Liu Guangyan: Using the "International Bridge" to Educate Talents

Learn ideology, strengthen party spirit, focus on practice, and make new contributions

Combining the development of theme education with the promotion of "Double First-Class" in BIT, the results of theme education will be effectively transformed into the driving force for BIT’s reform and development.

When the whole BIT is carrying out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Committee Propaganda Department will launch a series of character reports through special topics such as "Craftsman Teachers" to show the spirit of BIT teachers who are determined to be first-class and put teaching first, to extensively gather the majestic power to promote the high-quality development of BIT business.

He has long been responsible for the teaching of full-English courses, and took the lead in presiding over the construction of the "Engineering Mechanics" full-English MOOC in China.

The "Engineering Mechanics" (full English) taught by him was approved as a high-quality undergraduate course in Beijing and a national first-class undergraduate course.

He devotes himself to educating people and cultivates talents widely.

He is a "caring person" in the minds of his students and a mentor whom the students sincerely admire.

He is Liu Guangyan, a young teacher of the School of Aerospace Engineeriing, who is the lecturer of the Excellent Professional Course (Public Course) in Beijing Universities


"Full English courses require high English proficiency, deep professional background, and strong teaching ability. You came back from a famous overseas university. Are you willing to take on this difficult task together?" In the winter of 2012, Professor Shui Xiaoping, a famous teacher in Beijing, sent an invitation to Liu Guangyan, a young teacher who had just entered the job. Ten years later, now, Liu Guangyan has become the leader of the BIT's "Engineering Mechanics" full English series of courses. Working hard for a long time, he has been teaching mechanics in English for more than ten years. With his ingenuity, Liu Guangyan has built an "international bridge" in the "small classroom", injecting international education into the high-quality development of BIT.

Building an "international bridge"

"Everyone, let's study together and know more about the importance of mechanics in engineering application!" At the beginning of the spring semester of 2023, Liu Guangyan stood on the podium passionately and started teaching the English course of "Engineering Mechanics" in the new semester. The average annual class capacity of the international class is about 30 people, which belongs to the "small class course". Although the number of people is not as large as that of the traditional large class, the difficulty of teaching is not small. The classes taught by Liu Guangyan are aimed at students from international classes including Chinese students and international students from different countries. For the teachers and most of the students, English is not their native language, and everyone has a different accent, so there are certain difficulties in classroom communication. However, Liu Guangyan always encourages students to communicate in English boldly in class. Even if the English expression is inaccurate or occasionally others do not understand, it is normal. The important thing is to express your thoughts bravely. "Be Brave and Express Yourself!", this is what he often emphasizes in class.


Students reporting research content in English in class

"The advantage of the language environment of the full-English classroom is the one the pure Chinese classroom will not surpass. The students who come to the class come from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds. I often regard the full-English class as an "international exchange" platform to promote the collision of students' thinking and inspire inspiration. " Liu Guangyan strives to create an active classroom atmosphere in the classroom, so that students can express their opinions, ask questions, exchange and learn from each other without any worries, and conduct small "international exchanges". "Our country has always insisted on opening up to the outside world and going global. It is also my duty as a teacher to communicate with students from all over the world in the classroom of BIT." This flexible teaching method not only improves the quality of classroom teaching, but also makes students feel the ingenuity of Liu Guangyan.

"I was lucky to meet such an empathetic teacher with a clear teaching method, which allowed me to fully understand and master the knowledge of mechanics. I am very much looking forward to asking him for more mechanics knowledge in the future; I am also very lucky to meet so many outstanding Chinese students, and we have a very pleasant communication. " Asad Mahmood, a 2018 international student from Pakistan, spoke highly of Liu Guangyan's class.


Liu Guangyan guided the students to participate in the competition and won the prize

In order to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and actively apply the knowledge they have learned, Liu Guangyan actively guides and leads students to participate in international competitions after completing full English courses. In the 3rd International Engineering Mechanics Competition (Asian Division) in 2021, he led 12 undergraduates to actively carry out pre-competition preparation counseling and continuous drills. In the end, they won 4 special prizes in individual competitions, 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and the first prize in team competitions. Therefore, BIT was qualified to represent Chinese universities in the International Engineering Mechanics Competition.

Through exchanges and mutual learning, Liu Guangyan built an "internationalized" bridge for the students through full English courses and international competitions, and also showed the power of Chinese education to the world with a subtle move.

A full-English course with "Chinese characteristics"

The way of all benefits goes with the times. Since 2011, in order to effectively improve the development level of internationalization of education and promote the construction of a world-class university, BIT has successively opened a number of English teaching majors, recruiting undergraduates and international students from all over BIT. At the same time, it has extensively absorbed excellent teachers in BIT and launched a large number of high-quality English courses. "I have studied abroad in the National University of Singapore and Cambridge University for 9 years, and after finishing my study abroad career in 2012, I joined the Department of Mechanics, School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology as a teacher. Under the guidance of my predecessors, I am obliged to undertake the teaching work in English for undergraduate international classes and international students. " Liu Guangyan recalled that at the beginning of the establishment of BIT's full-English major, he participated in the international teaching of undergraduates as one of the first batch of teachers of full-English courses, and has always adhered to the front line of teaching for more than ten years.

Although the course is taught in English, how to reflect the "Chinese flavor" in the classroom, tell the "Chinese sentiment" and cultivate the "Chinese heart" is the question that Liu Guangyan has been exploring and thinking about since the beginning of the course design. Absorbing the essence of Chinese and foreign courses to create unique BIT courses is his answer.


The national first-class undergraduate course "Engineering Mechanics" English MOOC under the leadership of Liu Guangyan

"The teaching of basic mechanics in China has the characteristic advantages of complete theory and rigorous derivation, while foreign teaching is relatively more prominent in engineering background and cutting-edge science and technology, and at the same time, the construction of course information is more perfect. In order to cultivate leading talents in international engineering science, we must be inclusive, upright and innovative. " Taking advantage of the opportunity of digital education transformation, with BIT's policy guidance and special support, Liu Guangyan maintained the advantages of domestic basic mechanics teaching, and fully learned from the experience and practices of foreign courses oriented to engineering technology. At the same time, he took the lead in integrating information technology and moving the classroom to the "cloud". In 2019, he launched the first domestic online course "Engineering Mechanics" on ( And in 2020, it was exported internationally as the first batch of MOOCs of the Ministry of Education.


Achievements in mechanics of ancient and modern China cited by Liu Guangyan in class

In view of the characteristics of Chinese and foreign students teaching in the same classroom, Liu Guangyan deeply explored the cultural elements contained in the courses to promote the organic integration of cultural cultivation and knowledge imparting. In the course content, he interspersed with the descriptions and inventions of mechanics in ancient my country, as well as the world-renowned achievements in manned spaceflight, deep space exploration, scientific and technological sports, and new energy in recent years. On the one hand, to tell Chinese stories well and let foreign students understand Chinese culture; On the other hand, it also enhances the national pride of Chinese students, and builds a new ecology of basic mechanics courses in English that integrates history, culture, technology, and humanities.

Hard work pays off. After a series of curriculum reforms, Liu Guangyan built a full-English course system of basic mechanics that is informatized, digital and adaptable to the development of the times, and formed the BIT brand course "Engineering Mechanics" that is taught in English. The English course of "Engineering Mechanics" was awarded as a high-quality undergraduate course in Beijing's higher education institutions in 2019, and it was approved as a national first-class undergraduate course in 2023. In more than 30 teaching supervisions throughout the school year, Liu Guangyan's English teaching effectiveness has also been highly recognized by experts with different professional backgrounds. He himself has also been awarded honors such as "Diwen Outstanding Teacher Award" and "Excellent Professional Course (Public Course) Lecturer in Beijing Universities".

To be a good teacher who "widely cultivates talents"

"Guangyan", his name entrusts parents' unlimited expectations for their children, and now, Liu Guangyan has also turned this expectation into strength. Today, Liu Guangyan has also turned this expectation into strength. "Cultivating talents widely" is his original intention as a teacher. This original intention has not only integrated into teaching, but also penetrated into the training of graduate students, and even more into himself, guiding him to keep up with many "big gentlemen" all the time.


Many students rating high evaluation after class

Meticulous, careful, and thoughtful, all students who have taken Liu Guangyan's full English course are full of praise. "I am most moved by Teacher Liu's carefulness. He will carefully pay attention to whether the students really "understand" after answering the questions, or leave doubts for later digestion; In terms of the layout of the handout PPT, if one page of the PPT is not fully displayed for a question, it needs to be divided into pages. Teacher Liu will also pay attention to covering the content of the previous page on the subsequent pages, so that we can fully understand it in one page. "Xie Zhaochen from the Class of 2018 Automation International Class praised him again and again. Liu Guangyan has been working hard to teach undergraduate courses in English for more than ten years. He has always enjoyed it and carved the classroom like a craftsman. Year after year, he has always been unremittingly pursuing the "extreme classroom". "I like to discuss problems with students and enjoy the process of communicating with students. I am very pleased to see that students fully understand what I am talking about." Liu Guangyan said.


Bao Hongchen (right) and Liu Guangyan (left) took a group photo holding the honorary certificate of BIT postgraduate excellent dissertation

"In my heart, my mentor is a good teacher worthy of the name." Bao Hongchen, the 2016 master's degree student who won the top 100 outstanding graduates of Beijing Institute of Technology and the outstanding master's degree thesis of Beijing Institute of Technology, is Liu Guangyan's second student. This year, he has graduated from the School of Aerospace Engineering of Tsinghua University and entered the Tsinghua Institute of Nuclear Research for postdoctoral research. "With great Confucian knowledge and silent behaviors, following Teacher Liu for two years, I learned how to do knowledge in a down-to-earth manner, and I was also taught by the teacher's behavior. He is my good teacher and helpful friend on the road of life, and a role model for me to learn forever." "The teacher is good at teaching students according to their aptitude, helping me to transform critical thinking into practical solutions, leading me to make breakthroughs in scientific research, which has a positive impact on my academic growth and self-confidence." Wang Lu, a 2020 master student who won two national scholarships, is also full of respect and gratitude to her supervisor Liu Guangyan.

The water holds pearls and the river is beautiful, the stone is jade and the mountains are brilliant, and the teacher is virtuous and the school is magnificent. Educating people is Liu Guangyan's favorite topic; education is a career he has always loved. With ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a heart of benevolence, Liu Guangyan has stuck to the three-foot podium for ten years, devoted himself to teaching, and devoted himself to educating people, facing the world, and cultivating talents.