Climbing the summit, he is He Chuan, a teacher of BIT!

He is a representative figure of Chinese folk climbers.

He is the most powerful rock climber.

He perfectly combines work and hobbies.

He is a good teacher and helpful friend of students.

He is He Chuan.

The most powerful big rock climber


In 2020, He Chuan climbed the Potala Peak

He Chuan, a teacher at Beijing Institute of Technology, graduated in 2000 with a degree in optoelectronics, grew up in a place also called "Hechuan" in the mountain city of Chongqing. Hechuan people attached great importance to studying texts and teaching since ancient times. He Chuan's parents also have very simple expectations of him, that is, study hard and have a good prospect in the future. In the autumn of 1996, He Chuan was admitted to Beijing from Chongqing, and later stayed on to teach at the BIT and obtained a doctor’s degree.

In 2001, when He Chuan had gradually adapted to the busy rhythm of life in the city, he accidentally participated in a Yunmeng Gorge crossing activity, which reminded him of the boy who ran on the mountain back then, and once again ignited the love in his heart. It was this Yunmeng Mountain crossing activity that made his indissoluble bond with rock climbing. More than ten years later, he settled his home in the mountains again. In the Baihe mountain area of Beijing, his courtyard is surrounded by mountains on three sides. And the once boy has become the most powerful big rock climber in China.

In 2005, he started to manage the "White River Rock Climbing Fund"

In 2006, he began to try and develop the Dry tooling route and completed the first ascent of two multi-section traditional routes in Nanping

In February 2007, he climbed a large number of ice wall routes in Shuangqiaogou, including "Dragon's Mouth" and many other WI4 difficulty routes

In 2009, he won the first place in the men's category of the "Snowbird" extreme pioneer ice climbing exchange meeting

In 2011, he won the first place in the men's category of the "Black Diamond Age of Arms" ice climbing competition

With six climbs in seven years, he has set records for the first ascent of dangerous peaks many times

In 2015, He Chuan climbed alone on the south wall of Huashan Mountain

With six climbs in seven years

On the road to conquering the Potala Peak

He Chuan never stopped climbing

In August 2012, he stopped at Pomiao Peak.

In August 2013, he was stuck in his steps after climbing 7 pitches and 300 meters from the summit.

In August 2014, he attacked again with more adequate preparation, more skillful techniques and capability, but he heard the news of the unfortunate death of his teammates and went down the mountain to participate in the search.

In August 2015, after preparing for training in Huashan Mountain, he was full of confidence. However, the weather was not good enough and there was not the right weather for climbing.

In August 2016, He Chuan felt the hardship he had never had before. He wanted to give up, but after all he could not let go of this persistent pursuit.

In August 2017, he came again. After several days of climbing, only three pitches were left. All the difficulties have been passed, and the summit is almost at hand! At this moment, a protection point failed and fell off. He Chuan plunged seven or eight meters and broke his tibia. As a result, this year’s climb ended in an "unspeakable" difficult descent.

In August 2020, He Chuan tried to climb the Potala Peak for the sixth time. This time, he and his teammates chose the north wall route to climb this towering rock wall. After 4 days of climbing accompanied with wind and rain, they finally reached the Potala Peak, realizing his dream which he has been pursuing for 7 years.

"Rock climbing is a hobby for me, it is an adjustment in work and life. It has always been a mentality of climbing and playing, and happiness is the most important thing." Although he is holding the attitude of "climbing and playing", He Chuan has never slackened, climbing again and again, creating again and again, and rewriting records again and again. He has won many championships in rock climbing and ice climbing competitions, opened up many climbing routes, created many records for the first climb of dangerous peaks, and participated in documentary filming as a climber many times. As an amateur climber, He Chuan has become a representative of Chinese folk climbers and has already developed his climbing hobby to the extreme.

The perfect combination of career and hobby


He Chuan is experimenting

He Chuan is a rock climber.

He is also a teacher at Beijing Institute of Technology,

his personal education,

and the profession of university teachers

and personal hobbies

made a perfect combination.

I am a tough person who can stick to a goal for a long time. The education I have received is of great help to climbing. Climbing is a very slow sport. Different scenarios require different techniques to deal with, and different situations require different strategies. The logical thinking of science and engineering can help me clear my mind and make me face the difficulties and dangers in climbing rationally. At the same time, the understanding of safety protection system for climbing is also inseparable from the foundation of engineering training.

In rock climbing, He Chuan encountered many dangers and difficulties,

but he never thought of giving up.

He Chuan's spiritual strength and will quality gained from climbing is also directly reflected in daily teaching and research.

"Optical Measurement" is an experimental course with high requirements for students' hands-on ability and difficult operation. He Chuan has been responsible for the teaching of this course for a long time. From course design to maintenance of experimental equipment, he did every job carefully and meticulously, showing great patience and tenacity. In addition, He Chuan and his colleagues opened a public elective course of "Digital Camera Performance Evaluation" to help students improve their photography skills by turning their hobbies and expertise into practical actions for talent cultivation.

"Over the years, He Chuan has presided over more than a dozen scientific research projects, including the Natural Science Foundation, and the challenges and difficulties he faced are no less than rock climbing. However, He Chuan and his colleagues in the research team can persist when encountering difficulties, showing a good style of work." Chen Lingfeng, secretary of the Party branch of the Institute of Instrument Science and Technology of the School of Optics and Photonics, commented on He Chuan.

In terms of talent training, He Chuan also has "unique feelings." When he was the undergraduate class teacher, the class he led was awarded as the Excellent Class Collective in Beijing, and the students in the class are even more outstanding. "He is only two and a half years older than us. There is no generation gap. We talk about everything. He has given us a lot of help." Monitor Wang Yang commented that the class leader He Chuan is a good teacher and helpful friend. Under He Chuan's careful guidance, Wang Yang won the Xu Teli Scholarship, BIT's highest undergraduate award during his time at BIT, and he is now the chief information officer of one of China's top 50 VR companies.

In addition to advice and help for students' growth, He Chuan pays attention to spiritually guiding students. At the end of each school year, he will give each student a book with a message on the front page to encourage students to keep forging ahead. Nowadays, although the students have graduated for many years, they still maintain close contact with He Chuan, and they often share their work and life.

Rock climbing, especially big rock climbing, is a sport with a high-risk factor. For rock climbing, He Chuan has his own principles and bottom line. "Rock climbing usually has two situations. One is to strive to be the best, to use the best technical ability and overcome difficulties; the other is to fate, the danger has not really come. When encountering danger, I will first choose to give up and retreat all over, and going home safely is the bottom line of my climb. " He Chuan has always maintained a rational love for climbing as a hobby; "For me, rock climbing is an elastic demand, and I must save my life before climbing. Rock climbing is a means of surpassing and realizing oneself. "He also has a clear grasp of the relationship between the hobby of rock climbing, survival and life.

Tempered by climbing,

Life will go further

In the future, I will continue to move forward along the path of my current life. Teaching and scientific research in BIT are my main responsibilities. In my spare time, I will continue to climb and maintain a balance between work and climbing.

On the road of life,

the desire for upward never stops.

What he is after,

is to keep approaching "that line" above the mountain.

Keep moving forward!