Liu Xingang, a national-level famous teacher: Accumulating a lot, keeping upright and innovate, and exploring a new teaching ecology

Learn ideology, strengthen party spirit, focus on practice, and make new contributions

Combining the development of theme education with the promotion of "Double First-Class" in BIT, the results of theme education will be effectively transformed into the driving force for BIT’s reform and development.

When the whole BIT is carrying out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Party Committee Propaganda Department will launch a series of character reports through special topics such as "Craftsman Teachers" to show the spirit of BIT teachers who are determined to be first-class and put teaching first, to extensively gather the majestic power to promote the high-quality development of BIT business.

He is a national-level teaching teacher, a young talent in ideological and cultural propaganda of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, a young teaching teacher in colleges and universities in Beijing, an influential figure of teachers in ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, a special-grade teacher in ideological and political theory courses in Beijing universities, and an outstanding talent in Beijing.

He is Liu Xingang, a professor at the School of Marxism, Beijing Institute of Technology


"Deeply cultivate classics, activate principles, face reality, and solve problems." This is his professional pursuit and teaching philosophy. He has been working hard since teaching for fifteen years, making ideological and political courses full of infinite charm. The students said, "Mr. Liu's class has a magical power, it sounds addictive, and the amount of information is huge." "Listening to Mr. Liu's class is a feast of ideas, and we are all his hardcore fans."

With his profound theoretical accumulation, he opened the door to professional knowledge for students, fed back the classroom and practiced education with fruitful scientific research projects, and led the team to summarize the 3D virtual simulation experience teaching design, and wisdom empowers ideological and political education and teaching.

Deep cultivation of classics, lighting up the classroom


Liu Xingang lecturing on ideological and political theory

"If the water cup in my hand falls to the ground, it must follow the law of motion and have a perfect trajectory. What characteristics does the trajectory of the cup have?" Looking at the ignorant faces of the students, Liu Xingang continued to be persuasive, "The movement of the cup is rational, but people are different. People are the sum of social relations. People's sociality sometimes manifests as madness and sometimes panic, right?" In the class of "Basic Principles of Marxism", Liu Xingang started with small cases observed in daily life and led to a big problem that the students found difficult to understand - the rational person assumption and criticism of financial liberalization.

"As long as the theory is thorough, it can convince people." With this belief, Liu Xingang innovated the teaching system, took "activating principles and solving problems" as the design concept, deepened the reform of the teaching mode of ideological and political courses, and penetrated the integrated training path of undergraduates, masters and doctoral students. In different stages of teaching for undergraduates, masters and doctoral students, Liu Xingang requires students to read classic works of Marxism to gradually develop problem awareness and critical thinking. Read the book a hundred times, its meaning will be self-evident. Liu Xingang believes that to teach ideological and political courses well, it is necessary to deeply cultivate the original works of Marxism, truly grasp the standpoints and methods of Marxism, and use Marxist theory to convince people.


Liu Xingang answering questions for students

"Marxist theory has never been a dogma, but a research method and a guide to action. In his guidance to students, Mr. Liu not only pays attention to the specific theoretical knowledge of Marxism, but also emphasizes the importance of mastering the basic theory and spiritual essence of Marxism. On this basis, learn and apply the principles and methods of Marxism to observe, analyze and solve social problems." Tian Xi, a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Marxism, became a teacher at the School of Marxism at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences after leaving the station. "Mr. Liu's guidance to postdoctoral fellows has practiced the teaching mode of 'swimming', which is 'big fish lead and small fish follow'. I also hope that I can use Marxist methods in my future teaching and research career to guide students to pay attention to major practical issues in economic and social development, and make their own contribution to cultivating newcomers to take on the great task of national rejuvenation."

The spring wind turns into rain, moistening things silently. In the eyes of students, the Marxism principle course taught by Liu Xingang has become a "golden course" that has connotation, can "quench thirst" and "taste". In the fifteen years since teaching, Liu Xingang has taught more than 11,000 students for more than 3,300 hours. With his unique teaching style, Liu Xingang has won all the excellent results in the evaluation of teaching.


Liu Xingang guiding students to carry out scientific research projects

Adhering to "innovation-driven development", platform capital management, traffic capital management, China's stock market regulation and other practical issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood are the best materials for teaching and scientific research in Liu Xingang's eyes. "Seizing specific issues, analyzing specific issues, and explaining the theories behind them are Mr. Liu's consistent teaching ideas. When talking about economic governance, he revealed -that neoclassical economics is based on the concept of 'rational man' through international comparisons of economic governance. "As the starting point of abstraction and mechanicalness, while China's economic governance starts from the 'real person' proposed by Marxist political economy, and pays attention to the social attributes of people." Shi Taiwen, a 2014 undergraduate student from the School of Astronautics, is currently studying for a doctorate in the School of Marxism. "Mr. Liu's courses are guided by value in imparting knowledge, which made me fully aware of China's institutional advantages and governance advantages, and set a solid foundation for China in my heart. The belief in striving for the cause of socialism with distinctive characteristics and the ideal of devoting oneself to the cause of Marxist research.” Inspired by Liu Xingang's classroom, more than 10 undergraduates from the school applied for the postgraduate examination of Marxist theory in Liu Xingang's team and became theoretical talents.

The basic principles of Marxism are not a work of art to be shelved, but a methodology used to solve real problems. Facing the practical problems in the field of practice and daring to make theoretical innovations on the basis of practice are Mr. Xingang's fundamental attitude and method of academic education. "Mr. Liu closely connects the basic principles of Marxism with the development of the times, uses the Marxist world outlook and methodology to answer the questions of the times, and transforms scientific research results into teaching results for teaching ideological and political courses, so that students can feel the impact of Marxist theory on social issues. It has strong explanatory power and has achieved very good teaching effects." After graduating from BIT's 2017 Ph.D. Lu Xin, he entered the School of Marxism of Yunnan University to engage in teaching and research work. "Mr. Liu has given me a deeper understanding of Marxist theory teaching and research work. In the process of teaching ideological and political courses in colleges and universities in the future, I hope that through my lectures, students will master the Marxist world outlook and methodology, and form the ability to correctly analyze and interpret domestic and foreign economic and social development issues, so as to improve the teaching effect of ideological and political courses."

Those who observe the situation are wise, and those who observe the trend are smart. Liu Xingang has grasped the general trend of China's development and grasped the needs of the times that "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires an original system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics". In the process of mutual promotion between teaching and practice, he continued to explain the theory thoroughly, face the reality directly, and cultivate firm Marxism believers and practitioners.

Going out of the classroom and practicing educating people


Marx said, "Philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways, but the problem is to change the world." So, in the process of education and teaching, how to truly apply the principles to practice? This is a long-standing puzzle in previous ideological and political education. Liu Xingang adheres to the dialectical unity of "what", "why" and "how to do", and solves a series of practical problems that are concerned by the central government, concerned by the society, and concerned by the masses in the benign interaction between theory and practice.

"Knowledge is the beginning of action, and action is the completion of knowledge." Liu Xingang knows that education and teaching can't just stay on paper and in the classroom. In practice, it is necessary to guide students to enhance their confidence in the road, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to cultivate patriotism. "Through organized scientific research, we help the teaching team accumulate a lot of fresh materials and personal thinking, organically integrate the latest scientific research and practical innovations into talent training, lead students out of the classroom, into the society, face practical problems, and then study how to solve the problem."


Liu Xingang unveiling the plaque for the State-owned Enterprise Party Construction Research Institute of Energy China Gezhouba Group

In the Gezhouba Building in Wuhan, Liu Xingang led a team of teachers and a group of master and doctoral students to conduct an in-depth and detailed interview with the management personnel of China Gezhouba Group. The interview left a deep impression on the students. "The field research gave us the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the practical front-line workers of large central enterprises, gain a deep understanding of the frontiers of the industry, broaden our horizons, increase our knowledge, and discover problems. By investigating the operation of Gezhouba Group's overseas companies, we learned about the difficulties, obstacles, risks and tests encountered by central enterprises in the process of "going global". Then I had a deeper understanding of the importance and necessity of "adhering to overall development and security, and insisting on equal emphasis on development and security". "Said Wang Zixu, a doctoral student of the 2020 class.

In 2020, affected by the COVID-2019, central enterprises are faced with the mission of stabilizing the economic fundamentals, and need strong governance capabilities to seize opportunities and face challenges. Liu Xingang served as the leader of the research team of Gezhouba Group's "Influence and Response to the COVID-2019", led the team's teachers and students to form 4 research reports, put forward the BIT plan for "Party Construction of State-owned Enterprises", and made a report directly to the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of China Gezhouba Group. It was widely adopted by the group. In this year, its performance rose against the trend and stood on the 100 billion platform, and was commended by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. "Scientific research practices such as these allow participating students to have a deeper understanding of theoretical knowledge and improve their ability to use theory to solve practical problems; At the same time, such cases with practical significance and achievements are integrated into the classroom, which also makes classroom teaching more meaningful. The "tentacles" of the classroom extend to the actual needs of the industry, society, and national development. "Told by Liu Xingang.


Liu Xingang and his team discussing party building leading the construction of smart civil aviation

"To explain ideological and political courses in depth is to adhere to the combination of theory and practice, and enhance the ability to respond to and explain practical problems with Marxist theory. Professor Liu Xingang led the team to activate the theoretical innovation resources of party building research, and transformed them into vivid and rich teaching cases of ideological and political courses, which improved the ability to answer questions in ideological and political courses, reflected the strong support of scientific research for teaching, and formed the joint progress of scientific research and teaching promote. "Said Jiang Dawei, an associate professor at the School of Marxism.


On behalf of the School of Marxism of Beijing Institute of Technology, Liu Xingang signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the Party Committee of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

The Party Building Research Center is committed to promoting the integration of theory and practice. It has transformed the case teaching results formed in cooperation with many central enterprises into the personnel training work, achieved teaching results, and realized the "activation" of ideological and political courses. The teaching team of the Party Building Center, Jiang Dawei, Li Yongjin, Li Jing, Li Yingluo, etc., have made great breakthroughs in talent training and new era theoretical presentations. "Use theory to solve practical problems, truly serve the needs of China's economic and social development, and write papers on the land of the motherland, not just learning in the 'study'." This is what Professor Liu Xingang often asks his students. In the just-concluded 2023 Capital "Challenge Cup" competition, the student team guided by Professor Liu Xingang won the special prize for research reports in the humanities and social sciences category. This achievement is not only a concentrated expression of the effectiveness of long-term practice and education, but also a major breakthrough and valuable experience in the cultivation of talents in the School of Marxism. In the new era, Professor Liu Xingang led a team of teachers to study and research Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Relying on keen academic insight, deeply analyze the principles, academic theories, and philosophies behind Chinese-style modernization, and develop and sort out innovative theories from major practical innovations in the new era, and promote the formation of a vivid pattern of interaction between theory and practice. Faced with the accelerated evolution of century long changes, difficulties in world economic recovery, and the overlapping problems of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, various fields have actively responded to the demand for governance plans, and have achieved breakthroughs in major and key projects of the National Social Science Fund, he has published over 100 academic articles in journals such as "Chinese Social Sciences", "Marxist Research", "Marxism and Reality", "Introduction to Ideological and Theoretical Education", "Red Flag Manuscripts", "Guangming Daily", "Economic Daily", and a total of 9 monographs and references. Liu Xingang consciously transformed these scientific research achievements and research advantages into practical education resources, and constantly injected fresh nutrients into talent cultivation.

Seizing Opportunities and Empowering with Wisdom


In the new century, the vigorous development of digital technology has brought major changes to people's production and lifestyle, and also brought golden opportunities to all walks of life. Liu Xingang keenly realized earlier that allowing digital technology to serve the teaching of ideological and political courses, and innovating the presentation and transmission of knowledge through digital means will become the "problem-solving key" to solve the problems of ideological and political courses and further optimize the teaching of ideological and political courses.

"Marxist theory is a vivid theory that is rooted in practice, serves practice and is constantly developed and improved in practice. However, for students, due to factors such as age, experience, and practical experience, it is often difficult for students to fully understand abstract theoretical knowledge; In the traditional teaching mode of ideological and political courses, the teacher speaks dully, and the students listen boringly. After a class, how much do students understand and digest the course content? Is the teacher teaching well? These questions are unknown. However, through the introduction of information technology, the above problems can be effectively improved and resolved. "In 2016, as a young teacher, Liu Xingang, under the leadership of the then dean, Professor Li Linying, deeply participated in the reform of Marxist theory education and teaching as a key member, opening a precedent for virtual simulation experience teaching of ideological and political courses in China.


Liu Xingang taking the lead in building and teaching virtual simulation ideological and political experimental teaching courses for poverty alleviation

In view of the "severe illness" in the teaching of traditional ideological and political courses, it is necessary to use digital technology to achieve "targeted treatment". At the beginning of the construction of the virtual simulation experience teaching center, Liu Xingang, as the core backbone, participated in comparing the emerging VR (virtual reality) technology with the pain points of ideological and political courses one by one, targeted positioning, and extensively redesigned teaching methods. He was determined to achieve the reconstruction of the teaching system and the reconstruction of the teaching ecology. ...Everything is difficult at the beginning, and the difficulty of carrying out the teaching reform of ideological and political courses in science and engineering colleges is even more prominent. What to do? If you don't understand the technology, learn! If it does not match the evaluation system, stick to it with faith! Together with the team members, Liu Xingang brought the whole process experience from the perspective of students, worked with the technicians over and over again, and repeatedly finalized the details of each place, and only wanted one thing - to have students achieve the greatest gains in the classroom!

After more than ten years of iterations, the Virtual Simulation Teaching Experience Center has now entered "Version 4.0", which can realize many functions: The use of virtual simulation technology allows students to "take the Long March again" and experience the "road to school on the cliff", which realizes the vivid expression of ideological and political teaching; develops a virtual imitation resource library, case library, and knowledge graph library to realize the classification and arrangement of teaching resources, smart push; The center independently develops a customized version of the "Zhi Xing Jian" APP, dynamically tracks students' ideological status every year, uses big data to conduct accurate academic analysis, and realizes "full time and space interaction" between teachers and students on the cloud...

"In recent years, the virtual simulation experience teaching center of ideological and political courses has accelerated the vivid expression of the party's theoretical and practical innovations in the new era, providing technical support for us to deeply understand the great achievements of Chinese-style modernization, and ensuring that we are in the new era, which ensures that we will learn our skills in the new era and strive to be good young people in the new era who have ideals, dare to take responsibility, can endure hardships, and are willing to struggle. " Zhang Enbo, a 2021 doctoral student who just took off the VR glasses, praised him repeatedly.


Liu Xingang teaches ideological and political theory courses through knowledge graph technology

Liu Xingang's persistence has already borne fruit. Nowadays, under his leadership, the college has carried out digital ideological and political education reform, continuously promoting the exploration of an effective path of combining modern information technology with ideological and political courses, forming an influential teaching team in the field of digital ideological and political education research, and building a batch of teaching practice achievements that have had significant impact nationwide. At present, the exploration of educational reform of ideological and political courses in virtual imitation centers has become normal, and many courses such as "Ideology, Morality and the Rule of Law", "Outline of Modern Chinese History", "Forms and Policies", "Mao Zedong Thought and Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" are offered in the center Special topics, such as "Chinese Spirit", "Great Expedition", "Poverty Alleviation", and "National Security Concept", have gradually formed imitation golden courses, covering more than 7,000 students. The center has won many honorary titles such as "National Virtual Simulation Experience Teaching Center", "Virtual Teaching and Research Office of Ideological and Political Theory Course Group of the Ministry of Education", "National Virtual Simulation Alliance Marxism Theory Director Unit". At present, the center is creating the "Xu Teli" digital human image and the metaverse of Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences, and will continue to realize more ideological and political education functions in the future. Among the members of the digital ideological and political teaching team, many young teachers represented by Wu Qian, Zhang Hong, Li Jie, and Li Jiajin have made achievements in the National Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers, the Basic Skills Competition for Young Teachers in Beijing, and the front-line teaching of ideological and political courses.


Group photo of the teaching team of the ideological and political theory course

Today, when the "two overall situations" interact, to take good ideological and political courses and cultivate leading leaders in the new era, we must adhere to integrity and innovation, open up horizons and patterns, and further highlight the characteristics of intellectualization and activation of ideological and political courses. My vision is to create an organic ecology of continuous circulation of teaching and scientific research, form a national governance case database with Chinese style and BIT characteristics, continuously strengthen the empowering advantages of digital education, and contribute to the cultivation of socialist builders and successors. "Liu Xingang said.

"Ideological and political theory courses are the key courses to implement the fundamental task of cultivating people." "The role of ideological and political courses is irreplaceable, and the teachers of ideological and political courses have great responsibilities." As the leader of the ideological and political teaching team and a front-line ideological and political teacher in colleges and universities, Liu Xingang deeply feels the heavy responsibility of the mission. He has always been unswervingly using Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to cast souls and educate people, leading the team to guide the students to consciously integrate patriotism, strong national aspirations, and serving the country into the struggle to uphold and develop the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to build a modern socialist country and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The three-foot podium nurtures peaches and plums, and Mr. Liu Xingang will keep his original intention and move forward firmly.