Zhao Erdong: A teacher who deeply cultivates teaching

Learn ideology, strengthen party spirit, focus on practice, and make new contributions

Combining the development of theme education with the promotion of "Double First-Class" in BIT, the results of theme education will be effectively transformed into the driving force for BIT’s reform and development.

When the whole BIT is carrying out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Committee Propaganda Department will launch a series of character reports through special topics such as "Craftsman Teachers" to show the spirit of BIT teachers who are determined to be first-class and put teaching first, to extensively gather the majestic power to promote the high-quality development of BIT business.

He is a teacher of how to communicate more effectively.

His class is the favorite of many students who meet each other late and have endless aftertastes.

"Study-oriented, teaching and educating people" is his scientific key that is loved by students.

For 20 years, he has been on the front line of teaching, working tirelessly, thinking hard and enjoying teaching, and his love for it has never diminished.

He is Zhao Erdong,one of the first batch of famous national curriculum ideological and political teachers, the first batch of young teaching teachers in Beijing universities, a professor at the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology.

"BIT is a university full of 'positive energy'. BIT's red blood and historical heritage have deeply infected me. I struggle and grow together with my colleagues and students here. I feel fulfilled and happy." Recalling 2020, Zhao Erdong said the original intention of joining BIT.

Making the course ideological and political " down to earth"

"Don't ask what the country has done for you, but ask what you have done for the country?" This is what Zhao Erdong often said to students in class. He has always kept in mind the mission of "educating people for the party and cultivating talents for the country". He started the exploration and practice of ideological and political courses earlier, focused on embodying ideological and political views in the teaching content system, and actively cultivated the team spirit of students' cooperation and win-win. He methodically guided students to develop professional ethics and ethical norms of responsibility, economical and economical, and cultivated college students in the new era with humanistic literacy and family and country feelings.

"Role-playing method" inspires students to empathize and cultivate teamwork spirit

“The way of great learning involves manifesting virtue, loving the people, and abiding by the highest good.” How to do a good job of integrating professional education and ideological and political education in a silent way? Zhao Erdong believes that the first thing to do is to cultivate the mind, and the key to cultivating the mind is to grasp the psychological characteristics and learning demands of contemporary college students, and dialectical analysis should be conducted from the two perspectives of teaching and learning. "From the perspective of learning, we should understand the characteristics of the era of "Internet natives" of contemporary college students. They like new things, have a high degree of acceptance of information-based teaching, are highly dependent on the Internet, and have fragmented learning behaviors. Therefore, education of ideals and beliefs should be strengthened; From the perspective of teaching, it is necessary to pay attention to the development and changes of teaching, the renewal of methods, enrich the course form, and incorporate fresh content, so as to stimulate students' learning motivation. "Zhao Erdong said.

In response to the growth demands of students in the digital age, Zhao Erdong took "cultivating the mind and morality, and combining Taoism and skills" as the ideological and political teaching goal of the course, and built a "one-core and three-dimensional" management course education and teaching model. That is to say, with the trinity of "professional knowledge imparting, professional ability development, and value system construction" as the core educational concept, strive to realize the value guidance of "Internet natives" in preaching and teaching. Do a good job in curriculum teaching reform and innovation from the three dimensions of academic teaching orientation, systematic teaching methods, and information-based teaching methods, implement the fundamental task of cultivating talents, and then cultivate compound talents with the integration of "engineering + management" .

"One Core and Three Dimensions" Management Course Education and Teaching Mode

To let the ideology and politics of the course enter the mind and heart, it is also necessary to arouse the empathy of the students. In the classroom, Zhao Erdong quotes from many sources, from stories around him to cultural classics, from social phenomena to national policies, and he can always incorporate examples that can resonate with students according to the course content. When talking about "how to grasp the language style", he took the Confucian school as an example to analyze, guiding students to learn professional knowledge and vividly comprehend the "benevolence, justice, harmony, and unity" in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the essence of thought and the value of the times, firm cultural self-confidence; When talking about "how to make reasonable metaphors", he led the students to experience the art of expression of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the "Belt and Road" International Summit Forum, cultivate students' professional skills, and inspire everyone's sense of mission to serve the motherland; Sometimes he would give examples from his own growth process, examples of communication between students and parents, vivid teaching language, and various forms of teacher-student communication, so that his classrooms are often full of laughter. The students all said that Mr. Zhao's lectures are very "down-to-earth".

In daily teaching, Zhao Erdong also attaches great importance to feeding back teaching with scientific research. He has presided over a number of national, provincial and ministerial-level projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Development and Reform Commission, and strives to organically integrate the cutting-edge knowledge of these topics into the classroom; He also invites experts who are active in the front line of the industry to conduct interviews with students in the online classroom, helping students understand the latest industry information and workplace trends, and injecting vitality into the ideological and political course.

"The Power of Communication" National Curriculum Ideological and Political Demonstration Course Teaching Master Group

In addition, relying on online national high-quality courses such as "Management Communication" and "The Power of Communication" he lectured, he carried out mixed teaching practices, actively promoted smart education teaching, and created the "123" mixed teaching model: With the core goal of motivating students to "participatory learning", the "online + offline" dual integration system is built, and the three-stage learning tasks of "before class + during class + after class" are coordinated, and an online MOOC is constructed for students + Digital teaching materials + offline classrooms and other digital learning ecology have achieved good teaching results. In 2020, the "Management Communication" course was awarded the first batch of national first-class online and offline hybrid gold courses. In 2021, "The Power of Communication" was awarded the first batch of national curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses, and Zhao Erdong and his team of teachers were also awarded the national curriculum ideological and political teaching masters and teaching team.

Creating a "golden class" that students love with heart

"The communication course taught by Mr. Zhao made me realize that the key factors for the success or failure of management are covered by many seemingly ordinary things." "Mr. Zhao is serious and responsible in teaching, with vivid language, clear organization, and adequate and appropriate examples." Behind the praise of students is Zhao Erdong's 20-year-long dedication to learning and being a teacher.

"The primary task of a university teacher is to do a good job in teaching and educating people. This is my original intention to learn and be a teacher." Since he stood on the podium, how to teach students good lessons has always been the direction of his thinking and efforts, and how to become a good teacher has always been his pursuit and dream. When he was a visiting scholar at Harvard University, Zhao Erdong was deeply moved by Professor Sandel's "Justice" class. Those abstract and boring principles are so vivid, interesting and thought-provoking in the teaching process of famous Harvard teachers, so that many Harvard students scramble to take this course. The first-class classrooms of top universities strongly infected him and strengthened his determination and belief that "we must do a good job in teaching".

Active and interactive flipped classroom

In teaching practice, Zhao Erdong noticed that some professional knowledge of management and the actual life of college students are so far away that many students "can't understand and think deeply" when studying, and it is difficult to apply what they have learned and integrate knowledge with action. In order to enable students to better understand and master these scientific principles, he starts from the student's center and uses a large number of real examples close to students' lives to conduct inspiring teaching, such as a daily meeting of the student union, an ordinary anecdote in the club, and a story about an internship experience, which are all in the class of management communication and in the lectures of Mr. Zhao. The vivid phenomena around you trigger a series of professional questions worth thinking about: What is the nature of your organization? What are the corresponding management strategies and management principles? What problems might you encounter as a member of the organization? How to use communication skills to resolve problems... Students learn in it, think in it, and enjoy it, and their participation in the classroom is greatly improved. Over the years, Zhao Erdong has been striving for perfection and polishing the classroom. He successively taught professional and general courses such as "Management Communication", "Organizational Behavior", "The Power of Communication" and "Leadership", and accumulated rich teaching experience. Groups of students have benefited a lot from his classes.

Zhao Erdong recording the "Management Communication" MOOC

With the iterative upgrading of information technology, "MOOCs" are rapidly rising around the world, extensively and profoundly affecting the new generation of students. Focusing on the opportunities and challenges of the reform and development of higher education teaching, Zhao Erdong became the first group of "pathfinders" in China to invest in the construction of "MOOCs". Previously, he had the experience of making video public classes and micro-classes, and on this basis, he began to "retreat" to make the "Management Communication" MOOC. In addition to teaching students, he turned down all the affairs and focused on the work of the MOOC. Half a year later, he finally completed the production of the "Management Communication" MOOC.

A new form of digital teaching material supporting first-class courses "Management Communication: Principles, Strategies and Applications"

Since the course was launched, 16 rounds of courses have been held on the (MOOC platform), with a total of 180,000 course enrollments; In 2020, the course was launched on Netease Open Class, and it received 1.48 million broadcasts in just one year. It has been selected and studied by many colleges and universities, and has produced extensive social effects. It has successively been approved as the first batch of national high-quality online open courses, and won the first national first prize of the most beautiful MOOC in Chinese universities and the Beijing Teaching Achievement Award. The supporting digital new form textbook "Management Communication - Principles, Strategies and Applications" was selected as the "14th Five-Year Plan" textbook by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. "Seeing that the students like this course and everyone has learned something, I am very happy and have a sense of accomplishment!" said Zhao Erdong.

"Being a light that lights up others"

"If my teaching and educating model can benefit my students, then sharing my experience and methods will benefit more students; If I am a light point that lights up others, then the lighted person will become a new light point that lights up more people. I think that's what it means to be a teacher. "Zhao Erdong said.

Gao Ang, associate professor of the School of Management and Economics, recently won the first place in the liberal arts group of the Young Teachers Teaching Basic Skills Competition of Beijing Institute of Technology. As a member of the National Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Famous Teacher Team led by Mr. Zhao Erdong, Gao Ang has learned a lot from him. During the preparation period, Zhao Erdong unreservedly shared his teaching experience accumulated over the years, and gave guidance in terms of curriculum design, teaching form, teaching rhythm, body language, etc., with sincerity and enthusiasm. "Mr. Zhao and I are in the same team and department. We often have chances to communicate with each other. When talking about curriculum construction and teaching practice, Mr. Zhao can 'get into the mood' in a second. His enthusiasm for teaching deeply infected me. It also inspired my original intention of teaching and educating people." Gao Ang said.

Professor Huang Lu from the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology, who has just been awarded as a famous teacher of teaching, is full of gratitude when she mentions Zhao Erdong. In the past three years, under the guidance of Mr. Zhao, Huang Lu has successively produced two high-quality MOOCs, with nearly 80,000 participants. "Whether it is the teaching reform projects such as the industry-university cooperation collaborative education of the Ministry of Education that I have been awarded, or the Beijing Teaching Achievement Award, these teaching achievements are inseparable from the wisdom and help of Mr. Zhao." Huang Lu said happily.

Lecture on the theme of "Construction, Application, and Application of First Class Courses" for college teachers

In recent years, Zhao Erdong has led the establishment of the Future Management Learning Research Center, focusing on the characteristics of the subject, conducting educational and teaching research, and striving to create more branded and reputable "golden courses" and textbooks to help young teachers grow; He and his team of teachers have given over a hundred themed presentations at various conferences such as the National Curriculum Ideological and Political Education Seminar, and shared their experiences with over 400 domestic universities. Every report and experience sharing was given by Zhao Erdong with great dedication and honesty, providing valuable reference models for various universities and majors to carry out first-class curriculum construction and professional ideological and political education.

   He is a teacher of inclusion and appreciation for merits, and also a good teacher and friend who illuminates the way forward for students. In order to cultivate students' research abilities, he made every effort to guide them in writing first-class papers, revised 48 drafts before and after, and finally successfully published them in the top international journal and made them highly cited papers; In order to cultivate students' career ethics and behavioral norms, he uses "enterprising, responsible, and caring" as his teacher's discipline, and behavior signage as his incentive method. He has trained more than 80 master's and doctoral students before and after, and has been highly praised by employers……

Zhao Erdong taking a group photo with the graduates

Wang Yufei, a 2021 postgraduate student, is about to leave school and enter the workplace. Looking back on the time he spent with his mentor Zhao Erdong, he said, "What the teacher taught me is not only professional knowledge, but also the courage and ability to face future life." Wang Yufei was deeply impressed by an email communication experience with the journal. In the initial communication, Wang Yufei caused a lot of misunderstandings in terminology and format specifications, resulting in low communication efficiency. Under the correction and guidance of the tutor, Wang Yufei quickly mastered the communication norms and language skills, successfully completed the task. Email may seem like a trivial daily matter, but it reflects a person's professionalism. In the process of leading students in scientific research and practice, Zhao Erdong consciously cultivates students' professional ability and norms, helping them complete the transition and transformation from student thinking to professional thinking. In addition, Zhao Erdong will regularly invite graduates to share their workplace experience, impart work experience, and exchange career plans for juniors; Carry out teacher-student exchange meetings, and talk with students about the troubles and interesting things in study, life and practice. "In life, the teacher always cares about our current situation, and we are especially willing to share our experience with the teacher. We have a teacher-friend relationship with the teacher. The teacher is humorous and knowledgeable. His personality charm has always infected and inspired us." Wang Yufei said.

Those who are good at singing make people follow their voices, and those who are good at teaching make people follow their aspirations. "University teachers should not only be 'teachers of scriptures', but also 'teachers of human beings', and strive to help students buckle the first button in their lives. Only by actively guiding and passing on positive energy to them, will they walk out of the campus with love and light, realize their self-worth, illuminate others, and contribute to society. "Zhao Erdong said so.

It is Zhao Erdong's sincere, simple and shining dream to teach good lessons, educate good people, and let students avoid detours. In the future, he will continue to work tirelessly!