Du Juan: I enjoy "giving good lessons" for students.

Editor's notes:

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of implementing the 14th five year plan and starting a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. On the occasion of the study and education of party history carried out by the whole party, the Publicity Department of the Party committee specially launched a special report on "always follow the party and forge ahead in a new journey", comprehensively showing the achievements made by the school in strengthening the party's leadership and Party building, vividly telling the struggle stories of BIT workers, widely condensing the majestic force of the school's career development, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements. This issue introduces the report of teacher Du Juan. Let's listen to her story of "class is bigger than day".

I enjoy "giving good lessons" for students.


The key to a class is that the lecturer should understand the knowledge structure and thinking mode of the audience, and explain each knowledge point thoroughly in accurate and concise language; It is to lead students to figure out the ideas of the predecessors who build these knowledge; It is to switch back and forth from macro and micro, so that students can understand the structure of the whole discipline; It also lies in using common sense to understand knowledge and using knowledge to improve the cognition of common sense.

——Du Juan, School of Integrated Circuits and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology

·There is no shortcut to a good class·

In July 2005, Du Juan, who worked in Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and later obtained a doctorate from South China University of Technology, chose to return to her alma mater, Beijing Institute of Technology. Although she has a bright resume working in a well-known high-tech enterprise, she chose to be a college teacher after further study. Du Juan said that teaching and educating people is her pursuit.

When she first worked, "what kind of class is a good class?" has always been a big problem haunting Du Juan. In order to be better qualified for teaching, she spent a whole year listening to the old teacher's class and carefully preparing the teaching content.

The first lecture on the stage was "communication circuit and system". In the early stage of preparing this course, Du Juan struggled for a long time. Learn from the teaching experience of most teachers and teach step by step according to the catalogue and chapter order of the course? Or start with the students' knowledge structure, disassemble and reorganize the boring professional knowledge, and carry out it layer by layer? The former method is the simplest, but large paragraphs of text are easy to make students tired and distracted. Although the latter method has a huge workload, it can facilitate students to learn new knowledge. After some consideration, she chose the latter and took the initiative to meet new challenges.


One year later, Du Juan relearned the previous course Analog Circuit. Through communication with students to understand their understanding of circuits, explore ideas that students can understand, explain, and use expressions that are more convenient for them to understand... It is difficult to deconstruct professional knowledge and create an active classroom atmosphere, but in her opinion, it is worth it.

It takes about 30 minutes to ride a bike from school to home. During this time on the way to and from work, Du Juan often uses it to think about textbook knowledge and classroom teaching. Each time you think about a knowledge point, from knowledge reorganization to optimized output, all relevant contents will be repeatedly adjusted and connected in your mind until they evolve into the final teaching idea. Sometimes I can't figure it out. I will continue to think at home. Every thought design can achieve good teaching results. Therefore, she has always maintained the habit of using fragmented time to think about classroom teaching.

Slowly, Du Juan became calmer and calmer in class, and became one of the most impressed teachers of the first batch of undergraduates she taught. Du Juan said that it is a very happy thing to be recognized by students. "This sense of happiness comes from the courage to face difficulties and challenge yourself when preparing lessons, from the perspective of students, with the goal of speaking well in each class."

·In a good class, we should have "number" in mind·

Give it fish, but also give it fishing. In Du Juan's opinion, learning to learn is more important than learning knowledge, so she has always stressed the importance of cultivating students' learning ability. "Books must be written in a deductive way, and people's cognitive process needs to be carried out in an inductive way. Teachers should establish an effective connection between book knowledge and students' cognition, impart knowledge to students, and enable them to obtain new cognition through learning."

In every class, Du Juan is most concerned about three hidden numbers: there should be about three bright spots in the teaching design, at least 50% of the lectures are interesting, and 90% of the students' "rise rate" should be guaranteed.

Du Juan said with a smile that she was a student's "schoolboy". In Du Juan's opinion, in addition to "Empathy", understanding students' existing knowledge structure and being able to explain the internal logic of new knowledge step by step, a good class should also be good at setting suspense, digging holes for students and mobilizing the classroom atmosphere, such as adding small jokes related to the teaching content, so that students can learn in joy. In the hearts of students, Mr. Du can tell jokes. He is a humorous and passionate person.

Du Juan admitted that being good at telling jokes is not only related to her character, but also inseparable from her usual reading and dabbling. Despite her engineering background, her reading range is very "miscellaneous", especially she likes reading literature and history books, and occasionally listens to some famous lectures through some apps.


These are the teaching related certificates obtained by Du Juan.

Since teaching, Du Juan has been interpreting her professional belief that "class is bigger than heaven" with practical actions, and her personal efforts have been recognized by more and more people. In recent years, she has successively won the second prize of the 10th T-more Classroom Teaching Class and the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Science and Technology Leike", and her students have also won the first prize in the national discipline competition.

·In order to have a good class, we should not only teach, but also educate people·

Each teacher's classroom has different styles, but there is only one basic evaluation standard, that is, to teach students well in class. After standing on the podium, Du Juan thought most about "how to better teach and educate people" and "how to implement the requirements of curriculum ideological and political work".

Although she left Xi'an to study abroad as a teenager, Du Juan still maintained the openness and cheerfulness of northwest people. Whether in class or in life, Du Juan can tolerate students' unintentional mistakes, but will not accommodate students' ignorance and rudeness on major issues of right and wrong. "Every generation of young people should have more hope than the previous generation and lead the growth and development of students with the ideal of serving the country with patriotic struggle," Du Juan said.

"Value guidance should not rely solely on preaching, but should be based on the reality of life, guide students with vivid examples, and let students understand the great power of ideals and beliefs." through the special party class on party history learning and education, Du Juan once again felt the historical necessity of the glorious century of the Communist Party of China, and the teachers in the party class saw the big from the small and had an infectious teaching method, It also made her re-examine her ways and means of educating and guiding students in class.

Communication Circuit and System taught by Du Juan is an important professional basic course with strong theory and abstract content for electronic information and communication related majors. When some students felt confused, Du Juan told the students the development story of new China Communication from "seeing words like face" to "interconnection of all things" in the past 70 years, which is the result of the hard work of generations of correspondents. "This process is just like the process of the Red Army's Long March. I asked the students that the Red Army soldiers can't see the end on the road of the long march. They can only see the snow all over the sky, the legs of their predecessors and the heads of their descendants. What should we do at this time? The students told me that the only way is to walk a little longer. If we learn more and stick to it, we may learn it thoroughly."


"I love teaching very much. I enjoy sharing knowledge with students in class and talking with students after class," Du Juan said. Since 2008, she has been the headmaster of freshmen. Talk to students, care about their life and study, and pay special attention to students with academic difficulties and life difficulties. During her ten years as a headmaster, she has cultivated a number of excellent students.

Teaching tirelessly and always with passion, this may be Du Juan's joy of education!

I would like to say to the Party:

"A teacher is a model for others." as a teacher, I will do my job in a down-to-earth manner, fulfill the responsibility of a Communist Party member, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, seriously study and discipline myself, combine teaching and educating people with self-cultivation, so as to establish myself, learn and teach with morality, and guide students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, Inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, cultivate the young generation who love the motherland, love the people and devote themselves to the national cause, and strive to contribute to the educational cause of the motherland.

——Du Juan

The teachers generation after generation of Beijing Institute of Technology adhere to the original intention of building morality and cultivating people, and undertake the mission of teaching and educating people. Relying on their persistent pursuit of education, they silently contribute, stick to their posts of teaching and educating people, and constantly make new and greater contributions to the cause of the party and the people!