Yao Yugui: Good news! BIT professor awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Sci-tech Worker" in Beijing in 2023

Recently, as the 7th National Science and Technology Worker Day is approaching,

the list of "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" in Beijing in 2023 was announced.

Professor Yao Yugui from the School of Physics of BIT was selected, congratulations!!

"The Most Beautiful Science and Technology Worker"

"The most beautiful scientific and technological worker" is a study promotion activity jointly carried out by six departments including the Publicity Department, China Association for Science and Technology, etc. Since 2021, the Beijing Association for Science and Technology has joined forces with multiple departments to select the "most beautiful scientific and technological workers" in Beijing, digging deep into a group of outstanding scientific and technological workers who love the party, love the country, love socialism, insist on science and technology for the people, and write papers on the land of the motherland, to stimulate the sense of honor, pride, and responsibility of scientific and technological workers to participate in the new journey of a socialist modernized country, and create a strong atmosphere for the scientific and technological community to work hard to rejuvenate China.

Yao Yugui


Yao Yugui, Distinguished Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Dean of the School of Physics. He has won the National Outstanding Youth Fund, was selected into the national high-level talent plan, and enjoyed special government allowances from the State Council; In 2011, he won the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; in 2017, he won the second prize of the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award; From 2018 to 2022, he has been selected into the list of Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers for 5 consecutive years; In 2022, he won the second prize of Beijing Natural Science Award. He has been engaged in computational physics and condensed matter physics research for a long time, and has published/received more than 270 SCI papers, including 2 Nature, 32 PRL/X, 14 Nature sub-journals, etc., 10 of which have been cited more than 500 times, with an H index of 63. He presides over key projects of the National Foundation of China, international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects of the National Science Foundation of China, and national key research and development projects.

Professor Yao Yugui played an important role in the battle of key core technologies in basic disciplines. The project "First Principles Research on Berry Phase Effect in Solid Materials" he presided over won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, and led the team to publish High-level papers on Nature.

Yao Yugui is not only rooted in scientific research, realistic and innovative, but also committed to education and popularization of science. He is an outstanding practitioner of scientific and technological innovation and popularization of science. Since 2019, he has continued to organize a series of science communication activities for the public, with a cumulative audience of more than 3 million person-times, led the organization to declare and was approved as a national popular science education base. In 2021, Professor Yao Yugui's story of educating people will be published in the Chinese Journal of Science.

Carry forward the spirit of scientists

Deep planting of family and country feelings

Dare to innovate and strive to be the first

In key core technologies of scientific research

Strive to be the vanguard of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement

BITers go forward bravely!