." In the future, Wang Shuai will continue to explore in the world of science and work tirelessly on the road of talent cultivation.

Further reading

The "Outstanding Youth of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" tree selection activity is a specific measure launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to study Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, give full play to the leading role of role models, and stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young officers. After organization recommendation, preliminary evaluation, publicity, on-site display, conference research and other links, Among the 27,000 young comrades under the age of 40 in the whole system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Including the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and other departments and bureaus under the Ministry, local administrative bureaus, universities under the Ministry, public institutions under the Ministry, and fund companies managed by the Ministry), 20 "Industry and Information Technology Outstanding Youth" and 10 "Industry and Information Technology Outstanding Youth Finalists" were selected.


The first "Outstanding Youth in Industry and Information Technology" Medal of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology